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Freckles' Fabarkations, Rebarks and Jacktoids

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Scary Things and My Growls About Almost Being Abandoned!

May 12th 2010 7:28 pm
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Continuing my barks about the road trip...
One night, there was quite a thunder storm! Murphy didn't have much ado about it, but I went to the window and growled and barked at all the racket out there. I think I was trying to scare the storm away, so that I could go outside...
Well, the next morning the weather was nice again, so I guess my barking was effective!
I went for a very long walk with growlmy, auntie , but not Murphy! Auntie says that 5 miles was too long a walk for his short legs, BOL! It was also more than twice as long as I usually walk...At least it wasn't hot! Growlmy did take water for me so I had a couple of drinking breaks! slurp - slurp!
Along the way we encountered some traffic lights with timers that made some kind of noise. My tail went down, down, down! And I tried to put on the breaks! BOL! I was scared of that noise. So eventually growlmy encouraged me to keep on..and when the noise was out of earshot, my tail went back up again! Like a barometer!
There were also some flags flapping on tall poles, plastic pennant types. They make quite a buzzing sound when the wind gets at them, and it was quite windy that day! So down went my tail again...( When I was a puppy, I got spooked by something like that, and I have not liked those things ever since...)
About 1/2 way around growlmy had to make a pit she handed me over to auntie. I didn't see that because I was busy sniffing and communicating doggy stuff on some bushes...
All of a sudden I realized she had abandoned me! Hey! Auntie is not my boss! She said to growlmy later, that I was looking to see where she might have gone, with a very worried and concerned look on my face!She tried to walk on a bit, but I kept looking back and checking to see if growlmy was coming back...and sure enough...I saw her in the distance...crossing back to our side of the road...and my pleasure meter started its rotors going...then I danced for joy! Growlmy was not gone forever!
When we got back home, Murphy was waiting there to hear all about it! Woof!
I sure didn't mind at all when growlmy left with auntie to go somewhere else for a while...I just went and had a great long nap! BOL!!


Dog Walking and Bedroom Rebarks!

May 11th 2010 1:10 pm
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Well, later that 1st day auntie was busy with whatever, so growlmy took me and Murphy fur a walk around the block. Now that is not a long walk by my standards, but there are always things to perk my nostrils and eyes to alert mode. Kids on their bikes, mommies and daddies taking junior for a stroller ride, and peeps walking their pooches just like us! Well, I have to be not nice and say that when I walk with Murphy, with or with out auntie, I am almost always embarrassed about something that Murphy does. Then I have to look pathetic to let the others know that I DO NOT know this dog, and he did not learn this stuff from me! OMD! He can be so other dogs. When he sees one, even far away, he just goes ballistic! He shrieks and barks and snarls and pulls at the leash. He is out to kill, I think. Well on this walk we only saw one dog on the other side of the street. good, Phew! That meant that Murphy only barked, but couldn't get close...We were sniffing and getting ourselves tangled up in the leashes, as we wove in and out of each other's paths. I think that Murphy wants to get to the sniffing/marking places 1st...but then I will be able to get the last word,(...mark),in...BOL! Well, growlmy had enough of this stop and go stuff, so she had us heel and went walking in the middle of the road, where there are no posts or trees or bushes to communicate on. Humpf! (That was a very quiet street, else she wouldn't do that...) Good thing, though because all of a sudden there was this very large German Shepherd dog sitting on someone's front lawn. Not restrained or fenced in. Oh-oh! I saw him/her and just kept on walking, because I knew we were not going to meet or greet...Miraculously this dog was not reactive and did not even bark or growl...or move. Growlmy was worried that Murphy would show off his good behavior to this dog, but OMD, he never had a clue that dog was there...Hah! BOL! What a relief! Auntie did not know that there was such a dog living there.Then when we got home we just decided to have a nap...such old geezers we have become!
Growlmy and auntie watched T.V. and later we had some chewing exercises...and I found some old treats under the couch...which I pawed at until I dug them out and devoured them. Thank you, Murphy!
One thing that I like furry much, is whenevfur I go traveling I get to sleep in growlmy's bedroom. What a treat that is. I can keep close track of the comings and goings without even having to get up from my nest! And if needed, I can hide under the bed! But one thing that I tried once is NOT allowed, BOO! I tried to take a nap on that bed...and promptly got shooed off! Shucks! Busted! Now growlmy just puts all the luggage, etc at the edge of the bed before she goes out of the bedroom! Another time, there, I jumped up on the dresser and helped myself to the dog cookies she had put there...she thought they were safe there! Hah! Not with my sharp sniffer and pogo stick jumping jack legs! BOL!!
More, later...


