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Barking Up A Storm

November 19th 2013 9:52 pm
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We had some nasty weather here 2 nights ago. I had to bark at all the thunder and I helped the wind howl, too...I added my own.
The sirens were on...severe weather warnings were in full force.
Pawppy was ready to leash me up, and crate the kitties so we could go in the cellar, but the worst of this severe weather went to other areas. However, the winds that were so howly were clocked at 70mph here, and more in other pawlaces. OMD, that is how fast the traffic goes on our interstates!

So our town has lots of power outages, though here in our little village the power stayed on! Growlmy was at work through all of this, and when she came home she knew that power was out...the darkness was so furry thick for a lot of her 8 mile drive back...and our lights here were like a beacon piercing the gloom!
Some parts of town and in our whole region still have no power, and it is cold now, Brrr!
Hope they get it back soon. There are shelters open fur those who may need it.

Yesterday I had fun helping growlmy clean up loads and loads of branches, siding, roofing materials, and several big limbs. Our wood pile is looking like a skyscraper by now, BOL! Maybe I will get really brave and climb to the top...what...growlmy says she won't let me, spoil-sport!

Today growlmy noticed water damage in MY back porch, where I stay when its not too cold if I have yard-guard-duties. Oh-oh...that flat roof must have sprung a leak from the horizontal deluge that accompanied that storm. At least my heated nest is not where that came in...

Well, I have to go and rest my weary old doggy bones now...
Stay safe, warm and I sure hope that we do not get any more storms like that one.

Growlmy is now starting to get prepared fur gobble day...


Yippeeeee! Growlmy Came Back!

November 13th 2013 10:43 pm
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Hooray! Growlmy came back. I was SO happy! I sniffed and sniffed her bags, because I just knew she came back with Murphy, I could smell him!
But no, she left his with my Auntie.

I am sorry that the picture factory had to be out of order these past few days...sorry if I missed any spawsial days and honors...though at least with the modern technology,I could still woof at you from afar! BOL!

Grpwlmy says she is 14 years old today? What!?!
She added up the numbers of her years and came up with that...and next year she says she should have the bloom of youth because she will only be 6, BOL! BOL!

Happy Birthday Growlmy!

And Happy Birthday to Finley's Momma, too! Our moms share a birthday!
Its a good day fur sure!

Pawppy did a good job of being my 'guardian' during my staycation
But just as soon as growlmy got home and started to do some cleaning...I went and had a kitty styled snack...BOL! So there were no more licks allowed to my peeps...and out came the toothbrush, too...sigh...

Well, we have had some bad weather here...snow and sleet and rain and furry strong winds...lots of branches down in my yard...more work fur the peeps.
Speaking of work, growlmy has to go back to her job tomorrow...for the whole long weekend...four shifts in a row. She will be pooped! She says due to her days of youth being upon her she will ask for a day less of work time after the new year. So instead of 3 days one week and four the next all weeks will be 3 shifts.

Growlmy says that really soon she will have to get out the decorations for the upcoming holiday time...I think that may mean pictures. OMD, I shall have to make myself scarce!




November 2nd 2013 10:11 am
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No wait, that is just shake & rattle...all dem naked boneses all over my page.
They go rattle...shakey...clickety click, and then they rattle some more. They sure are the dancingest skeletons I have evfur seen!
They are naked bones cause they don't be wearing their skins anymore, nor their MEATZ™ , well, I like to gnaw on bones...but now just imagine if all dem bones were Meaty Bones!

Thanks to all the pups and their furmilies who sent them out.
We didn't get any doorbell ringing ghosties or goblins here though. We live a bit out in the countryside; (Our neighbors take their kidlets to areas in town to go trick or treating, the dens they visit are a lot closer together)...pawppy went out, and growlmy was working. And it was a super soggy night. It rained ALL day. So needless to say I didn't have a hoot or a howl to I was my regular evening-time couch potato, BOL!

In a few days growlmy is going out of town, she says she is going to see my Auntie...but wait a minute, that's where my cousin lives, Murphy.
Growlmy says I can't go this time because she is also going to spend time at my great aunt's who is having her 94th birthday. WOW!
Pups are not allowed there...sigh...

Growlmy says that she has a cold, too...sniffle, sneeze and cough...she thinks she may soon start to bark, too, BOL!
Almost evfurry fall she gets this bronchitis junk to visit her with its miserable plague. Sheesh, she hasn't been sick for months and now just when she has to go away jumps on her!
Hmmm...maybe just maybe she might stay home instead? Nah, she will go even if she has to wear a face mask to keep her germies to herself...and howloween is already over so she can't even pretend to be wearing a costume.

