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Hullo. My Name's Burt...

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Today I Have

January 11th 2010 11:41 pm
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53 Guests who signed my Guest Book. Don't 'ya think that's AWESOME? I need to cruise on over to some of these pups' pages and sign their books too! And some of the pups asked me to be their pup pal!!!!! Woooooooo woooooooo!!!

This is so EXCITING!!!!


Today I Frolicked

January 14th 2010 5:40 pm
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around in the snow in the back yard. I ran to the back door, then zipped and zagged around Dixie (no response from the Diva), ran under the bench and outdoor table, leaped over a drift and bounced through the snow, spun past the Mom as she stood laughing, did a fast "play bow" in front of Dixie (still no response from the Diva), did a circuit of the yard, ran to the back door, then repeated the whole thing once again!!! I was panting by the time I was done.

The only thing... did I mention it was 1:35 a.m.?


Today I Continued

January 14th 2010 6:36 pm
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returning some of the many visits to my new guest book! It's a little tricky 'cuz the guest book isn't a Dogster feature, so I can't just click on the pup's picture and get taken to their page. So, it may take a while to find every one of the 61 pups' pages who signed my guest book, but that's my New Year's goal--to visit and sign everypup's Guest Books in return!

p.s. my guest book ROCKS!!!


Today I Lifted

January 15th 2010 8:44 pm
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my leg. Dixie is always goin' on and on about how I squat like a girl. Well, I've been getting more and more confident. I've begun to "assert" myself. And today I watered a tree at the park. On my tippy toes. BOL

(you should have seen Dixie Diva tryin' to "cover" my mark... no matter how she tried to position her big butte' she couldn't do it... FOTFLMTO )


Today I Slept

January 26th 2010 3:48 pm
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on the daybed with the Mom. She has been having some medical "issues" and is taking some heavy-duty drugs. All I know is that she doesn't smell like she usually does. I sniff, and sniff, and sniff, and then I snort! I figure I better stay close and keep an eye on her.


Today I Fetched

January 30th 2010 4:45 pm
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a fuzzy ball-shaped stuffy. It was so much fun! The NancyLady had given us this fuzzy ball-shaped stuffy for Christmas, but it just sat under the Buhens FooFoo tree. But today the Dad grabbed it and kept saying to me "are you gonna get it?" over and over again as he shook it in my face. Sure I can get it--just give me a chance!!!!

Then the Dad tossed it across the room and down the hallway, and zooooooooooooom, I ran after it. I nabbed it in the hallway and then zipped into the bedroom where I keep the rest of my stuffies. I could hear the Dad and the Mom calling out "Good Boy, Burt, Good, Good Boy!"

Then they started calling "Come, Burt". So I came. But the Dad said "Where's your stuffy? Go get your stuffy." So I went and got it. And then we did the whole thing AGAIN!

Boy, I tell 'ya, that was a really easy way to make the peeps happy. And it was fun too! Dixie should try it sometime...


Today I Tried

February 11th 2010 11:44 am
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to hump Dixie, the Birthday Girl.
NOT a good idea.
In a flash, Dixie had my ear securely in her mouth
and was giving me an up close and personal
Ok, ok, ok... I get it, I get it, I get it...
I tell ya, Dixie sure moves fast for a "mature" pup of 7 years!


Today I Hid

February 18th 2010 5:10 pm
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in the corner at the Groomer's. Don't get me wrong--Samantha is a terrific groomer. For years she's been winning awards at national grooming competitions (but I REALLY don't get the award she won for turning a Standard Poodle into a Winnie the Pooh look-alike, complete with orange and red dye). ?????

I'm strictly a wash-and-wear kind of guy. Dixie FooFoo is the one who needs a regular wash and trim or her back end and tail fur grows WILD!!!!! This whole bathing/blow drying/grooming thing is something I'd rather skip. Anyway, after I was finished and down off of the table, I went and laid down in the corner of the shop. Dixie came over and kept me company. Samantha was worried because Dixie has never acted like that before (she's usually the social butterfly, prancing around, visiting all the dogs). The Mom explained to Sam that Dixie is my "security blanket" (whatever that is).

Personally, I think the Mom needs to rethink this whole "grooming" thing for me...


Sunday I Will

February 19th 2010 7:37 pm
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be 4 years old. I was born on February 21, 2006 at the Humane Society Calumet Area in Munster, Indiana. I was adopted out as a puppy to a family, and returned back to the shelter system in 2009. Then the Mom and the Dad and the Dixie adopted me in September 2009.

I have an astonishing connection to my new family. Dixie was also adopted from Humane Society Calumet Area, in September 2008. During the summer of 2008, my new family lost their two beloved Goldens, Remo the Red and LuckyLucy, to kidney failure and cancer. Dixie was adopted to fill their void--to be a companion to the remaining Chicago Crew member, WINston XXLP.

Now to the astonishing part... WINston XXLP, as you might know, went to the Bridge quite suddenly just three weeks after Dixie came to live with him. After the Mom and the Dad adopted me, they found out that I was born on WINston XXLP's 9th Birthday!!! We both share February 21st! So Sunday we will be celebrating my 4th Birthday and WINston's 13th Birthday!! CupCakes for EveryPup!!!!! Wooooooooooo Arrrrroooooooooo!!!!!


Today I Acted

February 23rd 2010 8:17 pm
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like a "ferret". The Mom and the Dad buy me these small, soft stuffies that we call "chew babies". I got two new "babies" Sunday for my 4th Birthday. I like to run and gently pick them up when the Mom and the Dad toss them across the room and down the hall. But, I do NOT retrieve ;) I take all of my babies into "my" bedroom and gather them all around "my" pillows.

The Dad says that when I do that I remind him of something called a "ferret". I'm told that the Boy once had two of these "ferret" things, and they would gather up dog and cat toys and put them into a big pile--usually behind some piece of furniture. I would like to have seen these "ferrets", but NOT if they'd take my babies!

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