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Hullo. My Name's Burt...

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Today I Kissed

October 26th 2009 3:12 pm
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the Mom. Right on the tip of her nose. Just a little, itty-bitty lick. Real quick. With just the very tip of my tongue. *mini-muah*

Mom freaked. She ran into the kitchen and told the Dad "Burt just gave me a kiss. And I wasn't even asking for one!" The way the Mom over-reacted you'd think she won the Lottery ;D

Tomorrow I will have lived in my forever home for four whole weeks. Life Is Good.


Today I Chewed

October 27th 2009 4:09 pm
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on a soft toy that Rocky & Sarge had sent for LuckyLucy. She never really bothered with it much (she was a tennis ball girl), so it still smelled pretty chewable to me. I sniffed it. I g e n t l y picked it up. I took it to my dogbed in the tv room. I laid down with it. I slowly chewed the edge of it. Just the edge. Just a little bit. The Mom was delighted!!! She's sure easy...


Today I Shredded

November 5th 2009 5:01 pm
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one of the Mom's kleenex. She got sick over the weekend and has been off of work for two days sick with a cold. NOT the Swine Flu (even though the guy the Mom caught this from took off a week and told everyone it was Swine Flu--pansy) The Mom usually tosses her kleenex out as soon as she uses them. But this one she put on the nightstand. I g e n t l y took it in my mouth. Then I laid down with the kleenex between my front paws. Shred shred shred shred shred shred shred. The Mom laughed and said Remo the Red used to shred kleenex too, so I'm in good company. p.s. the Mom is better and back at work today.


Today I Yanked

November 12th 2009 12:47 am
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the Mom right off of her feet! Right down onto her hands and knees! It was a real surprise for all of us--me, Dixie and the Mom. See, Dixie was at the end of her 15' retractable leash, leaving a little "present" on the park grass for the Mom to pick up. I was standing next to the Mom, waiting. quietly. P a t i e n t l y. Until I saw the SQUIRREL!!!!!

I lit out after that squirrel. Usually, the Mom runs after me, so when I hit the end of my leash, no biggy. But today she was standing still. UNTIL I hit the end of my leash. BAM!!!!! Down she went. Luckily, on the grass, not on the paved path.

The Mom dropped my leash and Dixie's on the way down so she could break her fall with her hands. The leashes retracted, right into Dixie and me. Boy, THAT sure slowed me down. Startled me and stopped me in my tracks.

The Mom was on the ground saying "come, Burt, come". Every time I walked toward her, the leash banged into my side and I'd stop. She'd say "come, Burt, come" and I'd start toward her again. Then "bang" and I'd stop again. This went on a couple of more times and I finally made it back to the Mom. Dixie came to her right away (of course. Did I tell you how she's a big brown nose with our trainer Trixie?)

Poor Mom. She had to stay home from work and ice her knee. But she told me "it's ok, Burt, it wasn't your fault". My Mom is very understanding. She's the best!


Today I Jumped

November 21st 2009 6:17 pm
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out the car window! Really, really, REALLY surprised the Dad!

In my defense, I can say I was really, really, REALLY excited! Dixie and I haven't been to Pasteur Park since the Mom fell on her knee. It's really giving her a lot of problems. So no daily walks with Mom since Nov. 11th.

Today the Dad loaded Dixie and I into the Jeep. Dixie rode shot-gun with the window open and I rode in my favorite secure place--the front seat passenger footwell (the Mom even put a soft pillow down there so I could rest my head and watch her as she drives).

We drove a bit and pulled up at THE PARK!!!! Dixie got excited, jumped into the back of the Jeep and started howlin' and carryin' on. I got so excited about Dixie being excited that I climbed out of the footwell onto the seat. When I saw we were at THE PARK I got so excited I jumped out the open car window!!! That really surprised the Dad, I tell ya... (actually, it surprised me too)!


Today I Played

November 23rd 2009 12:27 pm
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Hide and Seek! At PetSmart! The Mom and the Dad told Trixie, my trainer, about how I jumped out of the car window at the park and then wouldn't "come". So Trixie said we would work on "come" today.

Trixie held my leash and the Dad went off into one of the store's other aisles. Then she would shout "OK, Dad". I would hear the Dad shouting "Come, Burt, COME"! I was off like a SHOT!!!!!!!!

