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momma and the turkey

November 21st 2012 7:23 pm
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Momma has been in the kitchen an awful lot , it kind of upset me because her lap wasn't available. How can I be a lapdog without a lap?? Well anyways I heard her say to someone a Turkey is a flightless bird and I knew. She was lying because the turkeys across the road on the hill can fly. They fly up to the trees to roost. And they go gobble gobble gobble. Momma said all turkeys gobbles. So if the turkeys across the road can fly why can't a butterball? The special foods for Thanksgiving smells so mouth watering. I'm literaly drooling. I hope my momma shares the Turkey with me. I hope all my friends has a wonderful Thanksgiving and you all get a slice of turkey too. Night night.


What i am Thankful For

November 18th 2012 5:01 pm
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As the holiday approaches I want to give thanks for my friends, family and that I have a home with people who love me.

My heritage isn't pure and if I hadn't came from a good family locally, I might have ended up in a shelter or sold on Craigs List as so many puppies are. I am very fortunate that my birth mother had only one litter, her family wanted her to get to be a mother once before she was fixed. I am lucky all of my littermates live locally as family members not in cages. My life is blessed.

I have been following a wonderful family in Texas in the Dallas/fort worth area who rescue and help place pure breeds and designer breed dogs who come from bad situations. When I say bad situations I mean bad situations, such as those in Hoarding situations or puppies being sold on Craigs list at just a couple weeks old. The family of Emma the Cleft palate Chihuahua are remarkable women opening their hearts to well deserving puppies. Their website is .

If your surfing the web or looking for a new member for your family its worth checking out. There is an adoption fee which helps cover vet bills, vaccinating all rescues and prevention meds such as heart guard and frontline. All puppies placed are vet checked , the vaccinations are up to date and healthy. The fees also help with the ongoing medical bills of Emma and other Special need puppies.

They currently have some Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier pups needing homes that were rescued from a Craigs list advertisement.


good friends

November 15th 2012 2:44 pm
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Sometimes people can be good friends to dogs, for instance Momma and dad's friends. Don't get me wrong I'm used to getting presents from momma when she goes to town and from my Aunt Amy who spoils me rotten. I have been sent prezzies from Texas and New Mexico. But a few days ago my parent's friends came to visit and they brought us all presents, even Sammy. They got me two new tennis balls, Rudie a squeaky bone and Sammy a ferret. Considering the circumstances its remarkable to think of others. Dad befriended them years ago and momma only met them last month. And after Rudie's illness and meeting the father its a reminder life is short and make each day count. Dad's friend has Stage 4 Cancer but brought us prezzies. They play with us and they smile. Isn't that what life's for to love and be loved? Smile and give happiness to others. And to stand by a friend through good times and bad? To listen and comfort. Rudie and I will offer him joy, just to be a friend when he needs one.

PS the new pictures mom helped us put on Dogster is his daughter with us.


collar or Harness?

November 6th 2012 3:43 pm
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I realize there is much more important voting going on but I'm a dog and this is important to me. Soon after being given to momma as a gift my Aunt gave Momma a book on Shih Tzu so she could learn more about me. The book suggests a harness because we have fragile airways. But until recently I always wore a collar. My Aunt gave me a red harness and leash for my barkday.

I'm getting used to the change but What are your thoughts on harness vs collars? What do you wear?


besides Momma i love

November 5th 2012 2:50 am
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Food. There is a few things I smell that drives me insane. I must have it. No ifs, ands or buts. I must get it even if I have to beg my tail off.

1.) Bacon- as soon as the first piece starts to sizzle it awakens my senses. The aroma as it cooks , flavoring the air. I sniff it hoping to get my first taste of the delectable goodness. At this point I need a taste. The minutes seem like hours until I get a slice or ten.
2.) Sausage- again the sizzle as it starts to cook. The smell of sage in the air as bits of fats explode. Talk about almost losing your mind. I like it in links or patties.

** normally my dad cooks both on Sundays. Momma loves the smell but doesn't eat much of it often opting for eggs and toast instead. If she has bacon on plate its for me. Once in a while she will eat it but not often.

