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Adventures of Klepto-Dog

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tomorrow tomorrow

December 17th 2010 6:57 pm
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My best friend is coming tomorrow for our sleep over. This is the first time Zayne has been here since September.

We are going to play in the snow so hope my aunt doesn't forget his coat. Inside we will eat good things and treats. We will play ball and dress up.

We will chase each other and wrestle. Before napping happily together.

Zayne likes to clown around and does flip flops. I hope he will teach me how to do that also.

I wish all my pals could sleep over sometime.

Night night


snow days

December 16th 2010 7:00 pm
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Today was great and I can't wait until Saturday, Zayne is coming over for a sleep-over.

I hope I can get him out in the snow to play. He is bald but if he's wearing a coat he should be okay.

This is our first sleep over since grandma's heart attack.

PS Aunt Amy don't forget his coat.


Thank You Once Again

December 15th 2010 5:39 pm
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Momma was surprised to see I was one of today's Diary Picks. Yesterday Diary of the Day.

Thank You once again

_____ __

Sample conversation between Aunt and a Liar

Liar: I would like to buy 2 puppies from you, a male and a female. One from each litter.

Aunt: My puppies have the same father and the females are already sold.

Liar: Oh I wasn't going to breed them, I just wanted 2 for companions. My pomeranians just died.

2 days later...

Liar: I decided to buy 2 chinese crested instead...

A week later...

Liar: I did not know my female was in heat until I caught her with my male. She's pregnant

Aunt: Can you e-mail me a picture of the crested?

Liar: I can't because my computer is messed up.

Aunt: How much are you going to sell your Chinese Crested Puppies for?

Liar: I don't know because I never bred dogs before. Do you have any males left?

You Mam are a Liar. The computer that was messed up magically updated itself the morning after she purchased Zeus. The liar has a website that has 2 litters of black poms for sale. Both born in November. She also has 2 pregnant pomeranians. A pregnant Chinese Crested. She has several pugs and now 2 Chihuahua, but no she is not a breeder. Liar Liar !

She also claims Zeus has papers. My Aunt although can state parentage does not register her dogs because she sells them as companions.

Liar Liar!


Diary of the Day

December 14th 2010 6:27 am
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I am honored to be Diary of the Day. Mom was very surprised to see my picture there.

I do want to apologize that we are not able to respond to comments or make comments. We have received a lot of comments lately. I wish my mom's Blackberry would allow her to respond to my friends diaries.

Thank you again for this honor and for being our friends.

PS my brother Rudie , being the older male has an important issue to talk to everyone about.


Happy Days

December 12th 2010 9:06 pm
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Its hard to believe on the 18th will mark my first year with Momma.. Santa brought me a year earlier for momma's Christmas present from Dad.

Momma knew she was getting me but did not see me until I was put in her arms and she was in love.

Dad and Momma discussed getting me for over a week before it was clear, that I was indeed wanted. The first time I laid my face by her face , I was in love and knew she would be mine.

I did not arrive in a sleigh and Santa's first name was Greg. And Mrs. Clause first name is Shawnda.

Merry Christmas Momma!


Momma thinks im getting Fat!

December 11th 2010 5:52 pm
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Momma changed our food last week and I did gain a lb or 2. We were eating Pedigree small bites but she switched us to Diamond pet foods.

Since it does not contain corn, wheat or soy, everything in it is good for us. Dad also bought it in the puppy formula which has more calories.

I might of gained a pound but I'm not fat.


Cold Natured Tzu

December 7th 2010 6:39 pm
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For the last week it has been very cold in Ohio so mom has been keeping sweaters on me.

Mom figured out that I was getting cold even though my hair is long. During the night I been sleeping under her comforter next to her.

My mom thought I was just being clever to get near her but I'm cold. My aunt explained to her that its like a human going outside in the cold without a hat on. Even if you have long hair its no protection against the cold.

And Shih Tzu's hair is like hair not fur. I spend a majority of my life indoors but mom has been putting a coat on me when I go outdoors to play in the snow.

To all of my friends who live outdoors or have outside family members please remind your skin parents to provide protection from the cold.



December 5th 2010 7:22 pm
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I got a card from my good friend Petey *happily spinning in circles* . He lives with great skin parents. My brother has been getting cards for days and even though Petey sent it to all of us I know it was meant for me.

In other news Momma let me wear my coat to go outside and play in the snow. It was great because I stayed warm. My brother rolled around in the snow and he was not wearing a coat. My sister did not want anything to do with the snow.

Did you all get snow?


my dad

December 1st 2010 10:01 pm
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Dad did come home last night after my diary. He had an accident with our SUV last night.
It is totaled, dad is okay. I don't know what happened, or what any of this means. By momma saying accident, did he pee in our car?
And did mom want to put him on a leash?

I will never understand humans!


drama in my house

November 30th 2010 4:42 pm
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Our blue SUV is no more. Its late and dad is not here. Mom is close lipped on what happened. She might not know herself. I just want Dad.

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