During those days she will have little or no access to the picture making factory. She might be able to say hello in a comment once in a while, but no if any important days or occasions are missed, pawlease furgive growlmy & I.

After she gets back...well I still won't be pawlaying a whole lot here, because her and pawppy will be taking some more time to dogabrate growlmy's short of 6 elderly almost! She says soon she may need to reserve a bed in the nursing home where she works...BOL!

Gotta go and bark at all dem dancing-rattling boneses!


Well, Look At That!

October 9th 2013 10:22 am
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That's what I woofed yesterday when a car drove into my driveway. It had a plate on it from Ontario...Hmmm, I have seen that car before! Yippee-Woof-Barkety-Bark!
Its my Auntie!
I ran to greet her with some good MJF kisses and then I began to sniff for the other half; the fourlegged one...well he didn't jump out of her bags and not out of her car either. He was enjoying a staycation with his fave neighbors. Well, I won't have to share, BOL!
(He had 2 recent surgeries to remove bad teeth and a benign tumor in his mouth, OUCH! But seems he is recovering well, finally, after some bad post anesthetic issues.)

Well, we had some good visiting and then they ...growlmy & Auntie took off fur parts unknown...sigh...dogs nevfur get to have too much fun.
They came back when it was dark, but I still got to enjoy some more company with her because she slept in the livingroom. Hey, why'd you pull the gate across? Sigh...
This morning we had some more time together, and then she had to get back in her car to go back to her den and her Murphy. I hope to see him one day...Auntie said that while out and about growlmy & her saw another Cairn terrier, but he had been shaved, OMD, That ruins their coats...well, I don't have to worry about that, BOL!

Growlmy found me on top of her desk last night. Trying to curl up on the confuser, OMD! I got bootted right off:(( She thought maybe I was trying to send a note to Murphy of another Dogster Pup, BOL!

This morning upon getting on the confuser, the furst thing we found was a note from Dogster: You are a Daily Diary Pick! Whoo-hoo! A DDP!
And its been a week since I woofed anything, BOL!

We also have huge walnuts falling from our trees. They are the size of tennis balls. (A long time ago, growlmy's pawrents second dog, would pick those up and play stay away/catch me with them, BOL!) They do not taste good in my mouth if I pick up those green/black globes, and they sure make a big thunk when they crash down...I make huge woofs if they hit the roof or a drainpipe and make a big clunk. OMD, If they hit right with wind they would break a window or leave a dent in your car. At least ours is parked on the other side from where that tree is. Growlmy says she needs a hard hat to go and clean them up...since its finally nice; warm and sunny out, maybe she will go and clean them up, and I will snoopervise. They can't be left there else no one can mow the grass. I wouldn't mind them staying though, they attract squirrels...then I will some fun and something worthwhile to do...getting rid of varmints!
Growlmy can't save them either, by the time they are on the ground, they are almost always full of worms and half rotten, YUCK! She has to wear really old clothes and heavy gloves too, because otherwise she will turn an ugly dark color/stain that takes forever to wear off skin, and nevfur comes out of clothes. UGH!

Growlmy hasn't seen a bumper crop like this in years. So...she says she thinks we are in for a bad/snowy winter...YIKES!

I shall woof with you all later...



October 2nd 2013 7:30 pm
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I had a good tail wagging day last week, Boss-boy came fur Sunday dinner. It was so good to see him, and he played doggy fun games with me too.Barkety-Bark!

Then a couple of days later...OMD:(
I got a bath...oh I hate those so much.
The next day growlmy followed me around with a baggie...and she didn't let my doo-doo stay on the ground furry long, BOL!
Then she put on my harness...and oh no. We had to go in the car. I don't like to get in there fur some unknown reason, but once I am in there its not so bad...I try to Grr when I get picked up, so growlmy has to make sure she doesn't pick me up the wrong way, BOL!
I got to visit the vet pawlace...I always get a treat there, and lots of pets and ear scritches and 'oh how cute' too, so I don't mind that pawlace either...until...those strangers swarm all over me with their hands, and I have to Grr to warn them to watch out. guessed it, I got muzzled. Sheesh.
Well they poked and prodded and even had the nerve to stab me...and then they stole some of my precious drops of blood, the vampires.
Vet lady said my teeth looked good,and well of course I have to keep them in top shape in case I need to bite them...
She said all else was good, too. Yippee, now let me go! Grrr!