3.) Ham- nothing like a holiday ham. The smell doesn't hit you as quick because it hasn't wafted out of the oven . Once the smell happens its divine and feels like days before first taste. But once it happens it was worth the wait.

* ham was my first taste of human food and was worth learning to get on the furniture for.


thank you so much

November 4th 2012 4:54 pm
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I want to thank everyone for the prayers, love and support you have given our family. My brudder needs prayers still even though he seems to be getting better. He's not a bad dog. Compared to me he's laid back but a great companion for the times Mom goes out. I would hate to be alone and the cat kind of creeps me out. I swear he looks at me like his next meal. Rudie is my protection from the cat. Also when he's in and momma is home the cat has the audacity to try to sit in her lap! He must not of got the memo that she belongs to me! Perhaps he's ignoring all memos regarding momma. Oh well...


updates and Thank You Patch

October 31st 2012 8:38 pm
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Our family came through this recent disaster unharmed. We live in Southern Ohio and we did get a lot of rain , wind and later on snow from Sandy. She was truly a superstorm. We hope our human and canine friends are okay. We didn't lose our power but my grandma did for 12 hours. We had strong wind for 12 hours, rain for 2 days and snow. To be honest our weather was inconvenient but not too damaging. We are lucky because those north and east of us was hit much harder. We are still warm and at home. Our family is safe. My brudder isn't well. I'm praying he will be okay.


Please say a prayer for all thats in the path of this- superstorm

October 28th 2012 8:09 pm
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My momma and I just checked the weather again, its not looking too good for those along the east coast and mid Atlantic Valley up to the great lakes. Our region will have 20-30 mph sustained winds with 50 mph gusts. So on top of the wind from Hurricane Sandy we have a cold front from the Artic. Snow, rain and wind is in my immediate future. My skin parents are going to go ahead and take down the outdoor Halloween decorations and put the porch chairs in the basement. The associated press thinks Sandy will make landfall around NJ. I sure hope my friend Petey and his family will be okay.

If your in the path of this storm please stock up on food, water, batteries if you choose to ride it out at home. This would be a good time to have an alternate source of heat or power as widespread outages is expected. Especially heat because its cold. Batteries for flashlights, portable radios because this is a serious storm.


Evil Stranger in my yard

October 27th 2012 11:42 pm
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There is a tall person lurking in my yard in a long black robe, boney features carrying a long stick. During the day he doesn't look quite scary but at night his eyes glow red. I seen, sniffed and left pee- mail on him during the day, I hope he didn't know it was me! During my night patrol I would not dare approach him. I bark and bark at him but he remains quiet casting tall shadows. He will disappear again as quickly as he appeared., but I never know when he will reappear. *sighs* At least this time he came alone and didn't bring his friends that always seem to hang out by the road.


my new cousins

October 24th 2012 5:30 am
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Several weeks ago my Dad' s sister rescued 2 more chihuahua girls. The circumstances we know is, the owners moved away and left 2 girls unattended without food, water and shelter in a fenced in yard. After a couple days, neighbors began throwing food over fence, giving water and eventually taking one of the girls in. The other girl we were told was scared and not able to be caught. After several weeks my Aunt was told and she agreed to rescue the girls, hence my newest cousins SYLVIA AND FIONA. Sylvia was in very bad shape from malnutrition, neglect and bad teeth, both of the girls were. The vet examined the girls and Sylvia had to have a lot of teeth pulled. Even though a kind neighbor tried to give her food through the fence she wasn't able to eat. Fiona wasnt in as bad shape as Sylvia. Both girls are doing good, Sylvia spent a whole weekend with me. She came along with my Aunt and bestie Zayne on a visit. She's kind of skinny but a pretty girl, I wonder if she's single? My mom thinks the owners were evildoers, abandoning the girls like they did. A shelter would of been better than being left alone in a yard for weeks. The girls are loved and cared for now, my Aunt has a heart of gold. She really does! What happened to these little girls is a good reason why my home state needs Nitro's law. Thankfully a neighbor cared enough to try to help and contact my Aunt. The girls have a home now, their bellies are no longer empty , their needs are met and they are loved.

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