Rabbits and Dogs

May 10th 2010 8:05 pm
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Well, I shall try to bark some more about the goings on from my road trip and visit.
Murphy's yard is a lot smaller than mine, but it seems to be just as fun, if not more so than my own. There are all kinds of dogs around there. One set of neighbours has 2 big dogs, A shepherd mix, and a border collie. Their names are Norton and Allie. Their pawppy can have them stand at the open gate and they do not leave...of course he is there to snoopervise, and tells them to get back if they even try to make a sneaky exit! Me? I would just vamoose as fast as my long Jack legs could go! Usually though, those 2 are in their own backyard, and they come to the fence to see me or Murphy or my auntie. I like them! I greeted them with 'through the fence nose kisses and licks'.
The other neighbours have quite a zoo! They had 2 kitties, but I think there is only 1 there, now, a sleek black kitty! OMD! I want to sniff her, but she is not Pipo...hisses and slaps!
There are fish in the pond, there. And a very yucky looking swimming pool. I don't think my growlmy would want to let me or my unfurbros get in there!
They have 3 girls and 1 boy, and many more that get daycare there...the yard is loaded with junk and toys and even garbage...reminded growlmy of our own neighbours...some people just never learn to be responsible about their property.
They also have a little JRT!! She is a lot smaller than me, but very snarky and snarly. She lifted her lips at me...not very nice. My auntie said that she has used her teeth to bite, too. I don't think her furmily gives her proper dog training about manners, etc. Well, I didn't see much of her...and I even have forgotten her name...I think it is Acie. She does do a lot of yapping...but I think all JRTs are very good at that skill!
Best of all, facing towards my auntie's yard is a big rabbit hutch...with a very big fat bunny in there. OMD! I could see its ears and little twitchy nose. I so wanted to get at it, that I tried to get under auntie's fence...don't know why it didn't occur to me to just climb the fence! I could easily do is a lot shorter than mine at home!
Murphy does something that I do not do, even though growlmy thinks I could...he fetches. She throws the balls and he brings them right back! Not me! I keep all balls...they are mine! And if I bring them back just a bit, I will not drop it for you...I want someone to chase me! BOL! She has tried to teach me this fetching stuff...but I just don't have the urge to play that kind of game...I do like to learn tricks, though...for treats! Maybe she needs to trade ball returns for treats! BOL!!
I also saw 2 dogs across the street in one house, and several more at other homes.
2 houses down there is a big golden retriever. He has lots to say to me when I pass by his house. Also there is a Portuguese Water dog/poodle mix a few doors down. She is so cute with her built in permanent wave!
If I would make a dogventory of this neighbourhood, It would take pages and I will only bark about the most important ones...
My auntie's friends had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Trixie. She was Murphy's girl friend, and he loved to stay at her house when auntie was out of town. She was very old, and had to go TTB last winter. Now Murphy looks all over for her when he goes there. Kind of sad, how he misses her. But he still loves those dog sitters! They feed him so good! He always has to go on a diet after staying there... BOL!!
Well next time I shall growl and bark about other stuff that I did!


Sausage Tales and Road Trip Saga

May 9th 2010 9:03 pm
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Well, I hope everfur had a wonderfur Growlmy's and Momma's Day!

Now I need to start my barks about that trip to the Maple Leaf Land...or Ontario Place, or, the Milton Hilton...
For those who don't know...there is a yummy sausage factory called Maple Leaf(!), a Chicken factory and more of that ilk. I drool when I go near those places! Ontario has a Place where there are lots of geese to chase, but there are no dogs allowed...GRR!
My Auntie works at the Milton Hilton, which is a jail, but they do let her out to look after us when we are there, and to let her doggy out to go for a walk...and since the hotel chain has that name, too, that is what we call my auntie's private hotel suite. She put in a full bathroom just for all of us, (4 Peeps and me). And auntie also works in a fish and chips place when she gets tired of all the she does smell rather yummy when she gets home! AND she also sometimes works for her first boss who owns her very own private sausage factory! WOW, OMD! When she works there, usually at Christmas and other food needed holiday times, she does smell so DELISH! I can imagine that my dog cousin must love her furry much when she gets home!
Many, many moons ago my growlmy and auntie and their baby brother all worked in a store that the sausage factory had, to sell their meats and other yummy stuff...

