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Icy as my Service Dog and Training

Icy on his Dogmatic

February 22nd 2013 11:04 am
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Had a great walk with Icy last night to my 6 year old's school where we had a parent meeting for an hour and half and then walked home in the dark. He was perfect as usual and the Dogmatic was great. We saw a another dog and he started to get agitated and after one pull on the Dogmatic he settled back into his work. Was quiet and staid with a dropped lead in a lie down through the meeting. Food on the table and 10 people present.

Icy's a smart cookie. I always knew what I needed was a way to break his eye contact but with walking with a crutch, I could never carry any noise making thing or treat. I walked just fine holding the reg length leash attached to the Dogmatic in my crutch hand, My balance is much improved thanks to Star so when I gave it a tug it wasn't a big deal to compensate my stance.

I am glad I decided to use his normal length lead for the Dogmatic as it had to be held across the front of my body. It made me very aware of how much he scans everything we pass by. I gave him extra lead because he was moving his head back and forth so much watching out for me. Not watching for dogs so much as watching for things I might trip on and people/etc.

I get tunnel vision when I walk and one of the tasks the dogs have been trained for is to watch out for things almost like a dog for the blind. Star stopped me from walking in from of cars on 2 occasions though I do try and watch the roads.

I begin to see why they are both knackered when they get home with me! LOL I'm going to try and go out with him tomorrow afternoon for another thing at my son's school. Now that I feel more confident in the Dogmatic I am not worried if we see any other dogs.

Barked by: Wesley (Dogster Member)

March 22nd 2013 at 6:30 pm

Glad that Star was able to help you with balance problems! He sounds like he was a wonderful dog!
Barked by: Icy Retired Mobility SD (Dogster Member)

March 23rd 2013 at 2:09 am

Thanks Wesley. Star was a wonderful girl. I was training her up when she got sick. Someday mum says she'll bring another do into the house. But for now its just the two of us!


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