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all dogs

September 27th 2010 9:33 pm
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A very wise lady said some true words tonight on facebook! "All animals deserve to be loved, cared for, to be seen, to have a good life and to have a decent owner." The dogs. And pups I have met on dogster seem to have perfect owners. And by sharing our stories here show that we are loved.



September 26th 2010 5:23 pm
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Mom decided to let my hair to grow long again. She has been looking at some of my friends and thinks that my hair can grow that long again! She got it cut in July because Dad did not want me to have a top knot so first my face was trimmed and then all of me. Dad said okay to the long hair and top knot so we shall see!


Road Trip

September 25th 2010 7:10 pm
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Today Mom let me go with her and Dad to go visit Grandma. This is the first time I got to see her since her heart came under attack. I have no ideal why her heart was attacked but she is better now! The best part of going to Grandmas is getting to see my chihuahua cousins and Zayne. We played and played for hours Zayne, Drummer, Mya and me! Mya is a grouchy little thing because she plays hard like the rest of us but when she's done playing she gets really mean! I guess being that little if she isn't mean others might take her for granted. I also got to visit with Digger but he sleeps a lot but he was pleased he was today's Diary Pick of the Day! I slept all the way home. How was your day?


my new friends

September 24th 2010 8:11 pm
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Mommy thought it was time for me to meet other dogs like me so she let me join a few groups. So I made friends with them because they are super nice. Mommy tries to learn more about what makes me special. I am Rocky, the handsome one. What more does she need to know?


Thanks Mya Me thought you was a friend dear cousin

September 23rd 2010 10:20 pm
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First I am called a stalker by mommy and now Mya calls me a momma's boy. Yes I love mommy and yes I am a boy, but no I am not a Momma's boy! I am just concerned for her well being. Your right Jack others just don't understand.


I am not a ___

September 23rd 2010 7:26 am
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Mom has recently accused me of being a STALKER...I can assure you this is simply not true and resent the implication. I am just concerned of her well being. What would happen to her behind that closed door if I wasn't with her? The boogie man might get her. When she takes a bath sure I check on her so she don't go down the drain. I have seen water disappear down it so I am concerned. When she goes to sleep I have to make sure she doesn't get lost in her dream. I am just concerned for her safety....


The disappearing Toy

September 21st 2010 6:49 pm
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Mom gave me my favorite toy this evening. I am not sure what it is but it feels good and cold in my mouth. I pick it up and spit it out, carrying it from room to room. Sometimes I slap it with my feet, but something strange happens. My toy gets smaller and smaller! And if I let it stay in one place it leaves a wet spot. After a few minutes more my toy is smaller yet again. I pick it up one more time and it vanishes. I don't know where it went to so will log off now to search for it!



September 19th 2010 8:28 pm
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Mom showed me a picture of a dog today and he could pass as a sibling of mine. Black and white like me! Long flowing fur like me!How could this be? Maybe this is my sibling, long lost so with some urging I got mom to find out more. Was this a shih'tzu or a malzu We was seeing? Mom clicked on the picture and it said Mi ki! Now I am really confused.


I am doing better

September 10th 2010 7:01 pm
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It's hard to believe it has been 6 days since the poisoning and severe dehydration caused by Sergeants Gold squeeze on. After all what happened I STILL HAVE FLEAS. 5 baths and nearly dying, those unwelcomed guest are still here! My pawrents have heard good things about a pill that kills fleas. So she is going to call my Vet to find out about it to find out how it works and if it would be safe for me. I WAS POISONED AND RIGHT NOW MOM IS UNSURE IF IT IS SAFE. Or if would be too much for my body to take. She is also giving us garlic to try to get rid of my guest. Will let you all how it works.



September 6th 2010 3:43 pm
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This is my story. My mom noticed some fleas on me and my brother, so she sent dad to town so he bought SARGENTS GOLD. My mom and Zaynes mom carefully read the packaging before applying it to cocoa and then me, Rudie hid but they got him an hour later. So Zayne and I started to play and got some of the SARGEANTS GOLD Flea and Tick drops in his mouth. And then an hour or so later the painful pins and needles started and I could not hold still or sleep. Every time I would doze off to sleep the pins and needles would jerk me awake. In the middle of the night the heavy drooling began and was foam by morning, pins and needles in my mouth. My mom was soaked from the drool. My mom woke dad up and after re-reading the box, dad fed me while mom looked for information online. There was no doubt about it, I was suffering from toxicity and since Zayne came in contact with me he was also suffering. Mom was unable to get ahold of my Dr so she contacted a vet at Sargeants who advised mom what to do. Zaynes mom was giving me sugar water by the spoonful because I was severely dehydrated and by this time unable to drink from the bowl by myself. And walking was becoming more difficult. Zaynes mom held me and kept scratching my back so I could finally sleep. She also bathed me in Joy dishwasing to remove the SARGEANTS GOLD from my neck. Once the poison was removed 4 baths later I was able to rest and started to feel better. Mom had Dad feed me cottage cheese and pork rinds to increase my thirst and gave me & Zayne Chickbroth/water to drink to help us with our dehydration. We are both fine now with little damage, my siblings had no adverse reactions to the SARGEANTS GOLD. Mom will never purchase any of their products or allow any of these products to be used on us. Thankfully my aunt amy was here to help Mom with me or I would not be here. There is so many stories out there as mine from many families but their outcome was sad because of SARGENTS AND HARTZ PRODUCTS. Mom used the correct dose for my weight and was applied direction perfect and I almost died, mom will never use this again. oh and after all this the Sargeants Gold did not kill the fleas on any of us.

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