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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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My five favorite things.

July 25th 2012 6:03 pm
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Let's create a new game . You can post your top five favorite things or more if you wish. The answers can be people, places or things and a brief description why. 5) my toys. I love to make them squeak
.4) food. I love to sample whatever momma's eating. 3) my daddy when he gives Me belly rubs. 2) my green racquetball 1) my momma gently holding my head as she scratches my ears


life in collins land.

July 25th 2012 5:48 pm
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Life is good for us, momma is doing better and shes finally healed from her cysts. She's more active which means more outdoor fun for me. I run and play a lot but my hair picks up bramble from the grass. One of my newest outdoor activities is riding on mower with dad. I know that sounds strange since I detest loud noises but In Dad's lap I Feel SAFE. I wonder if he will ever let me steer? How have you all been.


Long overdue update

May 4th 2012 10:40 pm
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I wanna say I'm sorry I haven't been on much! Since I'm only 2, momma doesn't allow me on unsupervised so I dictate what I want hers to write. My momma has not been good. Hers might have something called diabetes and having other issues. I try to take her pain away by kissing her a lot!

She's starting to feel better cause I had 2 baths this week, yesterday & today. If I knew playing in the mud would require baths I would of done it sooner. I found a mud puddle and loved the feel of it between my toes so I played in it. Also mud smells as good as it looks (even my beard & mustache was muddy.) I'm clean again but like they say tomorrows another day & heaven is leaking bucket fulls of tears so tomorrow will have more puddles.
Goodnight my friends.

XOXO Rocky


Im back

March 12th 2012 8:39 pm
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Its been a long time since I updated my page and diary here. Its been an okay year so far this year, not so great at times. After Nanny went to sleep in her bye bye box my momma got really sick. Hers ran a very high temp for 4 days. At times it was above 105f! Hers had something called pneumonia and Pleurisy. After being on biotics for 2 weeks she's fine now, but she thinks the pleurisy is back.

Last month we had a lot of wind and our porch roof came tumbling down. I am afraid of wind and noise so I got a double helping of both. My dad starting repairing the porch and should be done with it soon. I am also afraid of thunder & lightening. Momma thinks my fears are neurotic but whatever!

The good news in our family is my skin sister Carrie will have a baby in October. So my momma will be a grammy! Everyone is so excited.

Time to go nighty night


Merry Christmas

December 25th 2011 8:02 pm
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Hope all had a wonderful day. Momma checked on her Daddy today and then her and my Daddy cooked dinner.
Daddy about had a kitchen mishap with me. He was removing the oven rack to put the ham in and it about hit me. After that I backed up and stayed clear of the oven. I'm okay , it just scared me. After everything was done we got a small plate of food! The Ham was delicious.
Next time the ovens used we aren't allowed near it. Momma plans to put a gate up to keep us out. She wants to keep us safe.

Night night.


Merry Christmas

December 24th 2011 7:36 pm
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Thank you all for your support and Love. The last few weeks has been Ruff on my momma. She's finally feeling Peace again. Granny would not want sadness on Jesus' Birthday. The Holiday Spirit has returned.
Tonight while Momma was cooking she gave us a taste of this and a taste of that. Good food is my favorite part of Christmas and waiting on Santa Paws.
Merry Christmas


Thank You Everybody

December 22nd 2011 6:05 pm
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Thank you for your words of support and love during our time of grief. Momma spent today with her sister and Daddy after the arrangements were made. Momma said I can't go to the services because I'm a fur baby.

I am grateful that her last wishes to be home were honored. My granny argued with the Dr when he tried to put her in a Hospice. She wanted to go home and be in her own bed. She got her way and she smiled happily when she got home.

Even though our hearts are full of sorrow, we still rejoice for having her.


Life is a gift

December 21st 2011 6:21 pm
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Life is a gift not to be taken for granted. Don't ever put anything off because that chance may never come again. I am sad to report my Nanny Betty just went to heaven.
Momma is crying so I must comfort her now.

RIP Betty Jane 1/26/30 - 12/22/12

We love and will miss you so much.


Keep us in your thoughts

December 18th 2011 3:43 pm
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My Granny is back in Hospital and she may not come home this time. Please keep my human family in your thoughts these next days. Granny couldn't breathe so she's on highest amount of oxygen without being put on machines. She refused the ventilator and has fluid buildup around her heart.

It's not looking good. Please keep my family in your prayers.


Another week down and a week to Santa

December 17th 2011 11:13 pm
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In another week the fat man in the red suit will be making a visit. I want new squeaky toys and things to chew on but most of all I want my granny to get better.

The Dr didn't give her much time and since she is on Oxygen all the time now, she doesn't visit anymore. Momma spent one day with her this week and let her have her pressie early just in case.

Momma doesn't take me to visit her because she's afraid I will chew on some tubes or fight with Aunt Jersey, granny's Wiener Dog.

I been getting into fights lately with much larger dogs and Granny's wiener dog is pretty vicious herself. Last week I challenged a border Collie. Momma said she's going to send me to obedience school if I keep it up. Good Night Dear Friends.

PS hope Santa doesn't leave me Coal cause I want more toys & chewies .

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