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sunny days

March 22nd 2012 9:31 am
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Well it feels like summer outside, what happen to spring? Yesterday I noticed a unfamiliar dog across the street. Mom realized it was a big puppy. I stood my ground, Who and What are you doing in my neighborhood? Mom walked me across the street to say HELLO. Well it was a PUPPY, 13 weeks old. He jumped all over me. I sniffed him up and down and realized I LIKE HIM. I didn't mind he was slapping his paw in my face. Mom said he was playing, I still think he was slapping my face. That night Luna's mom said she saw a coyote near the complex. My Mom was careful while she was walking me in the dark. I'm not afraid of a coyote. Mom whats a coyote?



March 23rd 2012 7:51 am
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Want to wish everypaw a wonderful weekend. Yesterday while I was out, some woman walked by with a german shepherd about 2 years old. Mom told the woman I can snap when I get nervous around NEW dogs as mom calls it. Well, this dog Prince didn't want to eat me, just play, but my hair rose on my neck and back. Mom held me. Yes, I did snap but it was not an agressive snap, more a scared snap, well after 10 minutets we were somwhat OK with each other. I even showed him how I roll in the grass and kick my legs. Mom says I doing arobics. Mom said "Reilly got a new boyfriend" WHAT IS THAT WOMAN TALKING ABOUT. I'm like Mom no one particular in our lives. She always says I'm her special someone...



March 27th 2012 6:36 am
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I was very comfortable this morning till I went outside and Brrrrrrr that cold air hit me in the face. If I wasn't awake, I'm awake now. What a difference.
Just a few days ago it was 70 close to 80. Now its 27, and with the wind chill its even colder. After doing my business, Mom gave me breakfast which I was eager to eat. My belly is now full. Yes I wiped my face all over Mom's bed. Got yelled at. Glad Mom left the heat on before she went to work. Warm, full belly I'm off to dreamland, till Mom comes home for lunch. Mom said something about Mega Millions. Yea, it would be sweet.



March 28th 2012 5:22 am
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Wow, Mom just found out that I'm one of the diary picks. Thanks Dogster, and Zoe, you sure get up early in the morning.BOL. Mom took me for a ride last night to drop a friend home, I love the car. She didn't open the windows down too far, so all I could stick out the window was my nose, which made me sneeze. Mom ended up closing the windows. Can't even enjoy a cool breeze. Hope everyone has a great day.


Happy Reuion

March 30th 2012 6:16 am
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Mom just watch a most happy reunion with a solider and his dog. The dog is overjoyed. Its a very happy moment. Good for the dog and good for the soldier. TG he made it home safe.
Have a great weekend all.



April 2nd 2012 11:30 am
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Hi, everywoof. The weekend was OK. Rained hard at times yesterday. Of course I insisted on going out when it was down pouring, so off we went Mom with her umbrella and me with no coat, no umbrella. I got soaked, wetter then wet, and I gave Mom a hard time about drying me. She eventually grabbed my collar and dried me good with my towel. Yes I have my own towel....Mom then played tug of war, I WON, she might tell you she did but I DID...REALLY I DID. Found out my grandpa (Mom's father) fell on Saturday, he got bruised bad. Hit his head. Mom's older sister got my grandpa and had him stay with her. I think Grandpa is gonna permanently stay at Mom's sister's house. I worry bout my grandpa. I know if he stays at Mom's sister's house things should be better, at least he's not alone. Mom's sister has 3 dogs. They should keep him busy. Throw me this, open the door to let us out, OH I FORGOT, one of the dogs knows how to open doors. OK throw me this.


I do like him

April 4th 2012 9:25 am
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Last night while Mom and I were out for my walk I ran into that german shepherd named Prince. I didn't try snapping at him this time. I wanted to play. I kept running by him fast(as far as my leash would go) as soon as I knew he was close behind me I would yeep(cry). Mom said to me "he didn't even touch you" Well I was doing this on purpose, Cause he would then come and kiss me. Mom, its called playing hard to get, then CRY.
When we were ready to go home we both kissed each other and walked away. I hope I get to see him again today. I like him.
Also, want to THANK BUDDY B for the bunny on my page.


April 11th 2012 6:49 am
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Well last Friday Mom woke up sick. Yea, I had to put on my nursing hat.
Mom had the flu. Glad she didn't give it to me. She was in bed for 5days, I did get walked but not as often that I usually go. Well now she is back to work and I can finally rest. Its hard work to take care of Mom.


Doctor Visit

April 12th 2012 7:49 am
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Well I told you Mom was sick last week, well she's alot better now. She mentioned this morning about US going to the doctors. WHO'S US?? She said Your going to the doctor this afternoon. WHY DO I HAVE TO GO TO THE DOCTOR I'm NOT SICK. She said I'm due for yearly checkup and shots and also check for heartworm. They will take blood from my back leg. BLOOD!!
SHOTS!!! I don't need any SHOTS, Yes, you do she said, but I'll be right there with you. Why don't you take this shot for me? CANNOT DO. Just be a big girl and be brave...OK OK OK BUT I WON"T LIKE IT. She better have something good for me tonight, like CHICKEN, PORK CHOPS, BULLY STICK, what else do I want.........

PS Want to THANK everypaw for the presents on my page. Your awesome...



April 13th 2012 6:14 am
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Yesterday Mom took the afternoon off to bring me to the SPCA for my yearly checkup and shots...Well its was a nice drive there and we were an hour early, so went went and got PIZZA. Mom gave me a few bites of her slice. Don't want to over indulge. Went back and waited till is was our turn to be seen. They loved me.. They all said they never saw a dog with my coloring. Well, got my 3year shot of rabies and DHPP also got tested for heartworm, lyme diease and E. Canis. NEGATIVE for all three. YEAH..Got to say goodby to everyone. I made a good impression.
On the ride home, Mom stopped and got me a bully stick, but she wouldn't let me eat it till we got home. I fell asleep eating it....Wasn't a bad day after all.

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