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The Secret Diary of Jelly :P

Me Chat Chat

October 12th 2009 3:44 am
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Yesterday night, i was chatting with Butter :D butter was kinda cute :D and she's very special! she a white pom which is rare and had a pink nose which is even rarer! she look cute with a pink nose! heard that she was once abandon! now i know that i am one of the luckiest dog in the whole world! after that i went in the room with kor kor, mummy gave me a marker to play..i open the cap and my bed was in a mess...i refuse to sleep in that hellhole! but Daddy keep forcing me :( in the end i slept on the floor! COOLING :D hehe that all for today :D



Me fight fight!

October 10th 2009 1:21 am
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Yesterday night,i was a bad boy! i bite kor kor toes too hard and kor kor whack me and i fight back but in the end i lost! i got time out at the playpen..kor kor did not even bring me in the room to sleep he just left me out at the playpen....well...that the consequences of fighting with kor kor ;( i am sorry kor kor :(



I Love Toes :D

October 3rd 2009 2:12 am
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Hiiii! Jelly's here :D i love toes :D coz i think that they look cute :D Kor kors and jie jie give me a nickname fury shark which was kinda cute :D i love it! jie jie and emilie just Bathe and groomed me i look so handsome now :D hehehe


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