When Growlmy and I got to my auntie's place after a long trip in the dog-transport-van, I got to get out of my travel-seatbelt-harness. Yeah! Then it was time to greet my dog cousin Murphy, a Cairn terrier. He was so glad to see me that he growled and snarled at me! Hey! What kind of a welcome is that?! Well, I was polite and didn't return the favour...I walked in and went on the hunt for his toys! BOL! Some of his toys have treats in them...but he can't get them out, so I wanted to help get them ready for the next fill up! BOL! I was not impressed when growlmy and auntie hid them...GRR!
Well, my dogretary is kind of tired, and it is late, so this saga will be continued...


Happy Mother's Day!

May 8th 2010 7:50 pm
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I want to wish all pet mommies and human mommies, too, a very Happy Mother's Day!
And woofs to all aunties and grandmas, too. Oh and all the greats and grands, too. All mommies and growlmies are so very important in the lives of those they love, pets and humans!
Barks, Howls and Woofs! and Licks, too!!


So Good To Be Back Home!

May 8th 2010 3:12 pm
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Well, I am home again! Woofs to everfur! The first thing i did was to greet my kitty brofurs, the a big bunch of licks to my pawppy! And a tail flick to my unfurbro...who hardly pays me any attention...BOO! He always has said he didn't want a dog, and even after all these years, he still doesn't do anything with or for me... But, once he let me 'escape' before we had our fence, he did help growlmy get me back...and a couple of times in my 8 years he has taken me for a when growlmy was getting chemo, or was out of town...I guess you could say, we tolerate each other...but I don't think I will miss him like my boss-boy when he goes off to college.
Speaking of boss-boy, he was at a conference, just left almost as soon as he came back from school...he is coming home this evening! I shall have to practice my licking technique on his face! Woofs!
I was surprised that I had gotten a prize in the GOFA 2010 contest, but there it was waiting for us when we got back...some nice things, which are now up on my page.
Thank you, Monty, for doing the nice work!
Well I have a lot to woof, howl and bark about, so I will post the bits and pieces a little at a time.
Great to be back amongst my pup-pals! Woofs!


Ungainly Gobbler, and Good Bye, Too

May 2nd 2010 8:08 pm
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Well, my pawty pics finally are posted...a bit late, but better late than never!
As you can see there were a few guests...Monkey,Blue, Bignose, Angus, Crockie and Shy Teddy!
We had a cookout with burger, hotdog and drumstick! And to finish off, there was a birthday cake. But the cake baker forgot that I needed 8 candles, so I had to make do with 3...BOL!
So as I warned you all before, you are not supposed to giggle! Growlmy is great at improvising and making do! BOL!! I wonder why she didn't invite my kitty brofurs?!

This morning, early in the drizzly rain, there was a solitary wild turkey. In the neighbour's yard! Strutting along, in its rather ungainly manner, looking for a breakfast, I guess.
I stuck my head out the doggy door to see what growlmy had called pawppy about, and decided to make it go away! No trespassers allowed - even at the neighbours! BOL!!
So I took off as a white flash, stopped up short by our fence! OMD! Those gobblers are so clumsy, if the fence wasn't there I could have caught it! Well, he gobbled and cackled and went into the that was that. Pawppy never even had a chance to see it! Hah-hah! BOL!

Growlmy has arranged for her and I to go on a road trip. 325 miles one way, and a chat with the border dude, too.
So I will get to give my belated birthday greetings to my dog cousin, Murphy. He had his #8 On April 27th. He is ust a few days older than me! We could almost be twins! Hah! But we are a good duo of terrorists! BOL!!
And after growlmy gives my auntie a hug, I will be able to give her lots of my sloppy kissies and licks! She is doing well since she got that pacemaker. Does that make her bionic?! BOL!
I shall have to remember to bark and woof at Zaidie when we pass by his neighbourhood.

But alas, my auntie does not have internet access, so I will make this my last entry until I get back...Sob! Howl!

But I am sure there will be overloads of stuff to bark and howl about after we get back! (Next weekend or a bit longer...)
Goodbye for now! Over and Out!


Goosey, McGander and Blue

May 1st 2010 8:36 pm
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I have seen great things to celebrate May Day!

I saw another bunny,...but if growlmy hadn't seen it 1st, oops! I might have missed the opportunity...Maybe I should pay more attention...

And of course I was being a good cow again this morning. The grass is tall and temptingly juicy! I love to graze on it!

Curly Tail and Bouncy Boxy were romping about in their yard when we passed by them this morning...but they stopped just long enough to greet me with a few woofs, then resumed their goofy romp! That must be more interesting than just old me walking by...BOL!

