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Dogabrating DOTW In Style...

February 10th 2014 9:06 pm
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I am still reeling from being DOTW last week!
It was a lot of fun fur sure, though. And just in the nick of time too...
This morning I saw that my window seat has been given to Hershey the Mini Schnauzer! Congrats to her fur sure!

I got so much mail, and gifts that growlmy as dogretary could hardly keep up...cause the snow was taking up a ton of her time, and pawppy's too, Grrr. That snow machine is parked over our area and it dumps on us all the time, sheesh yet again yesterday we had a good 5 or 6 inches. We do not know where to pile it up.

Some of the snow piles are like mountains, and they are taller than the fencetop...growlmy is hoping I don't get it into my terrier head to go mountain climbing...cause how would I get back inside the yard. She says it IS a good thing that I truly do not care for snow games at all! Well, maybe looking at them on TV as in the 2014 Winter Oil-Limp-Pics!

And though she has made a narrow path all the way around the house, and cleared the sidewalks I still can't just run out to the far back woodsy area. Those squirrel dudes are sitting on the wood pile taunting me and I can't chase them, the snow in the yard is way deeper than I am tall, in fact its past growlmy's knees...
So I use the snow-walls as the boards to put my p-mails on...and go a wee way into the path to do know...the thaw later in the can't get here soon enough spring is going to yield up lots and loads to bag up....BOL!

Growlmy had to go to her job a few evenings too...appawrently that pawlace doesn't stop fur thing like DOTW's, BOL!
And of course like so many of you she is learning new tricks to help me and my kitties keep in touch, after the curtains close here, it makes her head spin, OMD!
And she is copying our pages too, using that HTTrack! Wow, that is way cool the way it works. Only she had to do revisions of our pages, cause Buddy's kind dad was finding things that needed to be tweaked so that things will work later when growlmy and all of you want to see our profiles as they appear here. (Thanks, Buddy & Abby-Angel's Dad)

Wait till you all hear how I dogabrated the last evening of my DOTW...

Pawppy had done a lot of snow clearing, whilst growlmy was at her work, yup, she has to work alternate weekends...then he made himself a sandwich, and after clearing things up, he went to bed, likely around 8:30pm or 9pm, because he has to get up furry early to go to his work...anywoofs,
Growlmy doesn't get back herself till about 11:30pm. So I was alone, pawppy said I was napping on my couch nest.
Growlmy came in later...and OMD!
I had been dogabrating! With some kitty help, no; maybe they even did it all by themselves, then I helped...BOL!

Well, growlmy saw the trash can was lying open on the floor, there was shredded paper evfurry where, and sparkling containers that had previously held lunchmeat, and ice cream, and yogurt...and others. The shredded paper had been the bag that held pawppy's bread, I ripped it into confetti looking for crumbs...
What a royal mess, as befits a pup who was king of Dogsterland, well, fur a week anyways! I needed to dogabrate and pawrty, you know, yes?
Though I did say that Pipo & Minko started it...
So Growlmy with her tired body from her job at the nursing home, had to clean up, mop up and make sure I was OK...yup, I was!!
Pups you should have been here, it was furtastic indeed!
I have no idea why the trash bin was emptied after my pawrents finished supper tonight...

Today growlmy spent yet more time outside doing battle with that evfur falling snow...pawppy said that by next week we may get rain? OMD! Now that should make fur interesting conditions in my snow-mountain range.



Say What?? OMD!! *THUD*

February 3rd 2014 9:11 am
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I begged growlmy to let me look at what was happening in Dogsterland, beloved Dogsterland sitting in death-row as it were...and lo and behold I had to look twice, because there I was...grinning at myself in the DOTW window, OMD!!!

So pups at the end of the Dogster era, I am furmouse, so growlmy told me.
I am glad I was finally able to add that to my doggy bucket list, BOL!
Kind of bittersweet, though...sigh...OK, I won't dwell on that...this is a happy entry, right?!

