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I had a great barkday

July 5th 2010 9:23 pm
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My barkday is July 4 - yup, that's right, July 4 - and a holiday at that - declared just for me I believe !! I was born American but a few years later I emigrated to Canada. here we celebrate Canada Day on July 1 - both holidays seem about the same to me - time off work, b-b-q's, fireworks, and so on.

all those pawties and b-b-q's happening on and around my barkday, yippee! I had a great day - started it off with a happy-barkday-tummy-rub the minute I opened my eyes. I had breakfast, read all the nice messages from my dogster pals, and followed up with a nap and later, a full backyard inspection.

After lunch we headed out - me, mom and fursis Sniffers. I had no idea what the plan was,it was all hush hush, apparently meant to be a surprise, and surprise it was - Our first stop was at a big park for a long walk and all the sniffing time I wanted - non of this "hurry up Dixie", no, it was my day and I set the pace!

Once we had "done" the park we got into the car, and drove to a pet store I'd never been to before - that store was packed with goodies, so much to explore, and the staff person was so friendly and gave treats. He must have known it was my barkday!! I picked out some bully sticks and cookies, then it was back into the car and on to - OMD!! a second pet store - where I shopped some more and selected some veal chews and a different type of cookie. The staff there were friendly too and also gave treats. They must have known it was my barkday!

After all this in and out of the car stuff, meeting my subjects, and inspecting a major park, I was pretty tired, and opted for ice cream at home rather than out somewhere.

Mom hauled my shopping into the house, got out the butterscotch ripple ice cream and we all enjoyed some - I took a quick nap and soon it was supper time - later I enjoyed one of the veal sticks, and then off to bed, to dream sweet dreams...



winter is almost over

February 27th 2010 2:15 pm
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Winter is pretty much over here, there are bulbs coming up all over the place, some are even blooming - daffodils, hyacinths, its starting to look a lot like Spring - yay!! Dad has even cut the grass twice!

School is going good, it is still mostly Big dogs, but there is a cute little havanese in my class this time named LuLu, her mom brings good treats - like Cheese!! Its true, I do pay more attention when the treats are better - so mom has been taking sliced chicken - that's getting a bit predictable now, I think she should change to beef for a while, or some of that cheese stuff ! BOL

Since my last diary entry I've had an ultrasound - I had to lie on my back for 40 minutes while the dogtor did the test but they said I was very good and didn't move a muscle - it was kinda like getting a belly rub I thought, so I didn't mind. Anyway the test was all normal, organs look good. Mom said this is a baseline for the future, she likes to do this on all the furs every two or so years - things show up on ultrasound before they ever show in bloodwork so I guess that's a good thing.

Now spring is just around the corner we've had some spring rain - you know, light and warm, not cold and heavy like winter - well it brought out the worms !! I tried a couple but they weren't like I thought they'd be so I spit them ! Right now mom is teaching me "leave it", which is probably going to be a good thing to know, given that everything goes into my mouth, no questions asked. "Drop it" would have been a good command for the poor worm, but I haven't learned that yet BOL

ok I gotta go check stuff out, so BAYL


School Daze

January 25th 2010 9:14 pm
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yikes, looks like we're going back to school starting tomorrow, another 8 weeks of who-knows-what : Dixie do this, Dixie do that !

Mom's been fussing about, having me groomed, says I have to look spiffy in front of all the others !

All I can say is, if we gotta do this, the treats had better be good !



What's wrong with lettuce?

December 27th 2009 5:34 pm
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the other day mom dropped a piece of lettuce on the floor and watched in amazement as I woofed it down - then she starts going on about how she's never had a dog that would eat lettuce.

what's the big deal here, its a green veggie isn't it !! And I havent met a veggie I dont like so far !!

Mom gave me another piece tonight and was amazed at how possessive I was and wouldnt let any other fur near it ! Well mom, lettuce is expensive this time of year, and I knew they'd only play with it, so lets not waste it.... and just in case you're wondering, it was leaf lettuce.

if you're reading this and you eat lettuce too, drop me a line, I need some support here !!



Leaf Piles

December 18th 2009 9:47 pm
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OMD leaf piles are to die for! full of adventure - lots of smells, great to wallow in, send and receive messages - I could hang out in one all day !!

if you haven't experienced a leaf pile yet, get out there and find one, you'll be glad you did !!



I graduated !!

December 4th 2009 9:36 am
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oh boy our last night of school was so much fun ! the teacher says ok no work tonight, we'll play some games.

first game - we had to walk around the room nicely on leash while mom held a ball in a spoon in her other hand...if she dropped it we would have to start over. I knew this was important and I walked so nicely and mom didnt drop anything !!