And Bayla was out, too. She said a polite hello and went back to her boss lady. Growlmy says she should go and talk to Bayla's growlmy to find out what kind of training she had to make her so obedient, or if that is just her nature!

I have seen another great thing to celebrate May Day!
A goose family!
Lucy Goosey and Grander McGander with 2 little yellow fluff balls! They were following Lucy and encouraged from behind by McGander. A priceless vision! Now I know why growlmy always keeps her eyes alert to the surroundings. There really is so much to capture imaginations and attention. It made our day so spawsial!

Hope your May Day was memorable, too!

P.S. (Growlmy looked up the little blue butterfly we saw the other day. It is called a 'Blue' and there are various types of them. This one was a Spring Azure . A very pretty name for a beautiful little bit of nature!)


Barkday Jacktoids: I Have Completed An Orbit!

April 30th 2010 8:19 pm
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Today was the first day of the rest of my life! The beginning of my 9th year! It was a great day!
So many furends and pup-pals sent messages and gifts, that I was overwhelmed! I couldn't begin to thank you all as individuals, so I will give you all a collective big smoochie, wet, licky thank you!
"I Am Celebrating My Eighth Birthday On April 30, 2010! Hip-Hip-Hooray!"

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Barked by: COOPER (Dogster Member)
April 21st 2010 at 8:17 pm
You are something else, dude!
So is your mama.
We love all your "prop" photos.
You are one massively cool guy!

Barked by: MrJackFreckles aka SirLickaLot (Dogster Member)
April 21st 2010 at 8:21 pm
I'm dreaming of what might come my way on my Barkday! a burger or a hot dog...Yum!
Growlmy made me 'pose' a bit early, because she thought we would be too busy having fun on the real day...BOL!

Barked by: ♥ Sophie Bean Schnoodle (Dogster Member)
April 22nd 2010 at 4:27 am
I can't believe you are going to be 8! You still look like a pup. This will be the bestest birthday ever!

Barked by: MrJackFreckles aka SirLickaLot (Dogster Member)
April 22nd 2010 at 4:33 am
And I mostly still act like one! BOL!

Barked by: Wrinkled Angel (Dogster Member)
April 23rd 2010 at 8:23 pm
This fotygraph is so cute!

Barked by: Max (Dogster Member)
April 26th 2010 at 6:25 am
LOVE your outfit, buddy! Sure wish I could look as suave & sofursticated & debonair. Have a pawsome day on the 30th!

Barked by: POPPY (Poppy Phoenix) (Dogster Member)
April 29th 2010 at 1:20 pm
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRECKLES!!! Kissy licks from all my furmily.

Barked by: DODGER (Dogster Member)
May 1st 2010 at 10:46 am
So dude how was yer b-day.. Did ya get a special treat from yer peeps...Me and my pack just love your party pic..You look sooo festive BOL

Barked by: Ebony (Dogster Member)
May 3rd 2010 at 3:20 pm
That some serious bling-bling you are wearing! BOL! CUTE!

"I Am "My First Guest Has Arrived! Did he bring me the cake and foods?! Well, soon we can gobble them up!"

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Barked by: Ebony (Dogster Member)
May 2nd 2010 at 10:08 pm
Look at all that loot you got!

Barked by: ♪ Geordie ♪ (Dogster Member)
May 21st 2010 at 12:20 pm
OMD where you gets a toy dat wook like you, Jack!!! Dat r cool pile o loot you got der!

Barked by: MrJackFreckles aka SirLickaLot (Dogster Member)
May 21st 2010 at 6:04 pm
My 'guest' is actually my boss-boy's. He got it fur his own birthday a few years now he helps me celebrate mine...because he looks so much like my twin!
He can even wag his tail, bark and spin in circles, because he gets so happy to be with us!
I think he is part of a series that is called 'The Dog" My pawppy has a Scottie key chain from the same company...big head, tiny body! Because terriers have big smart brains...BOL!

"Time For Dessert! Cake, Anyone?! Hurry Up, Or I shall Demolish It! BOL!!"

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Barked by: DODGER (Dogster Member)
May 8th 2010 at 12:37 am
OOOHH Mr.Jack.. Your b-day pics are pawsome..we and our mom think you are such a handsome birthday boy.. Is your terrier cousin still destroying things?I see that you sir are indeed a terror as evidenced by the total annihilation of your cake..BOL !!

