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Would You Like Some Ants With That??

April 16th 2010 7:39 pm
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Well I had a very boring stroll this am.
The bunny dude was hiding, which I thought was pretty rude of him, I didn't even get to see or smell him, much less give him chase...Shucks.
Didn't see any kitties, either, sometimes I can have some interdogtions with them...
No deer, Oh, Dear, I think spring has sent all the creatures to new places..Shucks!.
The one lady who I meet on my strolls a lot with her LWD was inside, she was too sore from yesterday's yard work to go for a walk...(poor LWD).Shucks.
The other lady came out and said hello to me and rubbed my furs...but her pockets were EMPTY! Humph! She always has a treat for me :o>( Shucks!
The squirrels must all have been on their coffee breaks, with nutbutter cookies! BOL! More shucks!
Oh, yes, there were all kinds of birds...but what is that to me...I am a go to ground guy, not an AKC bird dog...
Well, finally I smelled and saw something oh so interesting...And growlmy was not paying proper close attention to me, she was looking at the creek, trying to find critters for us to watch...
All of a sudden she felt me making jerking movements with my head...Too late, Growlmy!! I have it deep in my mouth...and am reaching for the next big hunk...of someones discarded biscuit...YUM! ( I think a litterbug threw it out of the car window...there are a couple of fast food places a few miles south of my place...)
Growlmy tried to retrieve the piece of biscuit I had in my use...I have scored!! Woofs!
But then she picked up the other piece that I was hungrily eyeballing...and was going to throw it far over the embankment where we don't walk...Shucks! Oh shucks!
Then I heard a big Yuck! and other choice bad Dutch words come out of her mouth...she saw that the biscuit hunk was covered in ants!! So now I am an Anteater...because the 1st piece probably had ants on it, too!
Anteater! Can you believe it? Yesterday a cow, today an Anteater...what next?
Growlmy hopes that ants are not bad for dog victuals...
Well at least my walk wasn't boring afterall! Thank you litterbugs!


Mr Jack - aka - COW!!

April 15th 2010 7:27 pm
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Mr rabbit guy was back behind the fence again this morning...but I got close enough to smell him...maybe tomorrow I will get a better chance at rabbit for breakfast...BOL! I can smell the places where he goes under the fence, and growlmy can see where the grass is flattened a bit! To bad I can't sit there and wait.
No squirrel dudes came out of the tree trunk hole..but their scent is so tantalizing...
When growlmy was working at the weeds I was prowling around back in the woodsy area of our yard. I found lots of nice juicy, tall grass. Yum! I proceeded to chew on them, grazing like a cow. When I could pull off a larger blade, then I would stand and munch it...Like a cow chewing her cud! BOL!
And then I make this wuffing noise...Oh-oh! up comes the grass...Yuck! Cows don't do that, do they?
Growlmy doesn't like when I do this cow stuff, she says I am a dog..and not a cow...
And she says I get enough veggies when I eat the salad items every night...Oh how I love lettuce, carrots and other raw veggies.Hey, I should go and find the rabbit, he likes that kind of food, too! So now growlmy can call me a Jack-rabbity-cow...BOL!



April 14th 2010 7:51 pm
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I was so hoping to have an interesting stroll, this morning. It was barely light, which is good for seeing stuff, but the garbage trucks were out and about...
Just as I was about to give up hope of seeing anything chaseworthy...OMD! I saw the biggest, fattest bunny! I just stood stock - still and stared at a border collie would do...called giving the eyeball, or something like that...
I tried to lunge, but Hey! This bunny guy was smarter than I may have given him credit for...he was on the other side of a long, tall fence...Bummer!Well, I did give it the 'scare', because it ran away..but I just didn't want to continue with my walk...because maybe, just maybe it would go under that fence somewhere, so I could give it a real chase...BOL! Nope, he was too crafty for that, and growlmy was a spoil - sport, and said 'Come long, now'...
Later in the evening, after a nice warm and sunny day, I was out in the back, helping growlmy with the China project, again...and I heard this chittering and chattering. OMD! A red squirrel dude! So I stalked him, but those pesky guys are sooo fast! He was up the tree and into a hole before I could get near the tree...So I just sniffed all round the tree trunk, and what do you know, I found another entrance if I can be patient enough, maybe I can get him if he tries to come out his back entrance...BOL!



April 13th 2010 8:34 pm
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I helped growlmy a lot today...she was pulling and digging up weeds in our yard, so I did lots of digging in the places after she was done...some times it looked like I was trying to get to China!The ground was so nice and soft for a great digging experience. I could smell the trails of squirrels and other small creatures.That made me dig even more, I had to GET them...GRR!
When growlmy looked at me, My snoot was very brown! Hey, I've got to get my digging chores done before the hot sunny days of summer make it too hard!
Last year I dug myself a tunnel under a pile of logs...who knows what I will accomplish this year! BOL!


Not much!!

April 12th 2010 8:06 pm
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I am searching for stuff,
to bark, ruff,and ruff.
My mind has gone blank,
Tired, I must thank.

Nothing to report,
comment or retort,
Which makes my entry
So very short!

I will woof
like a dog
Then- poof
I am done
with my blog!




