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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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Momma left me

October 30th 2010 9:13 pm
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Oh the unjust revelation that I was abandoned today. Today momma left with dad, thinking to myself when they left that she would be back in a few minutes. But that was not to be as a few minutes turned into hours. Several hours to be exact.

Momma actually left me at home. Why did she leave me and where did she go? I would get my answers if she ever returned and when she did come home with a quick sniff I knew!

She went to my Aunts house and was with Zayne. Normally she takes me with her. So that's the mystery, why didn't she take me this time? After a full sniff down I laid in her lap as she loved on me.

I will keep an eye and nose out for future events.


What is the best part of the Human body?

October 29th 2010 9:27 pm
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My answer is the LAP. If your a small dog nothing beats the lap. Its warm and if there is extra padding , comfortable. Laying in the lap has its benefits. Your skin parent will stroke you smoothing your fur as you sleep.

The next best place is the hip or thigh, especially if your human is laying down as the lap disappears. The reason why your close enough to be warm and the humans can still pet you.

Bigger dogs can make use of this also and go for the lap. All dogs need closeness and security. Well off to find me a lap.


The verdict is in...

October 28th 2010 8:09 pm
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French Fries Are the Bomb! Momma has been eating fries a lot lately and since she never salts anything she has been sharing her fries with me. She normally feeds them to me one by one, sometimes lightly dipping them in ketchup. Allowing me to lick the ketchup off so it doesn't stain my hair before presenting me with the french fry.

She calls me her "little fry guy" because of my love of the tasty french fry. And believe it or not I found something tastier than ketchup its called Honey Mustard. It brings out the taste of the fries.

Momma won't allow me to have anything if it has a lot of salt or taste salty to her. Father loves salt and mother won't allow him to share with me if its too salty but he does once in awhile when her back is turned.

Me wants more fries...


¤¤ New Pictures ¤¤

October 27th 2010 7:08 pm
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Momma took some new pictures of me and put 2 on Dogster. The 9th picture is just me. My hair is growing back quickly since my puppy clip.

The second picture (10th) is of Cocoa and myself. My big sister didn't have time to freshen up for the camera but I'm always ready to Strike A Pose.

If your on facebook and would like to see all our photo albums Inbox my Momma to get her user name or email address to add her on facebook.

Thank you Jack for your votes.


Have You Voted Today

October 26th 2010 8:41 pm
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Just to remind everyone of the fact Mom has me and my fur family entered in the 6th Annual Worlds Coolest Dog & Cat Show!

Every dog deserves a vote. If you don't have time to vote for every dog at least vote for me. Mom thinks I am handsome and so should everyone. The link to find me is

I am cute and energetic. Nothing like a little shameful self promotion.

Before I forget thank you Jack for my new Rosette. So happy you are feeling better.


Had a Great Day Today

October 24th 2010 6:55 pm
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My day was great today. My day started with some Paw Mail, from my new friend Rupert. So nice to get mail from Tzu friends. Then after some treats Momma and Dad surprised me with a car ride. Guess where I went? To Grandmas and Aunt Amy's house! There's only one person I love as much as my pawrents and that is my Aunt Amy!

And what's great about going to my Amy's house you ask? My bestest friend Zayne and Mya Bug live there. We played for hours and after harrassing all the Chihuahuas I was ready to go home. I slept in momma's lap all the way home. What a beautiful day I had.


Why am i called Rocky?

October 23rd 2010 1:32 pm
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My first name with the breeder was Jay Jay or JJ. When I had my first well puppy check my name was documented as JJ. When I went to my first forever home I was renamed Rocky by a then 3 year old. After Rocky the Bulldozer. I met my Momma a week later and I came home to stay. Momma decided to leave my name as it was and often calls me Rocks or Rock Rock. I also come to sweetie. I love momma.



October 22nd 2010 8:58 pm
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We are not tiny, teacups, or Imperials , we are Shih Tzu. No Shih Tzu has the Imperial gene as we all come from the 7 females and 7 males that was saved. The term Imperial has been used to breed and sell Undersized Shih Tzu. Seen a dog today that was referred to as a mini Shih Tzu. The dog was twice my size. I barely weigh 9 lbs and I am shorter. I realize I am not 100% Tzu but enough already. Stop breeding undersized Tzu that often have health issues. We are a small dog already, we are Tzu.


vote for me please

October 20th 2010 11:03 am
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All about Me Me Me

October 20th 2010 6:53 am
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Since coming to live with Momma, she has educated herself by researching my breeds. By appearance I look like a Shih Tzu, momma knew nothing about either of my breeds before me. I claim the Maltese side of my family even though I show no indication I am anything but Tzu. For instance my Under-bite, until momma researched the breed she thought something was wrong with my mouth. She soon found out this is common in Tzus BOL. I could of told Momma that if she just asked me. What fascinates her the most is all but 7 pairs of Shih Tzus was destroyed and that every Tzu or Tzu Hybrid can be traced to the 7 pairs. BOL, before I forget Momma entered me in the Dog and Cat show on dogster. Please Vote for me. Mom has already voted for many groups.

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