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Icy as my Service Dog and Training

Icy has to be Retired

May 15th 2013 6:40 am
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I finally got Icy in to the vet yesterday. He has to be retired from outside the house work. He either has Arthritis or the start of DM/CDRM. I have had a dog in the past with DM/CDRM and I know the future. It's as bad as I expected. The vet is moving vary carefully and they are in the process of ruling things out right now.

Really upset.

I know a flat long walk that I can take him on but I won't be able to use him to help me cross streets, navigate hills, go shopping, or go on the bus with.

So he will have a lovely retirement. Thank you all for keeping track of my progress training both Lone Star and Icy for Assistance Dog/Service Dog work.

My next dog will likely be from one of the UK Charities and trained by them to help me. It will mean a lot less red tape for me. It may be a couple years till a new dog enters our family.

Wish us well and I will keep updating you all on how Icy is doing.


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