April 11th 2010 12:23 pm
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OMD! I was a DDP again, this morning when I asked growlmy to check the email...WOOFS! So I am happy, happy, woofy and jumping on my pogo stick legs...BOL!
Haven't even written any thing for a few days...I think the stinky frogs must have jumped on the diary gal's desk, yuck! BOL!

What's all the fuss about?
Without a doubt,
That makes me happy!

So, what will I do?
Munch on a shoe?
No, better to chew
A big bone, very new!

Thanks fur all the condogulatory messages and gifts, all my furry pals!
Woofs and licks!


Stinky Frogs!

April 8th 2010 7:44 pm
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Oh, I had a good day! Dry, to start with. But I did see some snow a few times today! Hey, I thought it was spring?!
Earlier on my daily stroll along my country lanes I saw all kinds of birds. The loudest was a very angry sounding woodpecker. A Big Hairy Woodpecker. Don't know what his problem was, maybe a red squirrel dude was trying to get in his tree-hole.
Then I saw a tortie cat, but she wasn't too happy to meet me, so I was polite and didn't try to get a close-up sniff...shucks!
A little while later I saw 3 orange and white kitties, must have been the cat version of the 3 muscateers, BOL!
But I had a lot of fun with Mack, who I don't see too often. He is so big now, his Irish wolfhound genes are dominant...he was play bowing to me, so we had a sniff through his fence, but when Growlmy gave him her fist to smell he backed up and gave her the low rumble-grumble that meant, (I think), please stay away...So we moved on in our stroll.
Then we met Zaidie's cousin, a LWD. She is silly! Growlmy was chatting with LWD's Growlmy and LWD was just sniffing all over the all the dead frogs and worms. So many, they must have needed to get out of all the wetness from yesterday's storms.Anyways, LWD is no demure well behaved doggy...she had to roll in evfurry dead smelly frog and worm that she could reach while our growlmy's were chatting.
YUCK! I don't even like to smell the stuff...but she was putting it all over her not only were the furs no longer white, but very stinky! VERY STINKY!
I think she was going to be getting a bath...BOL!!
Well I said woofbye and went home. On our street there are so many dead froggies, that Growlmy lost count of the stinky things...There was one very large living frog, but when I approached it, besides having that frog odour, it didn't hop away or anything...Growlmy said it was too cold...hope it didn't get squished like all the other ones...Maybe the DNR should build frog bridges so they can cross the road more safely, BOL!!
And I got a really big bone today, as my DDP reward! Rare treat for me, those big bones...
Woofs to all and to all a good night!


Big Day!

April 8th 2010 1:37 pm
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Well when Growlmy looked at the email this am., there was a dogmail about me being a DDP! OMD! What a surpawse that was!
Thanks to all fur the comments and gifts. You are all such good furends!

This Dogster place is great!
A place to romp and play.
And when it's a spawcial day,
All my pals
Help me celebrate!

Thank you Diary Gal
And efurry pal.
Fur days like this
Give me joy and bliss!


Woofs and licks!


All Wet! YUCK!

April 7th 2010 1:57 pm
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Growlmy went outside to talk with someone..but she went out of the yard and left poor little me out there in the RAIN! Hey! Did you forget me??!
Then she and the lady, started to even laugh at me! How Rude!
Well I didn't want to go inside, even though I could have...the doggy doors were open...I didn't want to miss any thing that Growlmy was doing! Or the lady might pet me or even give me a treat, YUM!
Well anyways, I was just standing there getting sopped, so I hung my head and tried to let the drips roll off my head...I just hate being wet. Oh, I was so Happy when
Growlmy came back into the yard and the house! Then I did 'The Roll'. to try and get leaving all the wet furs on the carpet...serves Growlmy right! BOL!
So now she insulted my sir-ness by saying I was a stinky wet dog... Well I forgave her, she gave me a treat, Yum!

My Auntie has had the pacemaker placed, and is feeling some better, already. She may be discharged tomorrow or Friday, but adamantly stated she didn't want Growlmy to that means that I can't go either! Shucks, I did so want to have a good romp with Murphy!
At least its good to know things are better for her. Will give updates if there are any changes.


Dead Doggy and Big Worries

April 6th 2010 5:22 pm
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Well, someone has helped the dead dog I saw yesterday to a better resting place than the side of the road. I couldn't even smell where it had been because there were big storms last night!
Now there are pieces of little froggies all over the place. The tadpoles have emerged as froglets and they are looking for new watery dwellings. Except they don't know the right routes to use... I don't care for the smell of the dead frogs, and wouldn't ever even want to taste one! YUCK!

Growlmy has been on the talking machine a lot the past couple of days, sometimes the thing rings or sometimes she plays the dial songs on it...she did some leaky window stuff, too. I was wondering why I wasn't going to be seeing my dog cousin yesterday, but like I said his growlmy, my auntie wasn't feeling too good. So she took herself to the ER after dropping Murphy off at the neighbour's house, (which for him is like a vacation...).
Late yesterday, she called growlmy on the ring-talker and told her that she had a very slow heart rate and is staying in the hospital for more tests and to have a pacemaker placed. So now my growlmy is all bent out of shape with worry...I think soon I may be going on a road trip to do the that I and growlmy can help out a bit when she first comes home. Since the distance is so far, and the border looms between us, too, Auntie thought it best to wait for a few more days...
Always something!
Will let you doggy pals know!

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