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April 24th 2010 10:38 am
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OMD! Growlmy called me 'Butt-Ugly'! Hey I'm not ugly! And what's with my butt, anyways? You are supposed to look at my cute and handsome face ...only other beasties are allowed,(sometimes), to check out my butt...BOL!
But...pun not intended...growlmy was obsessed with MY butt! She said I had a poopy-pendant! Hey I thought pendants were on necklaces that went around necks...for girl pups...(yeah, sometimes my growlmy puts them on me for those dumb photo sessions.)...
Well I was doing my mind my own business stuff, and just had to take a bit longer than growlmy who always pays too much attention to my business anyway, had to take a look...ahem!
(She always carries a baggie or 2 with her. She must need to save my productions for something!? BOL!)
She said: 'Freckles, you have a poopy pendant!' Why would that be there, and what does that mean, anyways? Turns out that lately I have been snacking on some tender shoots of long one of them didn't get chewed up properly and -ahem- exited at the back end in full length! with some bits and pieces hanging with a pendant, swinging on a string...OMD! A good scoot will get rid of that, Growlmy! And that was the end of that!! BOL!!
Moral of the story?

Keep the grass mowed!


Earth Day and Earth Ale

April 23rd 2010 8:04 pm
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Well. yesterday there was another worker in my den. He liked doggies, too! So I tried to help him with the chore he had to the dungeon and in out kitchen. OMD! Everything had to come out of the sink cupboard, I didn't know that growlmy had so much stuff in there! BOL! Nor did she, I think...
I gave this dude lots of my kisses, and said lots of doggy things to him. When he was in the dungeon, I stood at the top of the stairs and snoopervised as best i could from that vantage point.
Growlmy was so frustrated with me, though! Whenever this dude had to say or ask something of growlmy, I would interrupt with loud opinions of my own! BOL, BOL!!
That was so much fun, that I had to try the technique on my pawppy when he came home from work...but he was NOT at all impressed! He couldn't even say hello to growlmy without me barking...Oops! I forgot my dog manners!
Well anyways, after a couple of hours the job finally got done. So now there is plenty of earth ale for all of us. Crystal clear, and cold and fresh!

Speaking of Earth ale, It was Earth day, yesterday.
I think the work-dude knew that, he brought a lot of it into our kitchen and dungeon...BOL!!
I did a lot of digging in some soft earth, to help with the event's celebration.
I brought a bunch in, too, on my furs...I was rolling in a mole hill. Kind of like the way some birds do, when they are trying to rid themselves of ants...Oh oh! Ants? Like the ones I ate? Now they are in my furs? OMD! Growlmy please check my furs! Oh good, no ants...Phew!
But she did say...'You are a grey dog, and you need a bath to make you a white doggy again!' So all the earth I have in and on my furs will go down the drain... Hope the fur catcher thing is there, or else there will be another water woes episode to report on...BOL!


Water Woes, Part 2

April 20th 2010 7:04 pm
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Well, the water filter dude came today. I was SO happy to see a visitor! I tried to jump all over him...I always forget that well mannered gentleman dogs don't do that...but I am just a regular type pooch, despite my Mr and Sir names...BOL! So I forget that growlmy ignores me and I don't jump on her or my pawppy...but this dude, he raised his arms and talked doggy nothings to me and made me more nuts than usual! After a while I just gave up, because he stopped paying attention to ME and said he had work to do...
OH?!...Oh, yeah! Water woes...he checked everything out, and said it is broken...and a new one is the only solution...which means that in a few days, there will be an invasion of workers to make a big wet mess, in the basement, and in the kitchen...My pawrents rent this filter thing, so a new one will be put in, but the monthly charges remain the same...thank dog! I don't want to go without my foods or treats because we had to pay for a new filter...
So then there will be plenty of crystal clear, earth ale for me and all my furmily! Yeah!
It was a nice sunny day, if a bit I was able to spend a lot of time outside...and I got to meet and greet Asa, when he came by on his stroll. He has fun taking his boss-man for a walk! Speaking of water woes...while I was sniffing near him, through the fence...he piddled on my snoot! OMD! Wet! The nerve! I cannot repay hinm the favor, though, because he is rather taller than I am...Shucks!
Well, I shall get in my nesty now, and have some doggy dreams.

