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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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Fun things to do when the Parents have guest

April 4th 2011 8:53 pm
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Besides the usual extra belly rubs and ear scratches there is some things you can do to make the visit memorable for guest.

Follow all guest to the bathroom and don't forget to bring a ball. If they are sitting down there is NO reason they can't play fetch with you. If they don't just stare them down. It will make them nervous and will often rush out forgetting to close door.

Shred whole rolls of toilet paper.

Get into the bathroom trash. There is stuff in there that doesn't need to be seen but gets the guest or momma excited.

Raid the laundry basket and bring the items in the living room. Again this will shock the guest.

Steal shoes if the guest removes them.

There is so much to do to entertain guest just find your routine & enjoy.


Thank You

April 2nd 2011 11:32 pm
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Thank you Dogster for allowing me to be one of the Diary Picks on 4/2/11. I am honored and feel special & Appreciated.

Its not easy being the littlest member of our Tribe. I can't run as fast as the older ones. Its harder to see out of the windows because I'm short. But I am the baby so life isn't hard.

I would also like to Thank COOPER & The GANG for my beautiful new picture. You all are true friends and I will post the picture proudly.

Night Nighty Night


new pictures

March 31st 2011 6:20 am
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Momma finally uploaded some newer pictures of me. Its a work in progress. I most likely need clearer pictures but they are new.

If your wondering about the picture of the handsome couple, that's my birth mom and dad. My mom is on the left, she is Maltese and Shih Tzu. My Dad is on the right 100% Shih Tzu. Isn't he handsome? I get my facial features from him! So my look isn't by accident!

The picture of the little black and white puppy is me. Momma thinks I was around 3 weeks in it. maybe 4 weeks old. When momma got me a few weeks later my hair was longer.

Maybe if my Aunt comes over we can do some Easter Pictures.

PS momma figured out I was on the new table because I left prints on the glass. I was just looking for something to steal!


Rockys Day of Thanks

March 30th 2011 11:46 am
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I want to thank Momma for sharing her french fries last night. And for a bite of her Pizza Hut bread stick today. It looks like I got a new addiction. I wish she would of Dipped mine in the red stuff but she was worried it stain my beard.

I wanna thank dad for working hard to take care of us. Paying for vets, grooming, food and toys. I will not thank him for new tables I'm not allowed on.

For my siblings to teaching me how to fool the humans to get my way.

For the Little Pack and my Aunt for keeping me looking like one stylish Tzu and toys and treats. And my forever Bestie Zayne.

I am thankful for my pals on dogster. Wish we could go to a dog park to chase the girls. In my mind we all live in a peaceful loving kingdom.

Thanks for being my Friends!


This means WAR momma

March 28th 2011 7:42 pm
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The skin parents decided to change the Decor in the living room without consulting me. I was informed tonight I am not allowed on the new tables and I better not be caught lifting one leg to them or the lamps. And nobody else is allowed either.

I even heard that my potty papers will no longer be in privacy after this week. That I will be required to do all personal business outside. And even that spot will be changing because of re-seeding to make the walkway presentable. It took us a year to kill that grass

Too many changes, this means war!


From Rocky's Momma

March 26th 2011 9:07 pm
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It seems to me more and more animal abuse cases are making the headlines in Ohio these days. Each story worse than the ones before. Perhaps its more news worthy because of HB 108 and our pending anti abuse law for companion animals. I fully support any law that punishes those who abuse animals. The beginning of this started because a man who was paid to train and care for dogs starved 19 dogs. As a result 8 died. His excuse was he could not afford to feed the dogs.

Today I read on FaceBook a lady in New Jersey starved her dog and used the same excuse, she could not afford to feed her pitt bull.

When we buy our pet foods we try to buy enough to last but once in awhile we do run out a day before my husband gets paid. We normally keep on hand some things that can be prepared easily that's nutritious and filling for our dogs.
Ground Turkey, beef or chicken can easily be mixed with brown rice or whole wheat pasta. With peas or carrots.
Just make sure all grease is drained and rinse the vegetables to remove excess sodium.

