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August 19th 2007 3:36 pm
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Yeah! Today Barney and I got to go trail riding with Mom! We haven't gone in a long time because Mom is always too worried about the coyotes. Today she put us in the back of the truck and Phantom in the trailer and off we went to Lake Ming. We had so much fun running and swimming. Mom stopped in the shade for a few minutes and gave us a cookie. It was the best cookie I ever had (I was starving because I wouldn't eat breakfast).

We got in a bad spot in the river and couldn't get out. Barney was scared but I told him not to worry, Mom and Phantom would help us and they did. After that we weren't allowed run ahead to go into the river unless Mom looked at the current and bank first. She found us a good spot to walk around in on a sand bar. Crazy Barney lays down up to his neck and sticks his head in to drink.

I am sure tired. It was hot so we didn't stay out too long. Mom didn't want us to get sick in the sun.

What a great day!



February 23rd 2008 9:22 pm
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Hi Dogsters! It's been a while. Mom is adding some pictures today. I hope you enjoy them. I had fun taking them.

Mom took Barney and me to visit Grandma a couple of weeks ago and it snowed. We had so much fun. Mom took us up the highway to play in it because it melted off of the yard quickly. It was great. The best part was that it snowed all night before we left so we got to play in the yard at home before we left. Mom bought us the great coats that kept us very warm and dry because we are not used to the cold and snow. We don't have that at home.

We have a new brother. (I thought there was no room at the inn?) His name is Sebastian. He likes to eat chicken too! That's why he came to us. His owner said she couldn't have a dog that killed chickens. He ate hers and the neighbors. I told him not to think he was going to get away with that here either. Mom would not be pleased!

Today Mom had to go to work. I like it when she works on Saturday. Nobody is there so she takes Barney and me with her. We just hang out in the office while she does what she does. A whole day with Mom. How great!

Mom and Dad are talking about going to the pound to adopt another cat. I hope it's a nice one. I love the nice kitties. They kind of want an adult cat because nobody else takes them but I'm pulling for a kitten to love. I'll let you know what happens.

Well, dogsters I've gotta go now.



April 16th 2008 7:18 pm
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Guess what. Mom brought home a tiny little kitty. YEAH! I want to give it love sooooo bad but she won't let me yet. She says it is still too little for me. She has to feed it with a baby bottle and help it go to the bathroom. Wow! Anyway, we aren't sure if we can keep it or not. Right now several people are trying to just get the babies through the nursing stage. Let's cross our fingers!

My other cats are really mad at Mom right now. Nala hisses at her and won't let her come near even when the kitten is in another room. What a schitzo! Doesn't she know it is just like she was?

I will ask mom to put a picture of her here and on Catster so you can see her.

Yeah for me!


Long Time No Diary

January 24th 2013 2:03 pm
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Hello everyone in Dogsterland! It's been a very long time since my siblings and I wrote so I got voted to update everyone on our life now.

We got a new sister a couple of years ago. Mom didn't put her on here yet but she is a cute little Phantom Poodle. Her name is Jazzy. She is a little love bug.

One of our horse brothers, Phantom, went over the Rainbow Bridge. Mom misses him a lot but she still has her Bentley.

We got a new cat sister named Katy. She was living with a lady who moved away and just left her. Poor Katy was all alone in the apartmeht for two weeks and had run out of food and water. She only has one eye and it is almost totally blind. She is the sweetest little kitty we have.

The HUGE news though, is that we don't live in Bakersfield any more. We don't even live in California. We moved to a place called Arkansas. The people here talk different, but we like it.

We live in a house in the country so we don't get into trouble for barking anymore and it's so quiet and far from town that we've only heard one siren in the last two months. No more howling ten times a day.

Since we got here we got three more cat siblings. One boy, named Louie and two sisters, Little Hope and Sissy. Louie was causing trouble at his home and they didn't want him anymore so we took him in. Little Hope and Sissy were dumped at our church. It is out in the country and Mom went and fed them for a couple of weeks but was worried something bad would happen to them because the local farmer's dog kept coming and chasing them up a tree. They were so little they couldn't climb down. Mom brought them home one Sunday. They play outside most of the day but Mom puts them in a big cage at night so the wildlife doesn't get them. When it's too cold she brings them in to the bathroom with their bed and food. She would like to keep them inside but nine cats would be too many and sister Sierra would start peeing around the house again. They are happy though. Sometimes Sissy roams to far from the house and Mommy has to go shake the treat can and she will come running. They brought mommy a few gifts to thank her for saving them. Lizards, frogs, a rat and a mole.

Since we've been here I turned 14. My years of jogging with Mom and running the trails with her and Phantom have caught up with me. I have arthritis and have a tough time walking withoug a limp and sometimes Mom helps me get up, but I'm in good health and I get medicine for the arthritis. My Mom loves me so much.

Well, Dogsters. Sorry it's been so long. We will try to do better at keeping things updated.

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