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Icy as my Service Dog and Training

Trip on the bus and working on a busy road

March 5th 2013 1:27 am
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Our trip out yesterday was a great success.

I have a photo of Icy and I on the bus and one of just him with the door open and then one at that karate studio where my son has his classes and video I'll have to see about uploading.

He's an accomplished bus traveler but hasn't done it in about a year and this was his first time at the karate studio. It was very busy and people walked over him and around him and he got up and moved for people. Kids and adults with big bags. On the way to the studio is a very busy road. He's used to roads but this one is the busiest we've crossed together without a cross walk. He watched for cars and everything else.

Saw three dogs. He alerted me to the first until it was 15 paces from us, opposite side of the street. The other two came walking by in front of us. When I was in a bus shelter and about the cross a road. He alerted again but was really barking his full voice at these until they passed the certain distance. Working on how to stop this as I don't want him to gain a reputation for loudness.

We're working through his fear of being attacked again together.

All in he was very very good and it made me feel more comfortable about making the trip with him again next week.


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