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My Gotcha Day

September 27th 2012 12:41 pm
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Well it was the third annifursary of my gotcha day yesterday and I received some nice pressies and wishes from my dogster furiends. Did I get presents from the pawrents? No! A car ride perhaps? No! I got a poodle sister, OMD.

Two days ago we had visited a friend who breeds poodles, we met several poodles (yawn) but didn't think it was going anywhere....just a visit, right..... Wrong !! Last night a car stopped in front of our house and a man came in carrying two poodles - my eyes went wide, I barked, mom shushed me. The pawrents talked to the man, they laughed and smiled at the thing we knew the man was leaving with only one poodle and the other one stayed here. We learned her name is Geneva and she was up for adoption; the second one was the man's companion.

mom told us that Geneva and a couple of others are 7 years old and all need new homes; the breeder re-homes the seniors as new pups arrive. I immediately felt sorry for Geneva and put on my best face, it is after all strange and new to her after being in one home for 7 years, so I guess it's really her gotcha day too, and we will have to celebrate together from now on.

come on Geneva, let me show you around the garden - but no touching my blueberry bushes, ok ?



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