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Second-Chance Dog by HoneyBunny

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first you cry...

May 5th 2008 9:52 am
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Our dear friend, Samuel Jacob, joined his brother Kodi and me here at the Bridge a little over a month ago. It has been a very rough time for his family.

I, and their extended Dogster family of friends, send healing love to Sammy's family, so they may pass each day with more smiles than tears. When Mum was picking Remo up from the vet Thursday, she saw a dog that looked just like me driving by in a car. And Mum smiled! No tears, this time... only took her almost two years...

We heart dogs are aptly named--we hold a special place in our human's heart, and then we take that piece with us when we go. But, we only hold those pieces until the day we can give them back to those we love.

When Sammy's Mom walks the rest of the Roo Crew, and when my Mum walks the Chicago Crew, we will be shining love down on them so they can look up, see us sparkling, and smile.

Angel-woofs and love,
HoneyBunny, Sammy and Kodi


HoneyBunny Went to the Bridge a Year Ago Tonight

June 18th 2007 8:20 pm
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A year ago tonight our dearest HoneyBunny left on her journey to the Bridge, so very suddenly and so unexpectedly. A day has not gone by that I haven't thought of her with a smile, and then a tear.

I have tried to write a Tail of Devotion to her, but I just can't find the words.

She was my heart.
She was my all.


Wonderful thoughts and tributes to our special girl...

June 21st 2006 7:31 am
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One of the many e-mails that tell the story of our HoneyBunny...

"I am so sorry to hear about HoneyBunny. I know words can't help at a time like this but my thoughts, prayers and tears are with you and your family.

It was a joy knowing HoneyBunny and an honor assisting her in showing people the sweetness, love and fun Goldens can bring to their lives. A better ambassador will never be found--HoneyBunny was one of a kind. I'll bet she's still "pressing paw" over the Bridge, renewing old acquaintances and running free once again. You and your family now have a special Guardian Angel watching over you.

I will miss her sweet smiling face and gentle loving personality. She was a very special girl.

Love, Sue"
As Good as Gold

7/28/06: As Good as Gold, Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois, has included HoneyBunny in their 2007 AGaG Calendar. Usually only AGaG Goldens that have been adopted through the rescue program are used for the calendar, but AGaG included our HoneyBunny because she was so popular at the fundraisers and Meet 'n Greets--she was loved by all who met her...


I am playing at the Rainbow Bridge...

June 20th 2006 3:19 am
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Tonight we went for a car ride. I was feeling sick and riding in the car seemed to help settle me down. But when we got home and Daddy asked me to get out of the car, I was already starting on my way to the Rainbow Bridge. I could hear my Daddy calling me "Honey, Honey...", but I had to go. Mommy and Daddy stayed with me until I left, petting me, speaking to me and loving me. I will see them again someday. Love to all my friends, HoneyBunny

Medical note: There is no surgical treatment for Renal Failure, which is one of the "old age" conditions that kill elderly dogs. When the kidneys fail to the point that a dog begins to exhibit symptoms or it shows up in bloodwork, it's too late--80% or more of the kidneys are not functioning at that point. HoneyBunny's new vet tried to maintain her by addressing supportive care and treating other symptoms that arose from the renal failure. HoneyBunny's heart couldn't take the blood pressure medication he prescribed that day, and she passed on to the Bridge that same night after one of her favorite car rides. HoneyBunny fought a good fight for four months--we cherish ever second we had with her. She was our everything.


My New GREAT!!!

June 19th 2006 3:52 pm
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So, Mommy and Daddy took me to New Vet today. It was amazing. We went from a vet that said, so sorry, you have Chronic Renal Failure, nothing we can do, have a nice a New Vet that knew ALL the treatments and medicines and holistic additives and ARE WE HAPPY!!!!! New Vet said I'm not so bad that I need extra fluids yet. They took my doggy blood pressure and said I need medicine for that. After that's under control, other things might get better too. I know that I'll never get rid of the CRF, but now I have additives and pills and a new lease on life! Isn't that just GRAND!!!!! Thanks to all of my Dogster pals for their prayers and support! And for all of their ideas! You pups ROCK!!!!!


What do you mean, Renal Failure...

June 13th 2006 12:42 am
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Mommy and Daddy are upset. Something about blood tests and urine tests. And now I have new food. And now Mommy is giving me chicken to get me to eat the new food. And now I'm eating three times a day. And now I have two giant auto-waterers that go glug, glug, glug (pretty funny...Winston was scared of the sound when he first heard it...he stopped drinking and side-stepped backwards...silly pup). And now Mommy is on the Web to find out info. And now I'm getting a new vet. Wow. All becuz' I make alot of wee-wee (sometimes in the house). Sheesh...


Nothing for me, thanks, I'm on a diet...

May 11th 2006 8:15 pm
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Tests, tests and more tests! They can't figure out why I'm not eating. My calcium is "high normal", and I have another value that's elevated because I'm losing musclemass, but everything else is FINE. The vet poked and prodded me and said nothing felt out of the ordinary. Heh, can't a girl lose a fews pounds and not have everyone's shorts in a knot? The upside of all this is Mom and Dad are adding all sorts of really yummy things to my foodbowl to "get me to eat". They're talking about some scan-thing now. Life's rough when you get old...


Lost Friends Found...

April 7th 2006 10:45 pm
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Too cool! Jake and Fargus wrote back and gave me Rosettes! Their Mom was the pretty lady that came by the AGaG booth. You can see their neat pages at Jake Ortolano 156155, and Fargus Ortolano 156190.


My Lost Dogster Friends...

April 1st 2006 2:15 pm
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Woof, Pup Pal Moms and Dads! I was at the Chicagoland Pet Expo last month and the Mom of two of my Dogster Pup Pals stopped by the As Good as Gold, Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois booth, where I was pressing some paw to raise vet bill money. I had my Dad on the leash, but he has a TERRIBLE MEMORY!!!!! When this wonderful Pup Pal Mom stopped by and gave me hugs and kisses she told my Dad she recognized me from DOGSTER! Neat, huh? Well, when my Mom got back from volunteering at the Vendor Check-In table, she wasn't too happy that Dad couldn't REMEMBER the lady's name or the names of my Pup Pals!!!!! I wanted to send them Rosettes as a thank-you. It was really very, very cool to be recognized (and my pretty pink collar probably helped, too)! Made me feel like a movie star! Now, if Dad could only remember their names...or if the Pup Pal Mom would write...


Second Annual Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion Picnic

October 21st 2005 8:38 am
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We went to a picnic with EIGHTY-NINE GOLDENS!!!! What alot of fun! What alot of doghair! We got to have our pictures taken by a "professional" pet photographer. Then we got to play games. I liked the one where you run up to a paper plate with cheese pops on it. Yummy! My kind of fun! We went to the groomer before the picnic, so we'd be all pretty for the pictures. Lucky we were first in line for pictures, 'cuz the sky opened up and it "rained dogs and dogs" (lol)! 89 wet, smelly Goldens! Heaven! Finally the sun came out and we were able to play some more. Check out the picture Mom took--she stood on top of a picnic bench yelling "PUPPPIIIEEEESSS, PUPPIES, PUPPIES, PUPPPPIIEEEEESSS" to get us all to look! (It was pretty funny when she almost backed up off of the top of the table---woops!) You can see me in my pretty pink harness next to Remo the Red if you look at the bottom of the shelter's support on the left. What fun!!! Then we slept on the way home in the car, and Winston snored (yea, he went too as an "honorary" Golden". Can't wait for next year!

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