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Life - my typical day - by Oakley

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Mom's hurting heart

January 11th 2010 10:53 am
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Well today is 3 months since Oakley left us. It hurts as bad today as it did 3 months ago. He was my heart dog, I will miss him forever. I miss him more than I can even say. He has left such a void in all of our lives, that can never be filled, my Oakley was the kind of puppy that you only dream about, and I know that I will be with him again, and when that happens, it will be forever and until that time, I know that he is watching over his "family". His sister misses him very much too, she tries so hard to be like him, but she is batteling her own battle right now, so I have to try and be strong for her, she hates to see me cry.

We miss you my little man, you will always be on our minds and forever in our hearts, till we are together again, please know I love you.



It been 8 weeks today

December 6th 2009 8:55 am
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Well, my baby left us 8 weeks ago today, and I've cried every single day since then. I added his last video today, the first time I put it on the computer, it was really messed up, and for some reason I didn't delete it off of my camera, I discovered it the other day, and the sound was great this time, so my little man was watching over me and he knew I needed it.

His sister Brtiania Marie misses him so much, and it has been discovered that she is in kidney failure, I try not to let her see me cry because it upsets her so, and she doesn't need that.

I know that Oakley misses us terrible, but its so comforting to know that he isn't in any pain and he will never grow old, and the best part is we will meet again, and all be together.


many thanks

October 15th 2009 7:52 am
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I tried this morning to thank everyone who sent such wonderful thoughts and prayers to us over the passing of our little man Oakley, I just can't do it, I wanted to thank everyone on an individual basis, but the tears are running down my face, I just can't. I miss him so terrible, he was my heart.
Thank you to everyone, please know that we appreciate your thoughts and prayers more than you know.

Oak's family


Oak is now an angel

October 11th 2009 1:39 pm
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My baby Oakley passed over this morning at 11:10. He was just accepted into a program yesterday for seizures. He had an ultrasound done on Friday night, which showed that his liver was clean, no hemangiosarcoma. He beat it!! But he started to seize yesterday at 9 in the evening and had 5 until this morning at 8:25, which was at the emergency hospital. TUrns out his stomach bloated from the last seizure. THey rushed him into surgery, but his esophagus was almost non existant, his stomach was 2/5 dead, he couldn't be saved. I can't even explain how much this little boy means to us, he was my heart dog. I can't believe he beat the hemangiosarcoma and lost to the bloat. Please say a prayer for my baby. His sister was taken to the hospital to see him, so she could understand what happened, I'm so glad we did this.



July 23rd 2009 6:14 am
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Hey guys, well I have just passed my 3 month toe tag prediction for surviving, I fooled everyone!!! Mom and dad are so happy, I wasn't suppose to still be here, but we feel like I am going to be an exception, I feel great and my fur is almost all back. My sister had been so nice to me since I got sick, she was so scared that I was leaving. I want to thank everyone for all of your prayers but please don't stop. I will keep everyone updated.


The day after

June 11th 2009 5:43 am
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Wow, what a great birthday I had yesterday!!! I had a cake, toys and a ride to visit my "angels" at the Dr's office. Mom beamed all day because she was told that I would never make it this long. I slept like a baby last night, didn't even wake up when we had a nasty storm, mom says I was just worn out. I really want to thank everyone for wishing me well, it was my best birthday yet!!!!
Thanks everyone, and a special thank you to my sweetie Remi, sure wish you could have been here.



scary night

June 10th 2009 7:26 am
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Hey everyone

Well, I made it, today is my 6th birthday!!!!! Mom went to the doggie bakery yesterday and she bought me a really cool cake. I actually get to eat it today, I only got to smell it yesterday, she says that I am gonna love it.

Its been really hot and humid here, the mix of that and my short nose are not a good combination. Last night I was out with my sister and mom and dad, I thought Britt was gonna chase me, anyway I started to zoom through the yard, all around and came back to mom and fainted!! I wasn't out long, but mom and dad and Britt were scared to death, thinking it had something to do with my Hemangiosarcoma, but it didn't. Dad got me into the cool house, and I rested the rest of the night, now this morning I am all good again, but I was really scared.

Right now, I am gonna enjoy the rest of my birthday, and my new toys and the ride mom is taking me on to see Dr. Jon and the crew, mom is gonna take pics of all of us, she is very happy that they saved me to stick around.



I'm back

June 1st 2009 1:34 pm
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Well, I am doing my Boxer Burns again, mom is just so happy!!!!! I am playing with my sister Britania Marie too, mom says if it wasn't for the nasty way that the emergency hospital shaved me, you would never know that I had a problem.

I know it is from all of the prayers and good wishes that I have been getting, that I am able to be here today. Mom is so excited because I have a birthday on the 10th of this month, to tell you the truth, I had my doubts that I would be as good as I am.

Thanks again guys!!!



Another vet visit

May 14th 2009 12:45 pm
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Well, I went for another blood test this morning, won't know the results for a few days, but I know its good. I gained 4 pounds since my surgery, mom is overjoyed. Had a little upset stomach last night, but mom said she wasn't worried because its nothing new, I've had a "Boxer Belly" since I was born, she let me eat some grass a few times and gave me 2 Pepcid AD's and a little yogurt, then I had a very restful night. I gotta tell you all, your good thoughts and prayers are working so well, I almost feel like myself again, the only thing that I haven't done is a Boxer Burn, but its coming!!!

Thanks my friends!!!!



Good news

May 2nd 2009 10:01 am
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Hey everyone

Mom had me to the Dr. this morning, I had another blood test done, and they took out all of my staples and stitches, boy does that feel good. Dr. Jon told mom that I am doing great, and all of my numbers are where they should be. Mom told him that I barked yesterday for the first time since April 19th, and again mom cried. I counter surfed last night, so mom knows that I'm on the right road. Dr. Jon hugged mom and told her that sometimes we just get it right. I just want to thank everyone for all of their prayers and good wishes, because they worked.


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