When we finished the walk everyone had to grab a T-shirt and dress their dog to show that he/she could be handled ok - touching paws etc. teacher wanted to be sure we would be good at being handled by vets, groomers, etc.

then the teacher says ok, let's introduce you to agility !! she gets out this tunnel thing and sets it up, but not full length. the teacher holds me at one end and mom is at the other end to coax me through. For some reason mom had thought I might need a real incentive tonight, so she brought ROAST BEEF!! I put one dainty paw in the tunnel and sniffed tentatively -- mom was leaning in from the other end with the beef in hand--it took a bit of coaxing the first time but I went through.

We did this 3 times altogether, each time the tunnel was made longer. By the third time I was running through with no hesitation, to get to the Beef and everyone cheered !! BOL BOL

I heard someone say "there should be an award for cuteness" !! BOL

All in all it was a great time, the only thing was that the teacher didnt bring our certificates so she has to mail them. I hope I get mine soon so I can put it on my page.

On the way home we stopped at Starbucks Drive Thru for mom's treat, and there was 3 cars ahead of us. when we got to the window they had no record of our order, so mom's latte was free !!!

Mom says we are signing up for level 2 in the new year, apparently its more work, I wonder if mom is up to it! oh boy !



what is this thing called snow

December 2nd 2009 9:45 pm
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We were just lying about thinking of going to bed when mom turned to the TV weather channel and then whimpered while going quite pale.

Sniffers explained to me that mom does this when something called snow is in the forecast. What is this thing called snow? I am from Texas you know, and not used to the cold temps we are currently experiencing here in my new northern home land. In fact on our walk today I really had to hurry mom along so I wouldnt freeze my buns off. she had put a sweater on me, but it was very thin, summer weight, not enough for a brisk December day.

mom is worrying now that if it snows we won't get to our final night of school, apparently it is "graduation" and we were told to bring cameras!! We dont want to miss that and certainly dont want to break our pawfect attendance record - hey there! Mr Snow, if you're listening, please hold off til I graduate, ok ?



Yay for squirrels

December 2nd 2009 9:29 pm
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Found a windfall in the yard today !! I had just about given up hope of finding food out there again, especially since its been cold with frost the last two nights so that even the mushrooms froze and disappeared.

Anyhow, I was checking the yard with Sniffers, when all of a sudden what did we spy - peanuts socked away in an indent in the lawn!! musta been put there over night by the neighborhood squirrels, can't think how else they got there.

We would have gotten away with it too if Sniffers had chewed more discreetly, but no she had to stand there moving her mouth in such a manner as to make mom suspicious and walk over to where we were. Busted!! mom picked up the stash and tossed it (sigh), maybe Mr Squirrel will bring more tonight....we'll be checking first thing in the a.m.



Photos with Santa

November 28th 2009 11:13 am
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Well! Saturday morning and I thought we'd have a sleep in, but before I know it I've had my breakfast and mom is brushing me, and saying "car ride".

Off we went (Sniffers and me) to a pet store where I met this person called Santa - he was wearing a big red suit, and had a huge white beard you could hide treats if only I had a beard like that, I could eat for a week from all the stuff I'd save in there !!

Next thing I know mom is putting us on Santa's lap (gulp) and people I don't even know are jumping around with squeaky toys and waving treats and calling our names - how'd they know our names? and this photographer guy is taking our pictures.

Mom was clicking away with her camera too, and Santa was so patient and let her take all the pics she wanted. Then we paid for the pics the official photographer took - the money is to help orphaned cats, so that's good; and mom bought a calendar by donation too, and a book of dog walks for our area so she can plan future schnauzer meetups.

Whew all that before 11 a.m., I am so going back to bed !!



Six weeks of school behind us

November 21st 2009 1:38 pm
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Six weeks of school down with two to go. We are the only ones with perfect attendance so far. There are always one or two absent each week and I can't say I blame them - its been raining a lot and since the classes are in the evening, its pretty dark and miserable driving there, but our attitude is that we paid for it, we are going to get all we can from it - and unless it snows we will be there !

I'm proud to say Mom is doing quite well with the training, and I am learning something too. We both understand Come, Sit, Stay, although we still need lots of practise, and we are working on nice leash walking.

There is a tremendous amount of treats involved in the training which sure gets my attention, and since mom has been doing so well, I let her stop at a drive thru Starbucks after every class for her we're both happy and we sure sleep good when we get home.


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