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My Happy Ever After

The Story of My Rescue

April 16th 2013 8:08 am
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Ernie's rescuer, Nick, friended us last night on FB. He told us the story of how Ernie came to be rescued:

Nick C.

Rhon, my name is Nick and I was the one that found Ernie (who was previously named Macho...ugh, probably because he was supposed to be a rabid guard dog). I am so elated that Michelle chose your family to be Ernie's parents.

When I saw Ernie for the first time months ago, my heart broke that he spent his days and nights alone with no one to keep him company except a broken down pickup truck which he shared his small concrete pen with. That and his waste which was scattered all over. Ernie drank water out of plastic children's pool that was cracked in half.

When I approached the garage to discuss my car repair Ernie was so happy to have company and turned in circles, wagged his tail, jumped and licked me. I asked the owner what the situation with Ernie was and he informed me Ernie was meant to be a guard dog etc., most of which you already know. I told him that Ernie (Macho) belonged with a family inside of a home and not in an enclosure. The man agreed with me and I could tell by his eyes that he knew this dog belonged somewhere with more love.

He wouldn't give Ernie to me then but I persisted over the next week and then I had to drop it and focus on business and the holidays. Then about a month ago he called me out of nowhere and asked if I still was interested in taking the dog. The man must have felt really bad at the way he was treating the poor boy. I happily picked Ernie up first thing the next day. The man didn't even charge me or want anything in return. I think he just wanted some kind of redemption.

Since I took Ernie he has reached out to me and asked how Ernie was doing and wanted to see pictures. It's hard not to love and miss Ernie. I haven't heard from him though since after the first week I took Ernie. While I drove around WI, IL and IN all day Ernie was doing what Ernie does best, trying to sit in my lap, licking my face every second he had the chance and snuggling up to me.

There was a lot of interest in Ernie from a lot of my friends on Facebook. Friends of friends of friends were calling but as I spent the day with Ernie and realized he was not housebroken (sorry aisle 3, 5, and 6 of Petco) and that he wasn't used to other animals (he was very hesitant when I introduced him to my sister's golden.

I decided the best thing to do would be to put Ernie in touch with people that knew how to find him the right home. There were a lot of disappointed people that had reached out to me but the last thing I wanted was Ernie to be traded around to different homes.

The urge to keep Ernie close to me was strong as I fell in love with him immediately and wanted to be able to see him whenever I wanted but knew the families that wanted him weren't patient enough. I wanted to keep Ernie so badly but knew I wasn't right for him either at this time in my life being single, living downtown, not having a yard and being away from home a lot. I took responsibility for Ernie and took that responsibility seriously.

The fact that Ernie had spent 3 years being fed cat food and kept in the cold was too much--he had already missed out on. I determined Ernie's age from the only veterinary record that the previous owner had. It appeared Ernie was 10 months about 2 years ago when they took him to the vet for having a swollen face. Not sure what that was about.

Anyway, I just thought I'd give you as much history and information as I could give you because I can tell you and your husband and Burt have already accepted Ernie with all of your hearts. I am so happy for all of you and I love the pictures and videos you have been posting. My middle name is Ernest so Michelle and I decided he should be called Ernie (cause he wasn't a Macho and he wasn't a Nick either). Thank you for taking care of Ernie as you already have. Ernie is very special to me and I'm glad his story has a great ending!

Rhon B

Nick, my Father-In-Law's middle name is Ernest--my husband said his Grandmother wanted to name him Ernest but the priest told her that wasn't a Catholic name, so he's Leonard Ernest. Small world, huh?

We plan on taking Ernie on the Paws Walk in June and on the Bark in the Park walk in May. Maybe we'll see you then?


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Barked by: Sarge, our precious Angel (Dogster Member)

April 16th 2013 at 11:01 am

Oh, what a story and so good of Nick to friend you and let you know of Ernie's life before he came into your family. Precious boy, he was waiting for a warm and loving home and he has the best. We are so thankful that AngelDixie has sent him to you, and sweet Burt, who needs a friend and brother xoxo
Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

April 16th 2013 at 12:52 pm

This is just wonderful.

The original "owner" at least KNEW things werent right. He at least reached out for help.. that.. if it is anyone's to give.. is Redemption.So many dont know.. or mostly just dont care.

Nick is a beautiful soul and I am sure you have a friend there for life.

The good times are going to roll.. they ARE rolling !

I am in tears writing this.. but they are good tears.
Barked by: Sully & Socks Our Angel (Dogster Member)

April 16th 2013 at 7:18 pm

Just read the diary entry of how Nick came to find Ernie and that his concern for Ernie (formerly Macho...NOT a name for a golden) finally got to the former owner's soul and he relented and did what was best for Ernie. Surely there is redemption there, even if late in coming. We're so glad that Nick friended you on FB and gave you the background story on Ernie. Nick is a wonderful man to realize that, though he loved Ernie, he was not a good fit for the precious boy and did what was best and gave Ernie the opportunity to join the most wonderful family he could ever have and will now know such love, good food, company, no more cold and the peace of knowing he is a vital member of his new family and will live out the rest of his life with so much happiness. Thanks for sharing Ernie's history with us and we're all so grateful that Ernie is with you and his new brofur Burt. Surely a reason to feel such happy, happy, joy, joy!!
Much love to all of you~
Sully, Our Angel Socks, Mom & Dad
Barked by: Sherman (Dogster Member)

April 17th 2013 at 7:11 am

Ernie you are now in the best family ever!! So happy you found your way to your pawesome furever home!!!

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