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Confessions of a Mommas Boy

Being a big brudder is tough work!

March 28th 2008 7:58 am
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Since my new sweet little brudder- Harvey- came to live
with us- gee I have been busy! I follow him around- happily eat up any food he may drop while eatin-(he is quite a piggy) and snooze right next to him when I can. I even try like heck to get him to play wif me- I will do my Tigger bounce right on up next to him- but so far he aint interested in playin wif me. Oh well- maybe soon! I escort MyDear anywhere and everywhere she takes Harvey- I supervise and make sure she is doing it right- after all- Im the guy of the house- I have to make sure everyone is doin there jobs correctly!

Like last night- MyDear decided to give Harvey a baff. I felt a little sad but I helped anyway. You see, MyDear carries Harvey like a widdle baby-dresses him in clothes, and gives him bafffs in the sink- I cant do any of those things cuz Im such a big boy. That baff looked so nice- MyDear used the special Mango shampoo and was caressin Harvey all over- he loved it! I sat so good by MyDear and supervised the whole thing. THen I helped MyDear blow dry Harvey and towel him all over- he felt good all over I could tell! But MyDear had a suprise for me too- she got out my brush- Boy! When I see that brush I get the warm fuzzys! I flopped my bod right down and rolled over as if to say
"Im all yours woman!" MyDear brushed and brushed and I gave her so many kisses- It was pawsome!

SO Gramma and Grampa gave me a big huge suprise. When Bonnie Blue took her journey to the Bridge, I inherited her entire treat collection- YEHAW! Did I make a haul! Bonnie had more treats stockpiled up than you could believe! MyDear wanted to throw them in the garbage- she said they were junkie and we only get good quality stuff- HA! I couldnt stop pawin at the bag- Millie was barkin at the bag- we wanted to at least sample them. So MyDear broke down and gave all of us a "Chicken Cookie" DING DANG I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH SHEER HEAVEN! "CHICKEN COOKIE CHICKEN COOKIE- I LOVE CHICKEN COOKIES!!!!!!!!! Ill do anything for just one- Come, sit, shake. roll over, clean house- JUST GIVE ME CHICKEN COOKIE!!! Harvey can even eat Chicken Cookie cuz they are really soft- he has no teef just like Bonnie! BOL! WHen MyDear even walks near the CC's- I start bouncing bouncing bouncing straight up and down- I cant help myself! MyDear tried to give me one of those yiccky organic "treats" this morning-I mean, I ate it- I didnt want to hurt MyDears feelins- but I didnt like it! Not like CHICKEN COOKIE!!! Gee Im droolin just thinkin about em!

Did you see on my page? I got the coolest new thing from my good pal Rocky
I got a Rock of Love backstage pass! ARrRRrrROO!! I love it! Rocky and I are (*blush*) totally into Rock of Love- in fact, I got the funniest rosette ever- Rocky said, we should agree, to stay in our parents houses, and continue to Rock their worlds. BOL!!!!! I wuv it! THanks Rocky!


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