The gift window on my page is overflowing, as is my mailbox! Wow!
Thanks to ALL of you, my pals, and new acquaintances, too, that I am making this way. WOOFS to you all, I love you!
My ♥ to you all, and so fitting in this month of love. Wow that day is coming up quickly, too.

I got a lovely pic from Cooper and his talented furry helpers...THANKS!

And yet another Thank-woofs to Finley & Whitley fur the FUSM-trophy they sent me a while back with that award for being a Badgemaker.
Do I have to make one today fur myself?? Um, I think I will just relax, BOL!

We had about 7-8 inches of snow...again...on Saturday, but yesterday and today we are glad here that the snow machine is turned off. Well, I heard that it will switch back to ON tomorrow evening...sigh...
This morning it was quite cold again -4F, Brrr!

Early just after this news came to me, I saw a large English Setter getting a stroll with his peeps, wow, they must like getting out in the cold, doggy didn't even have a coat on, just his own furs. I see this dog sometimes, but have not had a nose to nose...nor has growlmy been able to speak with his peeps, I guess we keep the wrong schedules! BOL!

Well, now I have to go and take a long nap, because growlmy has to go to her job...



Oh NOOOOOOO ::(((((

January 16th 2014 9:34 pm
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My heart is in the throws of anguish. Growlmy needs a bucket to collect tears, and nobody believes this is for real...but I guess it is...sniff...

I do not know how we will manage without being able to see our furends anytime we wanted too, and from all over the world, too.
I feel devastated, and cheated.

Growlmy says she will be spending her time saving our pages and pictures and stuff, so we will not be making pics for anyone anymore.

OMD, this is awful.

You furs who wish to contact me can do so by email,since FB is not part of our lives here.

Maybe if anyone could teach growlmy she could start up a blog.

Well, gotta go and say goodbye/adieu to others...

Huge HUGS to all.


I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing!

January 15th 2014 8:45 pm
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Um...maybe I should woof, I Can't Believe I Ate ALL The Things!
All those yummy cakes that is! BOL!
Well, I am working on trying to gobble them all up, YUM!
Then a drink of some leftover Hot Cocoa. Phew! Then go and try to catch all those balloons...pop-pop-pop!

Thanks for all the fun that got sent to my page, on the good humors of Dogster having birthday...Number Ten!
Thanks to all my furends fur sending them out!
OMD! I have lost count!
Now I need to go and do some 'plop-plop-fizz' rid myself of indigestion from too much cake! BOL!


Lap-lap-slurp-lap-lap! Mmmm!

January 12th 2014 10:01 pm
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That was me lapping up all those hot cocoa drinks! MMMM!
Thanks to all fur sending them to us!
Thanks Dogster fur making them free to send!

I can walk on my sidewalks again, but there are walls still on both sides, we actually had about 18inches of snow here last week.
Friday it rained...and then it got warm and sunny today, well 40F seems warm after all the frigid weather we had. And? More snow forecast for Tuesday...sigh...
Off to lap up some more yummy drinks...


SNOW! Too Much Snow ~ Too Cold ~ OMD!

January 5th 2014 10:11 pm
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Yikes! My peeps spent tons of time outside today, and they moved even more tons of snow. They don't know where to put it anymore, there is so much. We live in the zone where the latest winter mess and deep freezer is happening. Eskimos would laugh at our troubles, but we are groaning. And I am not a husky, a malamute or some other snow loving pup. UGH!
At 6pm growlmy went outside fur the umpteenth time to clear away snow, and she thought the there was already a foot of it...and it was still coming down with a a rate of 1 - 2 inches per hour, OMD, that is too much snow.

Almost all the area churches were cancelled today, as well as schools and other venues are closed tomorrow. Unfurtunately, growlmy has work that will nevfur stop fur the weather conditions, so she will have to navigate the roads tomorrow. At least she works second shift, so maybe a lot of the mess will be cleaned up...except that when the plow does come over our road, OMD...then there will be more hours of shoveling to do. YIKES!

