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Sadness In Our Hearts

January 22nd 2006 7:11 pm
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Mom is very sad right now. SHe went on vacation and our beautiful big guy, Petey got very sick. Mommy and two different vets did everything to make him well, but the sickness and infection was just too much. Petey fought a lot longer and harder than most. He was a very strong guy.

I will always remember the trail rides mom took me on with our "Gentle Giant". Anyone and everyone could ride him and climb all over him. He was the favorite of the stable and grabbed all of the attention where ever he went.

He will be missed more than he could ever have known.


Trip With Mom

February 22nd 2006 9:46 pm
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Hi everyone! I took another trip with Mom. We went to Grandma's and Great Grandma's house again. This time we didn't stay in a hotel. I got to run around in the yard and in snowed all weekend!

That was the greatest fun! I've never seen snow in all my 7 years. By the time we left on Monday there was nearly a foot on the ground. I made sure to run around and get it all messed up. Mom took more video of me in the snow than some people take of their kids.

Great Grandma is 91 years old and her kitty is around 90 (really around 13). We visited them and really enjoyed ourselves. I have a picture of us having a conversation here on my page. She especially likes it because I love her kitty. I shared my food with him.

My brothers and Jillian went to the pet resort and had a great time. I get to go this weekend while Mom takes Jillian somewhere. I got to go for a little while to meet everyone. Mom is worried that I will be unhappy about being left there. From what Woody and Marino tell me I will have too much fun to worry about being left.

I'll let everyone know how it goes.


Ouch! 5/1/06

May 9th 2006 9:14 pm
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I went trail riding with my mom and a friend and got my toes stepped on. It wasn't just one toe, either. It was both front feet. One got torn up pretty good. Had to get my foot wrapped up and the other x-rayed. I'm ok now. Ready to go in another week.


Not Again. . .

May 9th 2006 9:21 pm
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Mom is having a rough time of it as of late. She had to write Jillian's final diary entry today.

Jillian wasn't feeling well so when mom took me to get my feet checked again we took Jillian in as well. Well, the doctor felt something in her stomach and took a picture and saw something growing there. Mom took her in to have it removed and they found major cancer growing all over inside of her.

My beautiful sister didn't get to come home. Mom is very sad. I can't stand to see her like this. She keeps telling the rest of us to promise not to put her through this for a very long time. We have said goodbye to Charlie, Ernie and Petey all in less than a year. I hate to see her heart break like this. I whish there was something I could say to make it better.


Foster Brother

July 20th 2006 8:45 pm
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The last time I wrote mom was having a hard time because our sister, Jillian, had crossed the bridge. Well, a couple of weeks later Mom brought this puppy home from work because she felt sorry for him. Of course, she assured us all (including Dad) that he was just temporary and that she would find him a home. Well here we are, nearly 2 months later, and we still have that puppy in our yard. He started answering to Puppy pretty quickly so we finally started calling him Barney after about 2 weeks. Barney has now had all of his shots and just got "fixed". I wonder if this means he's not a foster brother any more?

Mom has made sure that I don't feel replaced and she is taking me for walks and to the stable. And of course I get to sleep next to her on the bed. I guess I could start to like Barney if he would just quit licking and nipping at my snout.

I'll let you know how it goes with Barney and whether he gets a great home or stays with us.


Barney and Otis

August 15th 2006 8:06 pm
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We still have Barney. I think he's here to stay unless someone exceptionally wonderful comes along. Mom has taught him how to sit and down and we have even gone to the stable together. He follows me around like a big brother ought to.

Now, on to Otis. Mom and dad were loading their things into the car to go on vacation and what should appear but this little bitty black and white dog. Well, mom couldn't just let him stay on the street to get run over so she put an ad in the paper and left him with us and the sitter. It's hard to believe but nobody called or appears to even be looking for him. I sure am glad my mom really loves us because she would have cancelled vacation to find us. We will keep looking in the paper just in case his parents are out of town too.

I'll keep you posted on my "foster" brothers.


Great Trip With Mom!

September 6th 2006 8:48 pm
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Howdy folks! This weekend Mom took Barney and me on a trip. We got to go see Grandma up in the mountains again. It was a lot different than the last time I was there. THis time no snow.

Mom wanted me to show Barney the ropes of traveling so I was in charge. I showed him all around the big back yard and all of the great trees. I took him hiking up a mountain to the top of a great big waterfall where we could see Lake Tahoe. He did pretty good but I will have to work on his mountain climbing skills with him. He does not have a big jump like I do so we had to help him up the rocks a lot. What a great day out. We met so many nice people.

Mom put a bed in the back of the truck and took us all over the hills to different orchards where we got to go buy goodies and pick fruit. We were on our very best behavior and everyone stopped to pet us.

We even managed to stretch a 5 hour drive home into over 8. Mom likes to stop and read historical markers and visit old historical towns to shop. We even went to a gold mine. Mom took a one hour tour and a nice lady who worked there let us hang around with her at her work station for a little while so we didn't have to wait outside the whole time even though Mom took us to the shade and gave us a bowl of water and chew bones. What great people!

Have I ever said how much I love traveling with Mom? I LOVE IT! Mom's talking about taking another hiking trip again soon before the snow comes. How great is that?! Even if the snow comes it will be great because I love playing in it.

Signing off for now.



Away With Mom

October 14th 2006 10:10 am
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Mom had her 40th birthday this week. She hasn't been very excited about it so she decided that she would go celebrate in Lake Tahoe by going hiking again. I like the way mom celebrates because it ususally includes me!

We went to a place called Emerald Bay and hiked up the mountain above it to a lovely little lake. I wish we could have gone further but we weren't prepared for an overnighter, just for the day.

We went with our aunt this time. It was nice having her along for the company since we aren't very good at conversation with mom and when she talks to us people stare at her.

Can't wait to go again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!


BUsy Life

July 8th 2007 11:27 pm
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Hi Dogsterland! So much is happening lately. We got another new sister. Her name is Foxie and she is a very tiny chihuahua. Mom caught her at work. She had been running around for a couple of weeks and had a bite from something bigger than her. Mom finally caught her and brought her home. She got shots and spayed and has made herself at home. Her favorite playmates are Otis and Barney. You should see them. She thinks she is as big as Barney and acts like it.

Not long after Foxie came mom had an operation in her head. The doctors found something called an aneurysm. It wasn't popped yet but was quite large. If it would have we wouldn't have our mom anymore. She was able to get it fixed without even getting her head cut open. Yep; they just went from her leg up into her brain.

Now my mom is home with us for a few weeks. She was supposed to be able to go to work in a week but she is having bad headaches. I don't like it when Mom doesn't feel good. She doesn't want to go outside and play or anything. I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

We are just so happy that Mom is going to be fine.



August 12th 2007 9:20 am
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I forgot to mention that Mom brought us home a sister. She's not big like Jillian but she is very very tiny. Her name is Foxie and she is a Chihuahua mix. She is very cute but she likes to play with Otis which is fine with me because I'm not interested at all.

Mom told me not to worry, that she loves me too much and I am not being replaced. That's good because if we run out of room somebody's gotta go and it won't be me.

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