Off we went and back in the car, but not to home...growlmy took me to where she works to show me off, well, I was sparkling clean and newly vetted so why not!? I got lots of good pets there, too. The peeps there were eating lunch, so if I had been taken into the dining room, well I might have snagged some noms! But no; growlmy sat down on a bench and made me wait with her. There was one resident who had asked to see me, so that's why I was there actually...she loved me!
Then finally we got to go home. I plopped down fur a long well deserved nap!

Today, growlmy got a call from the vet peeps, my doo-doo was great...well of course! And all my senior labs were fine, too, Yippee, I am a healthy dude!

I had to barkety-bark today too, that UPS man came onto our driveway,and he came into my yard!! OMD! I thought he wanted to play with me, but no...he just brought a box...growlmy said it was fur me, but I only can have one item each month, it was my flea/heartworm prescription...sigh...nothing good to eat. Whatevfur!

Pawppy & Growlmy took boss boy out to dinner, today...but I was not allowed. Sheesh. Restaurants need a new set of rules about that, don't you think? How else could I woof Happy Birthday to boss-boy? That's why they went out...well, I will just have to give him his 23 licks later! BOL!


Gone, Vamoose, Not Here

September 22nd 2013 9:32 pm
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I am languishing here since Friday night...Boss-Boy put lots of things in his new car and drove away...came back and did it all over again...then he drove away again and I haven't seen him since:(
Growlmy says he is all grown up and living in an apartment. OMD It was so good the last few months to have him here with me, and now...sigh...its so quiet here...
Growlmy says I will see him from time to time, because he is only about 25 miles from here, closer than when he went to school...but out of here is on the moon as far as I am concerned, I can't walk that far...well maybe I could but not in one day, BOL!

Well, I hope he brings me lots of treats and noms and good belly rubs, and maybe some toys to destuff when he does come here.

Pirate day was fun!
It was fun to give and send all those flags! Yarghhhhh!

Now its really Fall, and soon the leaves will all be down.
The chickens next door have gotten brave and try to forage along my fence lines, and I chase them away! WOOF! Some of the smaller ones have even gotten into our 'sally-port' gate system...hmmm, chicken dinner smells closer than ever!

Daisy doesn't come here to play, and I only see her now and then, maybe she is a good pup and gets to stay inside, or with her peeps, I do hope so.

Growlmy has been bashing down a lot of wasps in our back porch, so now she has to find out how they are getting in there...she doesn't want me to get stung:(
A good freeze would surely help!

Woof at ya all later!


Stuff & Nonsense & More Stuff

September 10th 2013 5:39 pm
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Stuff...Growlmy says 'stuff happens'.
We collect stuff.
My toys are full of stuff...that I have to un-stuff...
Growlmy says there is too much stuff here...sigh...
Peeps do stuff, If we have stuff, how can we do stuff?? Peeps are so confusing, BOL!

Unfurbro got a lot of stuff on his 21st birthday...then he had to take all of his stuff out of here to go back to school. He has one more year to get his degree, and he must be doing good stuff over there, because he got on the Dean's list, the last two semesters, and a school merit scholarship! I woof my congrats stuff to him!

Boss-boy has a ton of stuff that soon will be relocated to an apartment, that will relieve the over-stuffed problem in his current room here, and then he can deal with his own stuff in a teeny apartment, BOL! Good luck with that, WOOF!

Pawppy put a lot of stuff in his car yesterday morning, and gave us all a wave and a kiss and mushy stuff to growlmy, too...and drove away fur a week away to visit his brother...said brother has had to move his stuff, assisted living, sheesh, I need to send him a load of POTP, he has a lot of health issues. I sure hope pawppy doesn't get those:(
That kind of stuff all peeps could rather do without.

And me?? I eat a bunch of yummy stuff when growlmy gets salad ready. Mmmm, I love to be there when she cuts veggies up.

I still bark at all kinds of stuff, chickens close to the fence, Daisy next door, the UPS truck, and peeps who dare to walk across the visual line of my property, my stuff!

And that is all the stuff I can think about woofing to you about...


Ring-Ring ~ Woof ~ Ring-Ring ~ BARK-BARK-BARK!

August 14th 2013 9:57 pm
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Yup, that's me alright...evfurry time I hear the telephone ringing, I gotta bark the alarm, or else my peeps might not pick it up to make it stop...BOL! Growlmy says I make way too much noise, and she or boss-boy send me outside to finish my woofs out there...
I even do the barkety-bark if I hear the phone on the TV...don't get me started for what I do if I hear doorbells...OMD!

This morning the phone rang and Growlmy picked it up on the furst ring...and you guessed it, I was barking my head off...or so she says.
There was no one to talk to at the other end.
Later in the afternoon, growlmy got another call, and I helped remind her to get it. WOOF!