We also have a roof rake, to keep roof snow at a minimum. Growlmy was at it just befur suppertime, and when she touched one part of the snow up there...all of a sudden she heard a rumbly whooshing noise...and down came almost all the snow from that whole section of roof. It was a real life avalanche! Wow! It almost buried her, but she stumbled out of the way just in time when she realized what was happening.

Now finally the snow seems to be tapering off...but...the winds are picking up and the temps are going down, down, down. To below zero. And forecast wind chills of -25 and down to as cold as perhaps -45. Too cold fur me, thats fur sure. The forecasted highs for the 6th & 7th are about zero. Brrr! Brrr!

When the peeps are clearing snow, I run up and down the newly cleared paths, and inspect them...and of course I have to put some of my messages on them, afterall these are my paths, too. Sometimes growlmy makes paths onto the grassy areas, but not today, she just stomped through the snow to our generator to dig out its exhaust pipe, and said that would have to do fur me as my art gallery if I needed to do any of my productions.

Pawppy is taking the day off work tomorrow to help keep things cleared out...and he can work from home on his confuser if need be. He took unfur-bro back to Ann Arbor yesterday befur the snow started. And Boss-boy went back to his own pawlace on the 3rd. So we are all where we belong, and warm and safe, too.
And the peeps made sure there was plenty of noms fur themselves and us furs here, so we are all set!

And remember:
Don't try to change things on your pages in the 'fun stuff' sections (the biofields), because the flea that is pestering them will eat up all your work and you will go right back to a blank Dogster page. UGH! Fleas, Grrr!



A Wonderfur Christmas Present!

December 26th 2013 12:01 am
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Growlmy was sitting at her desk...when suddenly all was too quiet. Deadly silence. Deafening silence. That generator makes noise like a power-lawnmower, LOUD!
It was the stopped chugging! Growlmy about had a heart attack, because she thought the machine had conked out.
Then she realized that the confuser was on, the light was on, and the power was ON!!!
Hooray! Merry Christmas!
Except then she had to go and leave fur her work, My furmily & I had to share her with the peeps at the nursing home. Oh well, I guess its OK, cause the power is on, the Christmas trees are LIT, the den is cozy and all the menfolk are here.

I got some stuffies for doggymas...but they are just lying about untouched. I had a ton of more fun shredding up all the wrapping paper, I even tried to snag some presents befur the intended receiver got to open it...don't touch that yet, they said...but they didn't know I was trying to help them open it, or maybe drag it to them...

Thanks to all of you who sent me all the pretty lit up trees! Just the thing to brighten up what was starting out to be another day in the dark.
Thanks to HQ, too fur letting us gift our pup-pals with these beautiful trees!



Icicle City!

December 22nd 2013 7:59 am
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Slip & Slide...
Ice all around.
It fell from the sky,
Now it covers the ground.
Thick and clear,
Cold and bright...
While quite dangerous,
Its a beautifur sight!
Tree limbs in the yard.
Too heavy a burden of ice.
Sidewalks are glazed.
This ice isn't at all nice.
Freezing rain,
Some call it sleet,
It surrounds all it touches,
Makes walking quite the feat!
If from behind the clouds,
The sun would peek,
It would make all sparkle.
The icy cover bleak,
Would become a splendor - cold;
But wondrous to behold!

Last night we had an ice storm here, and now everything is covered in slippery, heavy glaze. Power is out in many areas, snow is headed our way and travel is hazardous.
We here also lost our power, and earlier this morning, all the neighbors had an exodus from their dwelling, presumably to places with power.
We do have power, as we have a generator, but of course we are limited in all the regular things of life! At least we have heat and light. Growlmy is using a wi-fi phone connection to send out this entry, as our internet is also out.
The funny thing is, boss-boy came over here befur the storm started and now he is 'stuck' here, BOL! His apartment still has power, BOL! Go figure!

So my playtime with you is not going to include any picture making...
I sure hope all my pals in the path of this messy and dangerous storm are safe and warm.

Now I need to go and help the peeps clean up some fallen limbs in my yard. No power lines down here, thankfully, just the effects of no power...sigh...

