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The New Life of Toby

I'm in a blog!

July 15th 2010 9:12 pm
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My human, April, has started a blog about me and everything I have taught her :)she is just getting it started but there are already some really fun posts and lots more to come! Check it out at!


Puppy Play Date!

January 30th 2010 9:40 pm
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I am not a big fan of other dogs, I am learning to trust them with April's help but it is hard. I do have two good friends though! April's cousin has a dog, Nashville (aka Nash), that is my first and best friend. Just before Christmas, April's other cousin got a puppy, Gunner, who spent all Christmas day with us! We got along right away and played all day. Unfortunately, shortly after Christmas, Gunner caught the much dreaded disease, Parvo. Thanks to his owner and the wonderful vet (who would have thought a vet could be wonderful!), Gunner pulled through and is coming over for a play date this week!


I am unique!

January 21st 2010 2:25 am
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April has researched breeds more than anyone she knows and has decided I am a lab/whippet mix. Whippets aren't very common in our area (but one seems to be loose and breeding nearby because we have seen more mixes in the shelter) so that is part of what makes me unique, but another thing is my tan points! Tan points aren't very common in either breed but I have them, and they are brindle! April may never know for sure if I truly am a lab whippet mix, but what do you guys think? Check out my pics and comment!


Excitement in the household!

January 12th 2010 11:55 am
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April says that her sister may soon move out! I like her sister fine but she has allergies that keep me out of the house most of the day. If she gets her own house then everyone will be more comfortable. She will have a pet free home and April and I can spend more time together indoors :) Plus, then I won't have to spend so much time barking at the back door, it seems to make April's dad mad, but I can't see why, I am just making sure everyone knows I am still there every 10 seconds. You never know what these humans are going to forget! Everyone cross their fingers (or paws) that April's sister gets the house!


A day in the life of Toby

December 9th 2009 4:13 pm
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Every day April and I wake up about ten o clock in the morning and we stretch and relax until about 11 o clock. Then I go out to the back yard to do my business while April gets dressed (very warmly these days). When we are both ready to go April gets my leash and we go on a long walk around the neighborhood (I hate heeling but April makes me, and she is in charge!). I love smelling all the smells and seeing the sights. April makes me behave around the neighborhood dogs before we keep going, I think its really hard because I dont trust them but April says I can so I am trying. When we get back home April gets my breakfast and scatters it around the back yard while I sit at the bottom of the stairs. Then I get to run around finding all the bits of food! I spend a few hours outside playing with my toys and April and her family play fetch with me. Then between 5 and 7 I get to go on another walk and then I get dinner the same way I have breakfast. About 9 I go in my kennel until April goes to bed and then we sleep in her bed until morning. Well, thats my basic day! We also go to Petco somedays and we do training sometimes too! I love learning new tricks! No two days are exactly the same around here but I love having the consistency of my basic schedule :)


The first day of the rest of my life.

October 20th 2009 9:17 pm
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There is a saying that every dog has his day. Well my day was June 13th, 2009. That was the first day of the rest of my life. That was the day I met April. I don't remember much of my previous life except that I was hungry, hurt, and on my own.
I was found by these people who took me to a shelter where they fed me and treated the gash that ran down my back. Not too long after they took me to a people prison where two people taught me some people words like sit, down, stay and come. After I learned all that was when I met my April. Right when I met her I knew she was my one special person that I would spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to make sure she knew it too so I tried really hard to be a good boy that day. We had to have a class with the other dogs that day and during the class the teacher took me from my April and put me in the middle of the circle and told me to stay. I stayed as long as I could but I just had to get back to my April.
They always called me Elliot at the shelter and the people prison but I never liked it much, so when April started calling me Toby I answered right away. April knew I was the dog for her and I knew she was my person, we have been together ever since, and we will be for life.

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