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Icy as my Service Dog and Training

Icy went to Karate last night & he May be Ill

April 23rd 2013 3:34 am
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Icy was surrounded by kids at my 6 year old son's karate class last night.
There were probably ten adults and fifteen kids at this point. This was his second time at the studio but first in the room with all the kids. He was brilliant. I got some good video that I might upload.

To get there we have to take a bus, cross a very busy road while negotiating a hill. He was not reliable and was wobbling on his back legs. On our way home I went down hard on my knees and he was shaking like a leaf next to me. At first I put it down to him not working with me for a few weeks (just got back from a trip to visit family in Arizona) and then I listened to my husband (who walked behind us) about his wobbling. He had mentioned it to me when it was happening and I was to busy trying to keep a steady pace to look. We were going up a smallish hill. Now I'm worried its the beginning of HD or the dreaded DM/CDRM. I'm going to have him at the vet as soon as I can but we can't afford it right now. Gotta wait till the bills are paid.

Terrified for him. Having lost Lone Star so recently.... I need to see if there is something wrong and if there is what we can do but he might not be able to work.


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