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Hullo. My Name's Burt...

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Today I Shredded

November 5th 2009 5:01 pm
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one of the Mom's kleenex. She got sick over the weekend and has been off of work for two days sick with a cold. NOT the Swine Flu (even though the guy the Mom caught this from took off a week and told everyone it was Swine Flu--pansy) The Mom usually tosses her kleenex out as soon as she uses them. But this one she put on the nightstand. I g e n t l y took it in my mouth. Then I laid down with the kleenex between my front paws. Shred shred shred shred shred shred shred. The Mom laughed and said Remo the Red used to shred kleenex too, so I'm in good company. p.s. the Mom is better and back at work today.


Today I Chewed

October 27th 2009 4:09 pm
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on a soft toy that Rocky & Sarge had sent for LuckyLucy. She never really bothered with it much (she was a tennis ball girl), so it still smelled pretty chewable to me. I sniffed it. I g e n t l y picked it up. I took it to my dogbed in the tv room. I laid down with it. I slowly chewed the edge of it. Just the edge. Just a little bit. The Mom was delighted!!! She's sure easy...


Today I Kissed

October 26th 2009 3:12 pm
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the Mom. Right on the tip of her nose. Just a little, itty-bitty lick. Real quick. With just the very tip of my tongue. *mini-muah*

Mom freaked. She ran into the kitchen and told the Dad "Burt just gave me a kiss. And I wasn't even asking for one!" The way the Mom over-reacted you'd think she won the Lottery ;D

Tomorrow I will have lived in my forever home for four whole weeks. Life Is Good.


Today I Lounged

October 24th 2009 10:53 pm
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around on my new dog bed in the spare room. It's soft, and cushy, and has a rolled bumper edge that I can put my head up on. It's heaven. The Mom took my old (only 3 weeks old... hee hee) bed and put it on the floor next to where she does her computer stuff. So now I have two dog beds, plus a pillow on the floor next to the big bed. Where do I sleep? Next to Mom up in the big bed, of course! BOL


Today I Dragged

October 23rd 2009 7:14 pm
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the Mom through PetsMart! I just was too wound up and wouldn't "walk nice". Everytime I even got a glimpse of the front door I pulled and pulled and pulled as best I could on the slippery floor. Don't know why we were so antsy, but the Mom said the next time she brings us there by herself she's gonna use a "coupler", whatever that it...


Today I Fell

October 18th 2009 7:42 pm
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in love with Trixie, my Trainer at PetsMart. She gave me BilJac Liver treats and bits of chicken breast. She massaged my shoulders and my haunches, and stroked my back, sides and tail. Until I wasn't tense any more. It felt soooooo good.

Trixie gave Dixie some treats and chicken too, but Dixie had to work really hard for it. She had to come, sit, give paw and lay down. All I had to do was be Burt. I did watch Dixie closely as Trixie put her through the whole come, sit, stay, paw, down thing. (Dixie did NOT do STAY). I bet I could do all those things too. Maybe I'll practice this week with the Dad and surprise Trixie next week.

Ah... Trixie!


Today I Spit

October 17th 2009 10:28 pm
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my morning treats out. They thought I wouldn't catch on. But I did. There's pills in them there treats. Allergy pills. Heh, I don't do no drugs. No way. No how. The Dad said he would try cheese or hot dogs. I say, bring it on!


Today I Wore

October 16th 2009 6:54 pm
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my new coat. It's blue with a plaid flannel lining, waterproof, has a reflective stripe down the back for night, and a cute paw print on one hip. Dixie has the same coat in red. I was a pretty good boy putting it on. Didn't fidgit. Didn't let it slow me down on my Squirrel Hunt. The Mom said she needs to take it in, whatever that means. Dixie's coat fits her better 'cuz she's fluffier. We put a video on my page of us modeling our new coats. Stylin'...


Today I Whined

October 14th 2009 7:56 pm
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when the Mom and the Dad wanted to do things with me. The Dad is worried. He wants to have the Doc take xrays to make sure there isn't anything happening inside of me. The insurance plan that the Mom enrolled me in covers screening xrays twice a year. So, just to be sure there isn't anything brewing, I'm gonna get some pictures taken when I go in for my comprehensive exam on Nov. 4th.

Some of our Dogster friends have said that maybe it's "memory". That I remember bad things happening to me and I'm whining because I remember and am nervous. The Mom and the Dad show me they love in everything they do. The Mom lets me sleep right next to her in her bed and she pets me if I get squirmy at night. And the Dad reaches over the Mom and pets me too. I just don't know why I'm nervous.

Maybe I just need time.


Today I Rode

October 13th 2009 4:29 pm
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on the floor of the Jeep. Right in front of the passenger front seat. It's just my size. The Mom and me drove all the way to Indiana to see Dr. Mullings. For my ears. Which are doing better. It was a long car ride and I get nervous about long car rides. I took a long car ride with my first family and ended up dumped at a shelter in Illinois. Then the Indiana Shelter came and picked me up and took me on another long drive back to the shelter in Indiana. So I'm not too fond of long car rides. But if I ride on the front floor of the Jeep I can watch the Mom. And I can hear the sound of the motor. It's like white noise. And the heater keeps me toasty. The Mom puts my beanbag pillow down on the floor so I can rest my head. Instead of worrying about what's happening, I actually slept almost all the way there, and then almost all the way home. Bliss.

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