PS: The toilet did not do any bad things today...and the kitchen sink stayed dry underneath, too!


Toilet Water Yucks!

April 19th 2010 6:54 pm
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I had a great start to my day, today! I got to walk with my LWD pal. OMD, was she ever dragging her right rear foot, though. But she's a toughie, and tries to pretend all is well. Her growlmy keeps close tabs on it to make sure she doesn't get scrapes, etc.
Then I met the treat lady. Yum! She had some soft strips of jerky or whatever. Lip and jowl smacking yummy! I tried to snitch some out of her pocket...but she has wizened up to my sneaky ways. BOL!
And LWD and I saw another bunny...but of course as usual...too short in the leash department! Shucks!

Today my growlmy has lotsa water troubles...
First, she found a broken pipe ring under the kitchen being kind of handy...she fixed it...she hopes! At least it stayed dry after doing the dinner dishes...

Second, the R.O. water filter isn't working she changed the filters, but still only a dripping water flow. OMD! That's where my drinking water comes from! I hope there will be enough!
(Note from Freckles' secretary...we just let the water fill up a 1/2 gallon pitcher, and then there is plenty of drinking water for all of us, and we only have to remember to keep it filled up...and not to let it overflow...which makes for other types of troubles...)
I heard that someone is coming to fix that problem, tomorrow. Good! I like lots of fresh clean water.

Third, the one and only toilet got plugged up...Yuck! And then proceeded to overflow! Big YUCK!
Poor growlmy, that was the last straw! Her job is not plumber...

She went outside to cool off and calm down...She took the weeder tool with her and wreaked vengeance upon the dandelions! I helped with some classic digging...
When we came back inside...PU! Someone had washed the BR floor with Pinesol! That made sure that I wouldn't find the smells from the toilet disaster too interesting...
At least growlmy was happy about the so called fresher smelling BR!...and the toilet was working again!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a drier day! BOL!


Harley...not Davidson!

April 17th 2010 8:53 pm
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Oh I had some fun-bunny time this morning...I stalked one for quite a while before it shot away into the brush! I wish growlmy would get a leash that went for 100's of yards...25 feet just doesn't cut it when you want to chase something...
A little further along I saw the ''behind the fence' bunny again, or one of his cousins...and this time, oh joy, he was in an open grassy area! So I went after him, too.
Sometimes a dude just has to be patient to get his rewards...BOL!
Today I tried to help my neighbours catch Harley, a dog that I wrote about in my dogventory a while back. He had gotten the opportunity to run and run he did...his boss boy and boss girl were trying to get him but he was having none of that! BOL!
He was running at top speed right in the middle of the roadway. Was he pretending to be a Harley-Davidson bike? BOL!!
Later I saw his growlmy with him in their van...he must have gone a long ways...
I remember when I pulled those escapades, that was in my B.F. years...(Before Fence).
One time my growlmy had to go to the ER, because she tripped over an old barbed wire fence while she was chasing gave her quite the scratch! But it healed up OK and all she needed to do at the ER was get a tetanus shot! ouch! Another time she and my boss- boy got all ripped up shins and arms when I made them chase me through the wild blackberry vines!
I haven't had any antsy troubles since my delicious scavenged treasure, covered in ants...BOL!


Would You Like Some Ants With That??

