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Barkings from the Boss Lady..

Disgusted.. that horrid pack of lies- the celebrity dog test

April 28th 2008 7:15 am
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So like my good pal Ella.. I took the celebrity doggie test and I too, am that
nasty woman AMY WHINEHOUSE. Egads really? Am I that horrid? I mean, cmon I can tell you a few differances right off the bat...

Drugs.. Amy seems to love em- Mom has to encase my drugs
in heaps of cheese and still if I detect them in anyway- nope aint happenin.

Teeth- have you seen this womans teeth? Yikes! Get a dental already honey!
Obviously they dont have a VetGuy across the pond cuz she would never get away with those fangs over here!

Weight- Shes skinny.. Im well, full figured.. nuff said.

Hair- dang shes got a beehive on her head! I dont like bees AT ALL. Since Oliver and I tried to play wif a beehive in our yard and got bit up like crazy I hate them bees like you wouldnt believe!

I could go on and on, but is it necessary? GEEZ Its pretty obvious this test is
just a batch of lies! Im DEFINATELY more like... lets see.. Princess DI or someone totally bootyful and smart and fast... Okay like FERGIE!

Aktually we are like twins Fergie and I. The VetGuy even said so.. last time I was there to visit him MyDear asked the most totally embarrasing question... she says.. and right IN FRONT OF ME MIND YOU.."Jeff (thats the VEtGUYs real name) WHY DOES MILLIE HAVE ..... THIS?" and with this she points to my pink swingin lady belly.. you know, like the area that if I was a Momma Kangaroo my Joey would go in? YEAH HOW RUUUUUUDE!!! Well you know what my wonderful pal, Good ol VetGuy JEff said?? He said "THOSE ARE HER LOVELY LADY LUMPS" (swoon)

ME? I have lovely lady lumps? I was sooo happy! Fergie and I have lovely lady lumps! So bring on the treats. I need to keep my Fergie figure totally rockin and that means treats and loads of em. That will teach MyDear to ask rude kwestions about my girly parts!

So its been super fun around my den lately.. You know the Daddy Guy is gone and we are like pawtyin around the clock! MyDear is the biggest pushover on the planet so I have taken over as the full time boss! Its pawsome let me tell ya! I have my own room now- MyDear says Im just like a rebellious teenager cuz I have a "tude" . I go lay on my big girl bed (MyDear says its for guests but no one EVER sleeps in it!) and snore my head off- if Oliver even TRIES to get on my big girl bed I show him my fangs and tell him to beat it! HE runs like a widdle baby to tattle on me to MyDear but do I care- NO!!!! BOL! I might let Harvey sleep on my big girl bed if he wanted to.. if he didnt STINK so bad- BOL! DANG you should smell that kids breath- EGADS-HE should be Amy WHinehouse- NOT ME! BOL! Plus he eats his drugs willingly right outta MyDears hand- hey he is like AMY!

Well, he didnt get a much better one- his celebrity test says he is Simon Cowell- HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Peace and treats-
( i be workin on my fitness- not- BOL!)


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