Have a nice day and soon enough it will be Christmas!

Growlmy saw the Ho-Ho Man at her work the other day, BOL! He really was there! She may see him again, as she has to be at her work on Christmas Day...her job nevfur stops fur spawsial I will be sharing her with her residents, she says its fur a good cause!



Happy Christmas Growlmy!

December 3rd 2013 10:44 pm
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Yes, that's right! Happy Early Christmas to Growlmy.

Today I had to yard guard duty again, and pawppy & growlmy drove off to the big city north of our village.
Growlmy had to go and see her oncologist again...just her regular appointment, now she only goes once a year. Well all is well, and she still can wait another year.
These things stress growlmy out...always not knowing until you go and get things checked, and so on...and since 2006 she has to deal with a kind of demon that likes to tease her by saying:'you have had the big C and you might just get it again.' So she has to pick that thought up and toss it off to the side or behind least as time goes on it bothers her less than before, thankfurly.

I am happy that all is well with my beloved Growlmy and hope it stays that way!

Growlmy has one thing to add:
Praise the Lord!

Now tomorrow she hopes to get some decorating done here, but she wonders why she even should, she has to work on that day...but it will help get her 'in the mood', BOL!
I sure hope being in the mood doesn't mean the camera will come out of hiding...


Turkey Fur Peeps & Turkey Fur ME!

November 28th 2013 9:06 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving, pups and peeps evfurrywhere!
I hope you all had a nice time, today.
And that you all stayed well and safe.

Thanks so much, too fur all those endless cornucopias full to the brim and overflowing with doggy biscuits! Wow!
My page is buried in them! THANK YOU!

I am thankfur to woof that all is well here, too.
My boss-boy is even here! Overnight. He decded he didn't want to be driving back & Forth...hooray fur me!
Unfurbro is here, too, of course being off of school fur a few days. He has homework though, and studying to do...he may be applying fur grad school...phew! Rather him than me, BOL!

I am thankfur, too that I am loved, have a nice den and good noms and even my toys are great!

About the noms...
Growlmy made the 'traditional' meal, you know turkey and all what goes along with it. I got to inhale the yummy aromas while the peeps all went to church this morning. Then I helped in the kitchen, OMD!
Salad, Yup I got my bits of that...
Sweet potato: Ditto...
Beans, yup, that too.
I don't like the cranberries too much, so I didn't mooch any of that.

I already mooched some pumpkin yesterday as growlmy was cooking one to scoop out to make her pumpkin pecan pie. Ooooh! Mmmmm!

Then of course that big turkey! OMD! The biggest growlmy has evfur roasted. She didn't think it would fit in her oven...she got it at her work, they give all regular employees one this time of the year...score!
Well, you can believe that I was hovering between growlmy's feet and the cupboards, trying to will her to drop a hunk of that bird so I could snatch it! Almost...close but...nope, only the teeniest bits came my way. She said she had some specially fur me...

So when the peeps all sat down, I followed to the dining room. Growlmy placed a bowl of something where my regular dish usually is.
She said it was MY turkey. What?? This wasn't the turkey I smelled in the oven! I looked at growlmy in stark disbelief and felt cheated.
There were peas in it and some other things I don't remember, and little cubes of...what was called turkey by the label.



It was 'Turkey Day Feast For Dogs'. In a little jar. Um...I really wanted some REAL turkey, growlmy...
Well, growlmy relented a tad and put some wee bits of chopped up white turkey meat on top of the other concoction....then I too, relented and ate it all up! It wasn't too bad, it just wasn't the 'Real'!Later I polished the bowl so that growlmy did not have to wash it, BOL!

But seriously, I don't think I will beg fur that ready-made doggy Turkey Feast anymore...But I will beg and mooch real roast turkey breast!

My kitty brofurs scored worse than me...they got some teeny bits of gobble bird, too...Minko sniffed and delicately made it disappear, Pipo sniffed it and stalked off in disdain, BOL! So...I snagged it! Score!!

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