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Hullo. My Name's Burt...

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Today I Took

February 25th 2010 6:26 pm
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the Mom's "Talk to the Paw" nightshirt.
Tucked it into my dog bed.
Laid down on top of it.
But, this DOESN'T mean I'm a Momma's boy.
Nope. Doesn't mean that. Nope. No way.


Today I Trained

March 5th 2010 6:58 pm
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the Mom to stay PUT! The Mom has been sick with the flu all week and I have been jumping up on the day bed, to keep an eye on her. Well, every time I lay up against Mom, she'd move. Then I'd have to get up, do my circles and lay back down against her. Then she'd move again. And I'd have to move again. She was a slow learner... but she finally got it that I would ONLY lay against her. So she stopped moving away and I finally got some rest. The Mom went back to work tonight (even though she's still poorly). I'll be waiting for her to get home, 'cuz I'm better than an electric blanket ;D


Today I Watched

March 9th 2010 7:05 pm
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Dixie go after our Mailman again. We have many different mailmen (and women), but this HAD to be the one who pepper sprayed Dixie before (natch). The Mom had opened the front door's storm door window a couple of inches at the bottom because it got up to 50 degrees here today! Dixie heard the Mailman open the mail slot that's on the house next to the front door and she started her barking and barking and barking. I tell ya, for a girl, Dixie has a really ferocious bark!

I'm surprised the Mailman didn't try to pepper spray her through the 3 inch opening! He was giving the Mom a very mean look as he walked away. The Mom said she thinks she'll be getting a notice from the post office about her "dangerous" dog :( I still think a nice fence that would prevent Mr. Quick On The Trigger from getting up on our porch is the way to go!


Today I Finally

March 20th 2010 12:21 am
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went back to Pasteur Park with the Mom and Dixie. The Mom has been sick so we haven't been going, which is a bummer because all this week the weather here in Chicago has been TERRIFIC! Almost like Spring came a week early!

When we pulled up to the park Dixie started barking and barking and barking, and I almost made a noise. I am very, very quiet. I never bark, growl, squeak, squeal... nothing... nada... never. The only time I have ever squeaked was when the Mom caught my toe with the back door. I was so excited to go out I didn't get out of the way as she was swinging the door open. Now she tells me "Burt, watch your paws" (as IF I'd forget how stubbing my toe felt) BOL

The park was great--lots of smells. But, NO SQUIRRELS!!!!! I don't understand. Where did they go??? Why haven't they come back??? I'd like to go back to the park tomorrow to see if they show up, but the weather is suppose to change tonight. Back to cold, and a possibility of snow showers.

Bummer, man... No Squirrels, and snow to boot!


Today I Found

April 8th 2010 4:22 pm
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out that I have a "twisted" spinal column. I was at my vet for some shots and a routine semi-annual checkup. The vet techs took some xrays of my internal organs and a shot of my spinal column. How odd... my vertebrae twist one way, then the other way, then it straightens back out at the end. Maybe that's why I don't like my sides touched? The pawrents are going to put me on something called Cosequin, as a preventative.

I was also told I need to be put on something called a "diet", because I weighed in at 66 lbs--6 more pounds than Dixie. The Mom had the vet tech reweigh me, 'cuz she couldn't believe I weighed that much. The vet tech said I needed this "diet" thing because I should weigh around 50-55 lbs. I do NOT like the sound of this "diet" thing. No treats, and a reduced portion in my food bowl. Sounds like cruelty to animals, if you ask me. Call the A!


Today I Registered

April 15th 2010 4:14 pm
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for something called Bark In the Park. The Mom assures me there is no barking involved. That's good, 'cuz I don't bark--Dixie does! The Mom says it's a 5K/3.2 mile walk on Saturday May 1st with approximately 3,500 animal lovers--most with their dogs!

The Mom registered me with my Dad as the leash-holder. This I GOT to see. The Dad breaks a sweat walking from the house to the garage! The Mom said it's for a Good Cause--The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago’s comprehensive, open-door humane society and SPCA of Illinois, celebrating 111 years of caring for the animals. This Bark In the Park walk is one of their major fund-raisers, which they need because they are a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and receive NO government funds or funds from the HSUS or ASPCA.

