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florida vacation

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October 28th 2011 6:13 am
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Before we got outside this morning for my walk I saw Mom put her heavy coat on. Is it raining again? Mom sometimes wears that coat when its raining, but when we got outside it was COLD.
There was even this white stuff on the windows of cars. Mom called it frost. She said before you know it, snow will be coming. SNOW, I LOVE SNOW. I can see myself as lead dog pulling the sled. I have high hopes one day this will happen, or aleast I can dream about this..I wanted to pull now, so I pulled Mom. She kept telling me EASY (hate that word)Doesn't she know I was born to be LEADER OF THE PACK. LOL. Tonight, north of us, about an hour drive they will be getting 10 inches of snow. Must go and thing of a way to get Mom to drive to the SNOW.

Later Reilly



October 31st 2011 5:18 am
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Well, we got snow Saturday. Around 10:30 in the morning Mom said to me look out the window, so I did and it was SNOWING. I got soooo excited bouncing around the living room and barking to Mom I WANT TO GO OUT IN THE SNOW. So Mom got ready and took me out. The snow wasn't really sticking yet, but I still had fun. BUT in the afternoon it was still snowing and when we went out again there was snow all over the ground. I tryed to eat all the snow. This way Mom has to take me out again cause I have to pea. Mom threw snowballs at me, which I caught and ate.
I thought I was lead dog of the sled team and pulled Mom, she almost fell. She told me I was lucky, I know I'm lucky Mom. And she said NO, your lucky I didn't fall. If she did fall I would of jump all over mommy. She even brought me for a car ride to the store to buy me dog food and her BEER. I'd perfer beer but she said doggies don't drink beer. We watched movies most of the weekend. I'd also like to thank Dogster for chosing me as a diary pick. THANKS... Destiny, I never said a word about you slipping to Chance. Have a great HALLOWEEN
Later Reilly


DoubleDiary today

October 31st 2011 11:38 am
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Well Mom came home during lunch to walk me.
The neighborhood is WITHOUT POWER.Some lady driveing took out two poles with transformers. Estimated time of repair Wednesday midnight. Thats a real trick or treat.
Mom had to use a flashlight to get me down the stairs.
Thank GOD I do stairs. The apartment has enough light as long as the suns out...SO NO HALLOWEEN TONIGHT. CANDLES FOR EVERYONE.
Mom has to buy ice to put the food in coolers after work. Let ya know tomorrow how the night went. Guess were eating out tonight. Yaaaa



November 1st 2011 11:36 am
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Mom came home for lunch and the POWER IS BACK ON.
She left the TV on for me.
I missed not having TV on last night.
I'm watching Fly Away Home
Yes, Demon it's a bird movie, well geese
Want to thank Braun Boy for liking me. He's one smart dog.
Gonna have spaghetti and meatballs tonight. Mom made it.
Hoping for ice cream for dessert.
Later, Reilly


Feels like Spring

November 2nd 2011 11:24 am
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Its beautiful outside, Mom opened all the windows before she went back to work. I like smelling all that fresh air. Dinner was excellent, had spaghetti and a meatball. Guess I'm part Italian.BOL.Want to thank Echo and Chloe for the scary pumpkin and spider. Braun Boy for the ballons, I'm still jumping trying to catch them.. Cute Button for the spider.
Mom rented a movies last night. Sanctum and Trespass. Mom perfered Sanctum. Has anyone seen these movies yet? Hope the weather continues being nice. Feels like Florida weather.
Later Reilly



November 7th 2011 12:08 pm
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Didn't do to much this weekend. Mom didn't feel that great.
The weather is crazy, today its warm by Wednesday its suppose to be 70 degrees, I asked Mom why do we have to go to Florida if its warms here, she told me the weather is gonna change to cold real soon and we'll enjoy the warm then. OK sounds good...
She reminded me that it snowed just last week. Mom said were gonna have a good time going to Florida, on the way back Mom says were gonna go to Myrtle Beach so I can put my paws in the sand, then closer to home Mom said we can stop by Atlantic City
Bet ya she gonna gamble. Check me out, I can bet too...bol



November 10th 2011 5:54 am
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Hope everyone has a great weekend
Not much happening here
Mom's real busy getting the car fixed
shopping and making sure I have all my STUFF
for our trip soon
Later Reilly


going on vacation soon

November 14th 2011 8:26 am
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Pretty soon Mom and I will be on our roadtrip to Florida. She got new tires and brakes on the car. She wants to make sure were safe. Want to extend quick healings to JOKER, he was attacked by a gang of dogs running lose. Feel better soon JOKER
have mom carry a 2by4 when out at the park. JUST IN CASE
I can't wait for Mom to start her vacation so we can GO


Nothing new

November 16th 2011 7:42 am
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Not much has been happening, just waiting to go
Mom said next week will be crazy


rain today

November 17th 2011 11:53 am
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Well this morning was raining and at lunch it was still raining.
Mom walked me this morning with the umbrella over me cause it was coming down, but at lunchtime she held it over herself. It really wasn't raining that hard. I rubbed myself all over the bed and couches, then rolled on the rug. I got some left over CHICKEN mixed with my kibble this morning, hope Mom has some left for dinner too...BOL. Talked to Joker, he's coming along. Mom said she would of freaked out if I was attacked by 7 dogs. Thanks Mischeif for the beautiful diamond. Ya know Diamonds are a girls best friend, next to all the dogs on DOGSTER. Maybe if I butter them up, I can be chosen DOG OF THE DAY...BOLBOLBOL

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