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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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dont feel good

May 1st 2011 9:21 pm
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I got to ride to town earlier with my Momma and Aunt Missy. They went through a drive thru and some nice lady working there gave me a treat. I was polite and accepted the treat from her but would not eat it in the car.

When we got back home I shared the treat with my brudder. My dad was cutting the grass while we was gone.

Tonight I got sick to my tummy and threw up a few times. Me isn't feeling good. So I will say goodnight!

PS yes Cooper mom gets irritated being woke up by loud squeaks!


My Favorite word...

April 30th 2011 8:40 pm
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Hearing Momma say...boys..means our day is coming to a close..cuddle time and sleeping with Momma. When we hear Momma say boys, my brudder and I stop what we're doing and follow her to bed. I jump up on her side of the bed and lay by her for some cuddling.

Once she falls asleep , I get back up to get my toys. Some balls and a squeaky ugly chicken or squeaky monster. I love sleeping with my squeaky friends. Once I got my entourage with me, I move the balls close to momma.

Once in awhile she will roll over on a squeaky toy or tennis ball, waking up long enough to throw it out of bed. There is nothing like a game of fetch in the middle of the night.

Once I'm done collecting my toys again I go back to bed. Once I'm sleepy I go under the covers by Momma's side.

Its a good life. Night Night..I just heard Momma call boys!


A travesty i tell ya

April 29th 2011 5:30 pm
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The Duchess Catkilla must of been behind this oversight. My invitation must of got lost in the mail so our family watched the wedding from afar.

It was a lovely ceremony, but not as ornate as the wedding of Lady Diana & Prince Charles. Momma watched William's parents wedding when she was a little girl.

I honestly think the Palace needs Shih Tzus. Sure Corgi are fine herding. A shih Tzu was made to dwell in palaces. A jack Russell, Pekingnese or others would make better palace dwellers.

Goodnight all may your day be filled with Rawhide wishes and puppy chow dreams.


It must of got lost in the mail

April 28th 2011 4:55 pm
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I'm referring to the invitation to William's big day. I'm sure the guest list is full of royalty and regal guest. Who is more regal than a Shih Tzu?

I am most certain the Corgis in residence will attend the festivities. My lineage as any Shih Tzu can be traced to the Imperial Palace in ancient Tibet. My shih Tzu ancestors were ancient ADT alarms, we warned of intruders. My ancestors were companions to the Emperor & his family.

How's that for Pedigree? So for a Shih Tzu to be excluded is treason. Sure my family tree has many branches instead of one long twig but I'm regal and graceful.

Oh Well, I will have to watch from afar like everyone else.


Life in General

April 27th 2011 10:03 pm
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Life is getting better again. We still have some sadness from our loss but we all miss her for different reasons. She was my brothers companion and she played with me a lot. Without her I play less and momma thinks I'm calmer.

My brother and I get along better now. Perhaps because I'm calmer we don't bicker as much. Dad notices the differences too. Tonight I laid calmly in his lap to be brushed, normally only momma brushes me.

Dad thinks its peaceful with just 2 of us so he's reluctant to rescue another dog. Momma feels we need a little girl in the house.

In other news Dad finally agreed with Momma on my next hair cut. momma is changing my groomer and hopefully in the next few weeks my hair will be cut right. The last groomer hacked up my hair and when My grandparents & mom picked me up, my nanny was not sure it was me. Momma liked the cut but after closer examination she wasn't satisfied.

I will post pictures once I get groomed. Time to return to my palace in dreamland!


Hope Peter Cottontale was good to my friends

April 24th 2011 7:04 pm
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We had a good Easter today. It started off with Momma letting us have a biscuit. My brudder ate his and most of mine.

And she gave us hard boiled eggs, just the white part. I ate a little of it and my brudder got the rest.

My momma and Daddy fixed us a small plate of food as they normally do on Holidays or special occasions.

They gave us Ham, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. The ham was mouthwatering yummy. After we ate my parents ate.

Before eating they said a small prayer for our family and Cocoa. We thought of her today and remembered the happy times.

Hope all had a happy time with your families.

Tzu Kisses,


It's been a Long Sad week...

April 15th 2011 5:50 am
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We are missing my sister still. Through our grief My brudder and I are getting along. Our squabbles don't happen as often and we find comfort in having each other. Even without her life goes on.

The day after my sister died my cousin Scrappy Doo (300983) bit a delivery person. He's currently incarcerated at the county pound in Lock Up. He will be paroled on 4/22 but he's been sending messages through the underground wanting nail files baked into dog biscuits.

I think he should behave in jail because he's now got 1 mark against him. I hope he gets rehabilitated and realize crime doesn't pay.

After the Warden picked him up, Grandma went to Hospital. Hers is doing better and should be released soon.

Our family has been through a lot in less than 10 days.

In other news our friends are sending us sock monkeys in the mail. we can't wait to get them. We love Sock Monkeys.


Sad Day

April 10th 2011 7:28 pm
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Today when my family got here all of us ran outside. I followed my sister and Daddy got me to come back.

Awhile went by and Cocoa didn't come back. Momma told us that Cocoa is okay and is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven.

I am getting kind of worried about her because its dark outside and she's never been outside in the dark by herself.

I just wonder when I will see my sister again. I am missing her!


Mine all Mine

April 9th 2011 6:42 pm
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This weekend was awesome because I got to play with Zayne for hours. Momma was beginning to think we were demented juvenile delinquents with major ADHD. We bounced off the walls. Playing with my new toys. My Aunt got us a lot of nice new toys for Easter.

She said the Toys were for all of us but she got them all for me. A small squeaky starfish and a squeaky frog but his frog legs weren't very good. I heard frog legs was delicious but when I ate the foot it taste like plastic. She also got me an order of Squeaky McDonald's Fries but it didn't taste like the fries momma gives me.

She got me 3 little tennis balls and a little football. She got me a new green collar and a Shirt from Teddy Eddies. Its used but new to me. Someone sent it to her a long time ago for her dog but it was too big so she gave it to me. Its a size Small.

Time to get back to playing with Zayne. Goodnight all.


My friend Patch is Back

April 6th 2011 2:49 pm
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So happy my friend Patch is back. He commented on my last diary. Oh yes he did.

The diary was about "how to entertain" guest and yes I have done everything listed but not all in one day plus a little bit more.

I always go to the bathroom with all guest no matter how many times they have visited and most of the time I bring a ball or one of my squeaky toys. I also try to show guest I imitate the squeaks.

I have dragged items from the laundry basket in for guest to see (socks, underwear and bras). Usually the last startles mom. And I have stolen these things from guests. If they are careless to leave things down low, I will claim them.

I have only went dumpster diving (bathroom trashcan) twice but never when guest are here. Mom knows my tricks and empties it before guest come. One day she will forget and I will show the loot.

Now Patch when you show guest your bunny are you trying to get them to play with you? Or are you showing items guests better not touch?

Yes its a lot to do with guest for a brief visit but most can be accomplished in just a few hours.

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