Growlmy gave me some extra yummy treats, which was great, because she closely monitors my intake...But on spawsial days its OK! Yum! I love treats and most anything edible! But she wants me to stay at my 25lbs...I've been at that weight for several years, now! 25lbs of muscle and lead...esp when I bump into you at full throttle!
When I was strolling along my country lanes today, I saw a little blue butterfly! Don't know what kind that was, but it sure was pretty! A gift from the natural realm...
I got a woofy greeting from Bayla, and another from Muffin. And LWD was in her den but she woofed at me through the window!
I saw the bunny, too. But I was nice and only stalked it, I didn't chase it!
It was warm and sunny which made for good napping conditions!
There were lots of things to run outside for and bark at ...growlmy says I am nuts!(because she doesn't see or hear what I do...)
When I get some time from all this excitement, I shall beg growlmy to play dogretary and post some pics of my cake and some of my pals and presents. Promise you won't giggle?
Well we all here need to shut our eyes so we can enjoy the next day of the rest of our lives...
I helped growlmy fabarkate a little poetic rebark of what today meant fur me.

Today I have marked,
Eight orbits 'round the sun.
Though I have gotten older,
Everything is still fun!

Senior, now I've been made,
with eight years on board.
My muzzle has grayed,
But still I am adored!

I might be old,
as some will remark,
But I still am quite bold,
I run, I play, and OMD, do I bark!

My furmily is great,
and love me so much.
I eagerly await,
Their gentle touch!

Eight years celebrated,
by a party today!
I was condogulated!

I got presents and treats,
and attention galore!
Yummies and meats,
and so much more!

There were pals,
and a cake-
with candles;
someone did bake!

Dogster sent me greetings,
And with stroll dogs,
I had some meetings.
And woofed in some blogs!

Now I am tired,
Want to sleep in my nest.
Today was a great day;
One of the BEST!


Happy Day, Happy Walk, Scoop the Poop!

April 29th 2010 8:19 pm
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Today my walk was a lot happier! Dead squirrel dude was gone! The poor dead kitty was gone, too. I want to think that someone missed him and then sadly found him and helped him to a proper burial site.
Growlmy took her camera on my stroll, but of course, today there was nothing near the creek, except a big bunny in the tall no heron to show off!
Growlmy was gone in her moving van/minivan today. She threw a bunch of empty boxes in the back, along with a big suitcase. When she got back a long time later...OMD! There was my boss-boy!! He is done with school until September. So He will be with me all summer! And for my Birthday/Woofday/Barkday tomorrow! Yippee!! So I got all wiggly and waggly and of course, licky! Oh how I love to lick!!
I hope I get a pupcake to lick, tomorrow...

Growlmy was looking around the internet this morning, before she went away, and read that it has been: 'National Scoop the Poop Week' this week, April 24 - 30.
AHEM! What a thing to celebrate on the week of my spawsial day! ICK! Oh, well, at least I know that my growlmy always picks up after me...not so much with a scoop, but with a bag that she always has with her when we stroll. Scoops are too big and bulky to take along...and yes, she does use a fresh bag each time...She has to remember to take the bags out of her pocket - the empty ones that looks kind of silly, when she reaches in there and finds a bag for you know what instead of he keys or wallet! BOL!!
A while back, she was visiting my auntie, and had come back inside after my stroll. My auntie asked, 'What stinks in here?' Oops! Growlmy had forgotten to take the not so empty bag out to the trash!! OMD! Did she ever have a red face and the biggest hoots of giggling I have ever heard from those 2 ladies! BOL!!

My Pic for the ASPCA GOFA2010 contest:
"My Pals And I Are Going To Ring My Bells For GOFA, 2010! 'Go Orange!'"
GOFA 2010

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Barked by: Zaidie (Dogster Member)
April 19th 2010 at 8:00 am
Fweckles!! Whut hab dem dunded tu yu, my fwiend????? BOL!!!

Barked by: COOPER (Dogster Member)
April 19th 2010 at 10:05 am
Good on you, MJF.
For a good cause!

Barked by: Wrinkled Angel (Dogster Member)
April 19th 2010 at 7:24 pm

Barked by: Zaidie (Dogster Member)
April 20th 2010 at 7:30 pm
Fweckles...I must be out ob da loop. Whut r GOFA?? Momma an' me r runnin' outa werds twyin' figur it out!

Barked by: MrJackFreckles aka SirLickaLot (Dogster Member)
April 20th 2010 at 7:42 pm
Its a Plus contest to go orange for the ASPCA. Look in the forums. Or search GOFA 2010, and you should find some info. You'd look good in orange!

Well, I need to go to my nestie now, for I shall be having a busy day tomorrow! BOL!

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