The lady wanting to talk with growlmy was from work, and I told her, NO you can't have her, I need you! BARK! That lady said that another lady had called earlier in the day and hung up (!) because all she heard was dog barking...yup, it were MOI!

Good thing I barked my head off...BOL!!
Later today I got to sing at the sirens going by...Aroooooooo! That was as much fun as barking at the telephone. Even the cell phones ringing gets me started. OMD! I am so smart...

I think that ringing disturbs my naps and rest, so there.


Daisy & The Sweet Sixteen…

August 3rd 2013 9:39 am
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What a lot is going on here…has been, and is. So much to woof about…and growlmy says she was too busy to let me bark about it all.

Well, a while back, I said I was gong to be away from here for a short while. Growlmy's cousin and her hubby came to our den all the way from the Netherlands. Well, actually they drove over from MY doggy cousin's pawlace in 'The Canadias'. But they didn't take him with them…but…I sniffed the bags they brought along and I COULD smell him! And my auntie…growlmy and the other unfurs said it was so cute to see me sniffing those bags ad wagging my tail expecting Murphy to jump out…
Well growlmy's cousins liked me and gave me lots of attention! Hooray…they love doggies!
They liked my kitty brofurs too…

Howevfur growlmy took her cousins on road trips, and I was NOT invited along…sigh…always the unfurs try to do things and sneak away without me.
They said there was not enough room in the car…oh yes, excuses, excuses…

They went to pawlaces in Indiana to see the Amish stuff…I hear that those farmers like to do breeding of furs like myself…JRT's. Howevfur growlmy says that she would nevfur get a pup from the likes of those…

They also toured round my own locale of Calhoun County…rich in history of the Civil war, slavery (The Underground Railway),Fort Custer National Cemetery, and Kellogg's, among other things. They went to a farmer's market and enjoyed fresh produce, too..but they didn't bring ME anything, sigh…even though I was on guard duty…

Then it was time for the company to leave…so they left and drove away to go to Niagara Falls. OMD, I would love to see all that water!

Well, then it was a lot quieter here, and growlmy and pawppy got to have a dogabration…what, I wasn't even with them! It was their 26th annifurrsary…They had a furry spawsial meal in a fancy restaurant.
They also went to search fur a new couch and loveseat…appawrently us furs here and the toll of years has made the current ones a bit less than lovely, not to mention they are furry old fashioned and growlmy says, ugly! BOL!
Maybe they will get leather ones so I can have a new delicious chew toy! What? Oh, sorry growlmy…

Then growlmy went back to working with her peeps again at the nursing home…they all missed her, they said.

And…finally our driveway was fixed and ridded of those paw prints, that had been there for about 6 months…now it is all nice and flat and smooth…poor Bandit, may he RIP…

Now you all might be wondering about this Daisy and her sweet 16.

The other day growlmy saw a kitty at the neighbor's palace. OMD! I shall have a lot of barking to do to keep him out of MY yard and all the catnip growlmy cultivates for my own kitty brofurs.

Then…there are chickens clucking and scratching in that yard. White ones, black ones, speckled ones and brown ones. A rooster too, by the sounds I hear. I was told there are sixteen of them! Sixteen yummy chicken dinners and a lot of scrambled eggs, Mmmmmm!
Hmmm...I think that if one tries to venture over the fence, I may just be able to snag me a chicken dinner!

This morning, I was rudely awakened by some shrill barks and yaps.
OMD! there is yet another pup over there. Her name is Daisy, she is a year old, and looks like a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. A beige fluff ball fur sure! Growlmy says she is furry cute.
I sure hope she gets to visit me in my yard sometime. Growlmy says she hopes that her furmily will be more responsible with her, and not let her run loose, or be tied up like the other pups endured. Time will tell…

Boss-boy now has his first car, a brand new one, too! A blue hatchback, perfect fur taking a pup on road trips…so last night he puts junk in it and drives away without ME. Sheesh. Well, at least pawppy and growlmy were here…and boss-boy says he will be back in a couple of days.

Well, now I am resting…too much excitement here!


Vacation Woofs

July 22nd 2013 7:28 am
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Ok, Pups pals and your peeps...
I am going to be AWOL sort of this week. Growlmy has company and won't be able to visit here furry much, if at all...sigh...I will miss a lot of things and spawsial days and playing with you on your pages. Sorry about that...

But soon I will be back to WOOF and do all the fun stuff here.
I sure hope when I get back that the comments notification system is fixed by then...I already think Dogster is on Vacation, BOL!

See ya!

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