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Icy as my Service Dog and Training

Icy helping with my bath today

March 16th 2013 9:23 am
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This is probably one of the odder entries I will make but I had to report. I just got out of the bath. Our shower is broken and I sat on my shower bench and poured water over myself. I'm not mobile enough to get in and out of the bath yet even if I had assistance.

Anyway, I have problems with my nerves so that I get a lot of pain with hot or cold water. I usually take lukewarm showers.

My husband had filled the bath warmer than I'd usually have it and I poured water from a cup over my back and screamed! My son came through and so did Icy. Icy staid to give me the odd lick on the leg when I was running the water over my hair and body. It was very comforting to feel his licks when I had my eyes closed and the water pouring over my head.

After I got out my husband asked me why I didn't just make the bath colder. It hadn't occurred to me.

Just now he alerted us to my Mother In Law coming into the house. Our family are all upstairs and I had my headphones on and he made a big deal of telling us that she was in the house.

He's gotten a lot of praise and treats in the last 5 minutes. He really is embracing the aspect of his job as my PTSD dog.


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