With research and a little common sense, no dog should go hungry. A lot of the better dog foods contain chicken, rice, vegetables, oats etc.

Some people serve this cooked food a couple times a week in small amounts with the hard dog food. Just research the ingredients first because items such as onion can be poison to dogs. My Shih Tzu Book is full of ideas for substitutes for dog food and treats.

Fresh fruit, berries, vegetables , non fat unsweetened yogurt and cottage cheese, boiled eggs (just the white part), chicken etc.

With the endless list of possible ingredients there is no reason why a dog needs to go hungry.


Rocky's Path to Life

March 24th 2011 6:45 am
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My fur Mother is a Shih Tzu and Maltese Hybrid. Her family decided they wanted to let her have one litter of puppies before getting her fixed so they sought out a perfect mate.

They purchased my fur father and a year or so later I was born.

My siblings and I were all black & white, I have more black than they do.

After I was born my first skin momma picked me out and visited with me a couple times before I was weaned. She took me home when I was almost 7 weeks old.

The breeder gave 1st momma my vet's name and the name I was treated under (JJ) to verify my well puppy check and worming.

When I was 8 weeks old I was given to Momma as her Christmas Present. I stole her heart and she mine. I loves my family!


in my defense

March 17th 2011 9:51 pm
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First thing about me that should be understood, I'm not bad.

Sure I was barking, having a conversation with the pretty maltese next door. Her white coat was flowing and glistening, that girl looked F.I.N.E.

The wind was blowing gently through her fur. What kind of boy would I be if I didn't "speak" to her?

As for me escaping outside for Momma to chase me was simply not true. Chasing me was her choice. I just wanted to run on a beautiful late winter day. The air was comfortable with a gentle breeze and the sun was shining. Its hard to resist perfect weather...

As for the chicken, that was my fault. It smelled so good but had I not been so greedy she would of shared. Because I snagged the chicken, she took it all from me and gave it to my Brudder.

Fighting with my brudder was my fault too, he was too close to momma. He already got my chicken, I'm not giving her up that easy...

Will see you all tomorrow if I'm not grounded from Momma's Blackberry....



March 16th 2011 2:24 pm
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I got to go see Nanny and Pappy today and I got to play with Jersey. She is a mini wienie dog. She is part of my family, which got me thinking.

There is a lot of different types of family. For instance our family includes 2 parents (a momma and dad), 3 dogs and a cat. We are Momma's kids. Some might find our family strange but its normal to me.

No matter what type of family you have, as long as your loved any family is great. And I'm so loved....


reuse, Regift, Recycle

March 13th 2011 10:42 pm
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I'm glad my Brother and Sister shared the pop bottle ideal on Dogster. Zayne's mom shared it with Momma. It's something I enjoy once in awhile.

Its a good toy for indoor exercise when the weather is bad outside or too hot to play outdoors. Momma has also made a couple during sleep overs. If your mom tries this make sure your not left unattended with it. When the treats are gone or bottle becomes damaged throw it in recycle bin.

Another good ideal is re-gifting toys, clothes, dog beds, etc.

When Rudie was little Momma bought him several of the same type of toys but different colors. Rudie only played with one, so the others were never played with, not chewed on etc.. Cocoa didn't like them. I love them.. My toys now.

When momma got Rudie a bed he wouldn't sleep in it. A neighbor got a new Puppy and momma gave that puppy the bed. The puppy loved it.

My Aunt sometimes buys clothes and its either too small for Scrappy Doo or too big for the Chihuahuas but perfect for me.

Instead of throwing these things away, let another dog have them or if the items are in great shape donate to a shelter or rescue.

Or if you want to trade the items for something you CAN use there is always Trading Dog Goodies (group on dogster). Its a fun group with lots of great things to do.

Let's save the planet... One Toy at a Time...please mail all toys 2 me! Ha Ha!

Night Night

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