I pulled Trixie up and down the aisles until I found the Dad! He kept saying "come, Burt, come". Then I'd find him!! Woohoooo!!! "Good come, Burt, good come!!!" I got so good at this game. Plus it was a lot of fun!!!! (at one point I tried to climb OVER the shelves to get to the next aisle, I was so excited)! I like to find the Dad. I hope we play this game again!

(p.s. Dixie, my sister, did not do so well at this game. She's so laid back. She REFUSED to run through the store. Lazy-buttons! )


Today I Steered

November 23rd 2009 11:28 pm
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clear of my sister Dixie. Sunday night we ran outside to make a quick pit stop in the yard before bed. Everything was ok, until we came back in. I went to get a bite of kibble and Dixie turned all CUJO on me!!!!!

Lots of snarlin' and snappin'. No blood. But it scared the Dad so much he almost dookied in his drawers!!! He yelled at us and we stopped right away (I really should say Dixie stopped, because it was ALL her).

The Mom thinks that what happened with Dixie could be because Trixie the Trainer and the Dad were making such a big deal over me at class today. Maybe the Queen of ALL Things (her nickname for herself, not mine) got her nose out of joint?

Anyway you look at it, I'm layin' low until her mood improves...


Today I Dookied

November 26th 2009 8:50 pm
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right in the middle of the living room area rug. A really BIG pile. But I didn't get yelled at. Let me explain...

Since the Mom hurt her leg, we've had fewer walks. I've been doing my business in the fenced-in back yard. Not bad, but it isn't the park. No squirrels... :( This has really thrown my schedule off.

Last night the Mom and the Dad were in bed. I went to the Dad and tried to get him out of bed. No luck. Then I went to the Mom. She was laying with her ankle and knee in ice. I tried to get her attention. I butted my head against her hand--she started to pet me and told me to lay down. I put my front legs on the bed. Again, a couple of pats on the head and "lay down, Burt".

Well, a pup has to do what a pup has to do. When the smell reached the Dad, THEN he got up. But I didn't get yelled at. They finally understood that I hadn't wanted to be petted, I NEEDED to go WALKIES!!!!! The Mom said she's thankful she hadn't gotten the new area rug that she's had her eye on. Me too...


Today I Met

December 5th 2009 5:50 pm
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the Family that almost adopted me!!!!! How about THAT for a small world??? They were at the Schererville Indiana PetSmart taking donations for the shelter that Dixie and I came from. (we were there to take me to the VET--more on that in a minute). The Lady was there with a young boy and girl. She told the Mom and the Dad that she had met me at the shelter a couple of weeks before I was adopted. She came back in to put in an application to adopt me, but an application was pending!!! The Mom and the Dad must have just beat her to the punch that day!!

The Dad said later that he didn't know if it would have worked out for me with the other family. The little boy and girl kept trying to pet on me, but I was cringing each time. Instead of me, they adopted a smaller Lab mix that they named Shadow. Shadow seemed to enjoy a lot of attention. I agree with the Dad--Shadow is a better fit for them.

So, about the Vet. My Vet, Dr. Mullings, is one of the best vets in the entire Banfield Pet Hospital chain. They fly her to corporate HQ to consult on things. When Dr. M moved from the Burbank Illinois Banfield to the Schererville Indiana Banfield about half of the practice followed her!!! 30 Mile expressway drive to keep a good vet! And they have so many Illinois people coming to see her in Indiana that they keep the Cook County Illinois rabies tag on hand!

Back to today's vet visit... #1: I do NOT have a lump on my shoulder. The Dad could not find it today to show Dr. M. And when Dr. M gave me three shots in the LEFT SHOULDER today the Mom realized that before the Dad must have felt the swelling from the shots I had 3 weeks ago. Whew! A relief!!! #2: Dr. M thinks my increased water intake could be from the change in food. Another whew!!! #3: And she didn't yell too much about my weight gain (I'm at 55.1 lbs) So, a very good visit at the Vet today.

(psssst... I forgot to mention that Dixie pooped on the rug in the doorway of PetSmart today... BOL)


Today I Laid

December 9th 2009 8:57 pm
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low again. I was sick Sunday. I had a fever and some bad, bad poop. The Mom and Dr. M think it's in reaction to my third series of booster shots. The office mgr rescheduled my second set too far from my first set, so I had to do a third set of shots. The Mom said next year she's gonna have Dr. M do something called a "titer" test. This is a test on my blood to check for the level of antibodies against serious diseases like parvo. That way I might not need additional vaccines that can make me sick again.

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