I just don't know how I'm gonna react to all those 3,500 people. But, Dixie's done it, so how hard can it be? Wish me luck...

P.S. Thanks to Dogster HQ for picking this diary entry as Feature Diary of the Day for April 20th. It's great to have help getting the word out about Bark in the Park.


Today I Didn't

April 23rd 2010 7:12 pm
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eat. I had really bad poopies this morning, so that's probably why I couldn't even be tempted by a dollop of my fav, liver sausage. The Mom thinks it's stress-related...

Yesterday, Dixie went to the Groomer's. By herself. The Dad tried to hold me back, but when I heard Dixie and the Mom going out the back door without me, I broke free and tore after them. The Dad pretty much had to tackle me at the top of the stairs to keep me from running out after them.

When the Dad finally let me outside, I ran all around the yard looking for Dixie. I kept running to the garage door. The Dad finally got me to come inside, but let me tell you, I was a wreck until Dixie came back home in the afternoon.

So, this morning I had the poopies. And wouldn't eat breakfast. Or lunch. Or liver sausage. Or even some of the Mom's pizza! The Dad is going to make me some chicken breast for dinner. The Mom had to go to work at the newspaper and is a wreck over having to leave me with the Dad. She told the Dad if I start pacing, drooling and dry-heaving it's to the Emergency Vets ASAP! But I just think I'm reacting to yesterday's change in my routine. Dixie is MY touchstone. She needs to be HERE for me!!! 24/7! Right?


Today I Slept

April 28th 2010 6:24 pm
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on LuckyLucy's stuffy. LuckyLucy was a rescued Golden Retriever who lived here before Dixie and I came. Our good friends, Rocky and Sarge, had sent LuckyLucy, Remo the Red and WINston XXLP these large white-fleeced gingerbreadman-shaped stuffies for Remo's 14th Birthday. Remo cuddled on his during his last week, and took it with him to the vet on his last day. The Mom slept with WINston's after he left for the Bridge. But Lucy's stuffy didn't get a lot of use. Lucy was a "ball...Ball...did I say BALL?" type of dog.

The Mom keeps the stuffies next to the daybed. Every time I go up there I sniff them. Finally the Mom relented and let me use Lucy's. I'm very good with my stuffies. I don't rip them up. I just gnaw on them until they're nice and soggy. :D So the Mom trusted me with Lucy's stuffy. I like it very much. It makes a nice pillow. Thanks, Lucy. Thanks, Rocky & Sarge.


Today I Walked

May 1st 2010 5:04 pm
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with over 1,500 dogs and over 3,500 people! It was CRAZY!!! This walk-thing was called Bark In The Park, and it was a benefit for Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society. It was at Chicago's lakefront. The Mom took some pics and some video. Hopefully it will all be up on our pages soon. Before the Walk we met Gus and Dusty, who belong to one of the Mom's coworkers. Gus was quite friendly, but Dusty doesn't really like dogs much... go figure...

I was a little confused about the Walk, actually. When we go to the park for a walk, and I do my business, I'm DONE.
D O N E ! I start pulling to go back to the Jeep. The only thing that distracts me from my purpose is the occasional squirrel.

So I did my business, but we kept walking. I kept pulling the Dad towards various cars and SUVs, but he wasn't getting the message. We walked. And walked. And walked. It would have been complete torture, but we took a rest on some grass and Nancy-lady gave me a great belly scritch. That girl has SKILLS!

FINALLY we got back to the Jeep. I jumped in the back and curled up in my cuddle bed for the ride home. What a day!


Today I Saw

June 12th 2010 6:19 pm
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It was very hot and muggy today in Chicago. But the Dad still took Dixie and me to the park. Good Dad. When we got there and started our walk around the field path (best trees to find squirrels) I saw this small, naked thing with spots on it's skin and poofy hair like a mohawk on it's head and ears and feet come running really fast up to me.

Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip, Yip... It kept making that noise, and kept bouncing all around me in a circle. I cringed a bit, and looked at the Dad as if to say "what IS that thing?" A lady finally came up and corralled the Yip, Yip, Yipper and we continued our walk.

Later I heard the Dad tell the Mom all about it. He said the Yipper was something called a "Chinese Crested". All I know was it moved really FAST, was really BOUNCY, and was really LOUD!

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