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Day In The Life of Fritz

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Fritz Passed away

September 30th 2010 5:46 pm
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I am sad to say that Fritz passed away yesterday,he had Kidney Failure and Diabetes ,he was sick on Sunday,hadn't ate since then,was weighed at the vets on Wednesday,had lost 6 pounds.My mom and I really miss him,have cried a lot the last 2 days.From the looks of it,we will have Shih Tzu puppy by December.


Quiet Birthday

June 18th 2008 1:01 pm
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Fritz had a quiet birthday this year,he was at the vets the day before and had a couple of needles and slept a lot.Also his Aunties didn't come as Auntie Irene fractured her hip a week or so before his birthday.She is using a walker and getting along fine,thye will come as soon as she is able to travel and we will have Birthday cake and Ice Cream.


Vet Visit

June 14th 2006 5:40 pm
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On Tuesday,Fritz had to go to the vet for a heartworm needle and was nervous before going and was when he was there as he had a little bathrom accident.He had two shots,one in the hip and one in the back of the neck.He was weighed and he is 19 pounds and healthy.The vet commented that Fritz come from a good breed.Apparently,his hip was sore afterwards and i didn't realize it when i picke dhim up at home and took him downstairs and he went under the small couch and would not come out .h ecrie dand whine dwhile under there as it was hurting him.He would take his time going upstairs and would not want any one touching him.h eis fine now and had a play with his squeakies .Fritz was on the leash ,hooked up on the front lawn and watche me cut the lawn and he didn't say a word.


Had a good day

June 5th 2006 8:32 am
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Fritz had a good day on Saturday,even though it rained all day here and he couldn't go out and lay under our Maple Tree .He watched his Aunties come from the front window and as soon as they arrived ,he headed to the back door and watched and as soon as he saw them,his tail started going and Fritz gave them big kisses and he got treats.They gave a soccer ball squeaky,Pedigree Marrobone with real marrow and Iams Select Bites plus a cake.Got a lot of pictures.Fritz watching from the window,at teh back door,greeting them,snoozing on the couch and licking my plater clean of cake.We went out to dinner and brought back a piece of chicken finger as a treat.Auntie Bev got a picture of Fritz with mom and Auntie Irene holding the cake.I was just about to get apicture when Auntie Irene accidentally dropped the cake and I did not get a picture but will get a copy of Aunt Bev's.He had a snooze under the small couch and didn't want to come and growled when i tried to ge thim.We were going to leave him there until i managed to get him out.He did the same thing last night and growled even more.Yesterday morning ,he got on mom and dad's bed and waved his paws,wanting to be covered up,so mom obliged and he got covered up while still sitting there.


4th Birthday

June 3rd 2006 5:21 am
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fritz is 4 today,hard to believe it has been that long since we got him and he has bewen a real joy to have around.His Aunties have come today,brought him a new soccer ball squeaky,treats and as cake with a bone on it .He went to the groomers on Thursday and got a new blue scarf,yesterday mom took him to a pet store where he got a new collar,blue and a rabbit squeaky that he love sto play with.He gave an employee some loving and tried to be friendly with a customer's cat.He waited in the window for them,then went to the door as soon a she saw them pull in and went and stood at the back door like a little kid,his tail wagging.Got some pictures of him,will get some of the cake later.


Scarf Thief

March 5th 2006 6:53 pm
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Fritz is a little scarf thief.Mom left open the door of the spare bedroom and in he went and grabbed 3 scarves of mom's and ran off down to the rec room as proud as can be of what the had accomplished.Dad got them from him before he could damage.He later w ent upstairs a few minutes after Dad went to bed,but Fritz didn't go right to bed,instead went to the bay window where he satayed for a little bit before going to the end of their bed to snooze until mom come up and brought him and put him in his own bed and never made a sound after that.Today,he had fun trying to hide his monkey Squeaky toy and would whine and cry when he couldn't find a place to hide it .He was up and down the stairs a few times beofe he finally hid it behind a pillow on the rec room couch.He had his usual porridge this morning,dad had a snack tonight which included a Banana which Fritz had a piece of.That done,he stared and looked at mom to get something and she did.


Fritz Amazes Dad

February 10th 2006 3:47 pm
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Fritz amazed my dad yesterday.My dad was having a sleep an dheard a noise and looked up and saw Fritz sitting up and begging and growling at his water dish,so he needed his dish filled and dad did so.He did the same with me later.He would either sit up and beg in the rec room doorway or would sit and and beg at the gate at the bottom of the stairs,so I go to him and he run back to the rec room,all he wanted to do was play with his squeaky toys.I did finally get him out and he then settled down on mom's lap.This morning,Dad was doing some walking on a treadmill with no light on and Fritz didn't know who it was in there,could have been a stranger to him and boy did get mad and into the barking he got.Anybody that walks by the house with a hood on a coat or wearing a hat,he doesn't like it an dhe stnds right up in the window and really barks at them.


Fritz's Big Weekend

July 12th 2005 4:06 pm
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Fritz had a big day on Saturday when his Aunties came to visit.He gave them all kinds of kisses and tail wags plus a few doggies treats,no people food anymore.Then they took him on several walks,one of which they carried him part of the way.They met a neighbor of ours who asked them howe their 'charge' was doing.They told her that he had been pretty sick and was now well on the road to recovery.Fritz did a great job later on while we went out for supper,he looked after the house..His Aunties took him on more walks when we got back,but he would only go with Auntie irene because he knew she would give him a treat they come back,Auntie Bev doesn't.When Fritz doesn't want to go a certain way,he will stop and go in another direction.All those walks tire him out and he had naps on the coffee table and underneath the couch in our didn't want to see them go on Sunday,so was stubborn and turned his head when they wanted a kiss.He'll just have to wait until their next visit when he can give them whole lots of loving.


Fritz was sick

July 2nd 2005 9:22 am
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Last week,our little Bichon Fritz was sick.He wen to the vets on June 13 to be given some shots for hearworm and other things and apparently picked up a virus in the lining of his stomach.It wasn't until Sunday the 19th that it showed up.He brought up food and couldn't stop pooping.Mom and Dad took him to the vet and gave him a medicine called Metronizadole to help the lining of his stomach.All he had from June 2o toThursday was water and he couldn't hold that down.He was still pooping and it was soft as he hadn't ate anything for 4 days and there was blood and I was really worried about him.Finally , on Friday the 24th Mom gave him bits of wiener which he ate,didn't overdo it though.Now he likes Special K cereal which Mom softens up with water so as not to hurt his tummy.He is back to his old self now,even eating his own food.We are still giving him the medicine,which will last another 4 or 5 days.We have a heck of a time giving to him.He sees Mom with it and tries to hide .I pick him and try to open his mouth to give it to him and squirms and hard to keep his head still,but we manage


Fritz's birthday

June 4th 2005 4:35 pm
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Yesterday was Fritz's birthday.He turned 3 years old,same day as my Mom's.She bought him a squeaky toy,a Parrot which whe n you press its tummy it says want a treat,want a treat.I did it and fritz jumped down out of the window and sat and begged for a treat right in front of the parrot.Mom then set it on a table next to her and he still sat and begged for it,hoping the parrot was going to give him that treat.He even tried the same thing tonight and it talked back to him and he looke d and sat and beggged for the treat again.His Aunties came to visit and brought him a new leash which they used to take on a few walks.they also brought a cake which we had after we came home from supper.Got a couple of pictures of him with the cake,one eating and posing with it my mom.Had a sleep later as he was all tuckered out from his big day

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