April 16th 2010 7:39 pm
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Well I had a very boring stroll this am.
The bunny dude was hiding, which I thought was pretty rude of him, I didn't even get to see or smell him, much less give him chase...Shucks.
Didn't see any kitties, either, sometimes I can have some interdogtions with them...
No deer, Oh, Dear, I think spring has sent all the creatures to new places..Shucks!.
The one lady who I meet on my strolls a lot with her LWD was inside, she was too sore from yesterday's yard work to go for a walk...(poor LWD).Shucks.
The other lady came out and said hello to me and rubbed my furs...but her pockets were EMPTY! Humph! She always has a treat for me :o>( Shucks!
The squirrels must all have been on their coffee breaks, with nutbutter cookies! BOL! More shucks!
Oh, yes, there were all kinds of birds...but what is that to me...I am a go to ground guy, not an AKC bird dog...
Well, finally I smelled and saw something oh so interesting...And growlmy was not paying proper close attention to me, she was looking at the creek, trying to find critters for us to watch...
All of a sudden she felt me making jerking movements with my head...Too late, Growlmy!! I have it deep in my mouth...and am reaching for the next big hunk...of someones discarded biscuit...YUM! ( I think a litterbug threw it out of the car window...there are a couple of fast food places a few miles south of my place...)
Growlmy tried to retrieve the piece of biscuit I had in my use...I have scored!! Woofs!
But then she picked up the other piece that I was hungrily eyeballing...and was going to throw it far over the embankment where we don't walk...Shucks! Oh shucks!
Then I heard a big Yuck! and other choice bad Dutch words come out of her mouth...she saw that the biscuit hunk was covered in ants!! So now I am an Anteater...because the 1st piece probably had ants on it, too!
Anteater! Can you believe it? Yesterday a cow, today an Anteater...what next?
Growlmy hopes that ants are not bad for dog victuals...
Well at least my walk wasn't boring afterall! Thank you litterbugs!


Mr Jack - aka - COW!!

April 15th 2010 7:27 pm
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Mr rabbit guy was back behind the fence again this morning...but I got close enough to smell him...maybe tomorrow I will get a better chance at rabbit for breakfast...BOL! I can smell the places where he goes under the fence, and growlmy can see where the grass is flattened a bit! To bad I can't sit there and wait.
No squirrel dudes came out of the tree trunk hole..but their scent is so tantalizing...
When growlmy was working at the weeds I was prowling around back in the woodsy area of our yard. I found lots of nice juicy, tall grass. Yum! I proceeded to chew on them, grazing like a cow. When I could pull off a larger blade, then I would stand and munch it...Like a cow chewing her cud! BOL!
And then I make this wuffing noise...Oh-oh! up comes the grass...Yuck! Cows don't do that, do they?
Growlmy doesn't like when I do this cow stuff, she says I am a dog..and not a cow...
And she says I get enough veggies when I eat the salad items every night...Oh how I love lettuce, carrots and other raw veggies.Hey, I should go and find the rabbit, he likes that kind of food, too! So now growlmy can call me a Jack-rabbity-cow...BOL!



April 14th 2010 7:51 pm
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I was so hoping to have an interesting stroll, this morning. It was barely light, which is good for seeing stuff, but the garbage trucks were out and about...
Just as I was about to give up hope of seeing anything chaseworthy...OMD! I saw the biggest, fattest bunny! I just stood stock - still and stared at a border collie would do...called giving the eyeball, or something like that...
I tried to lunge, but Hey! This bunny guy was smarter than I may have given him credit for...he was on the other side of a long, tall fence...Bummer!Well, I did give it the 'scare', because it ran away..but I just didn't want to continue with my walk...because maybe, just maybe it would go under that fence somewhere, so I could give it a real chase...BOL! Nope, he was too crafty for that, and growlmy was a spoil - sport, and said 'Come long, now'...
Later in the evening, after a nice warm and sunny day, I was out in the back, helping growlmy with the China project, again...and I heard this chittering and chattering. OMD! A red squirrel dude! So I stalked him, but those pesky guys are sooo fast! He was up the tree and into a hole before I could get near the tree...So I just sniffed all round the tree trunk, and what do you know, I found another entrance if I can be patient enough, maybe I can get him if he tries to come out his back entrance...BOL!



April 13th 2010 8:34 pm
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I helped growlmy a lot today...she was pulling and digging up weeds in our yard, so I did lots of digging in the places after she was done...some times it looked like I was trying to get to China!The ground was so nice and soft for a great digging experience. I could smell the trails of squirrels and other small creatures.That made me dig even more, I had to GET them...GRR!
When growlmy looked at me, My snoot was very brown! Hey, I've got to get my digging chores done before the hot sunny days of summer make it too hard!
Last year I dug myself a tunnel under a pile of logs...who knows what I will accomplish this year! BOL!


Not much!!

April 12th 2010 8:06 pm
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I am searching for stuff,
to bark, ruff,and ruff.
My mind has gone blank,
Tired, I must thank.

Nothing to report,
comment or retort,
Which makes my entry
So very short!

I will woof
like a dog
Then- poof
I am done
with my blog!


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