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Make Way for the Queen!!

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Thank you Dogster and my Wonderful Pup Pals

September 21st 2012 6:52 am
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Mommy and I were so excited to see that I was Dog of the Week. Thank you Dogster for making me feel so special.

And to all my pup pals that sent their congrats and/or sent pretties to my page, I love you all, I am wagging my little nub with excitement!!

I have been recouping from hurting myself when jumping on mommy and daddy's bed last week. I am doing much better and acting like myself again. There are some things I will not do. I won't climb the steps, although I did it once, and got mommy and daddy excited. But then that night, I would not go up there again.

Since I am running around again and playing with Jackson, it seems I am being cautious but mommy and daddy are watching me since we can't tell them if something hurts or if we are just afraid to do it.

Thanks to all who posted well wishes on mommy's FB page for my recovery. POP always helps.

Gotta go and bark for my breakfast now. Daddy never is fast enough when getting that ready, BOL!!!


Birthday Lunch!!!

July 9th 2012 8:20 pm
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It is my woofday this Friday and Duffy is coming to visit us at work. Jackson and I go every day with mommy and daddy to help them at work. They sell doggy items and they must be dog approved, BOL. Well, at least, Jackson wants to try out all the toys. Mommy has to watch when she pulls toys that Jackson doesn't get something bought for another doggy.

Any way, this Friday is my birthday and Duffy is coming!!!!! He is going to get to run around the warehouse with us and play and have turkey with us!!! We are having Bandana's so I can have my favorite turkey.

It has been so hot this summer that there has been no dog park time. I miss Duffy and our friends, Pepsi and Cindy Lou, so mommy and daddy are inviting Duffy and mommy over to celebrate with my woofday with my Dogster hubby!! I am gonna chase him all around the warehouse, hehe!!


Looking Forward to this Weekend!!

August 31st 2010 1:25 pm
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Supposed to be great weather, and we may get to go to a car cruise with mommy and daddy and maybe even a car show, means some fun outside time.

And best of all another trip to the dog park to play with my hubby, Duffy!! And then out to lunch. It has been a long, hot summer and we missed our dog park time!!

Mommy is glad I am not having a growling and howling tummy anymore. Not only is my Proportions meals the best ever, but it has been great for tummy!! I have been feeling great EVERY DAY!! Yay!!!


Yummy and Good for Me Too!!

August 23rd 2010 8:43 pm
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Mommy and daddy get a kick out of the way I keep licking my lips after eating my Proportions meal. I can't help it, it has that great chicken stew and I can still taste it.

Really good thing is I have had absolutely no tummy problems. I periodically get tummy aches with my belly howling and I have not whined or wanted to go out and eat grass.

Mommy may try to stop giving me the pill we get from the vet, maybe just the Pepcid once a day and then the other pill every other day, see how that goes and wean me off of it. It would be great not to have to take that pill although I love the cheese mommy wraps around it. Hehe!

But for now, mommy and I are happy I have not had any episodes with my tummy, it is a really good thing.


Yummy Yummy in My Tummy!!

August 17th 2010 3:57 pm
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Well into our first month trial with Proportions food and I am still going crazy over it. We are both licking our lips, licking the bowl and going back to lick the bowl again, hehe!!!

Daddy is a convert too, heard him telling a friend about how we like our food and the good stuff in there and just how good it is for us. He doesn't like change a whole lot and was initially not that happy that mommy was doing something to change his morning feeding routine with us.

Warning though, daddy was doing the trash and I tried getting into it because I got a sniff of the empty pouch in there and wanted to lick out the gravy. Yummmmmm, yummmmmmm!!!


Even Daddy Has Come Around!

July 31st 2010 2:23 pm
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Daddy complains every time mommy changes something with us and he feeds us our morning meals. He complained when Mommy told him she was getting the Proportions meals for us. He has found the packets easy and not the hassle he thought it would be and loves that we love it so much.

He is noticing how often we go back and lick our bowls and lick our chops after we are done, BOL BOL!!

Yep, Daddy loves us too!!! He loves to spoil us! And gets a kick out of how much we love the chicken and stew topping!!


My Mommy Must Love Me!! This new food is yummy!!

July 26th 2010 2:01 pm
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We got some boxes and and two had my name and two had Jackson's. Mommy and daddy have taken pouches out of there and put a chicken and pumpkin soup topping on our kibble!!!! It is so good, and smells so good that mommy almost wants to eat it, but we would be mad. We are barking for our meals, hehe.

The smaller boxes are a free 10 day conversion from your current food. Right now we are using our kibble and putting the soup portion on our meals. We are little so we get one meal a day and divide it into two. They included a plastic sealer that makes it easy to seal up the soup until the next meal.

For bigger dogs you don't have to do that, but we are under 10 lbs and just split up the one meal so we have 2 meals.

ANYWAY, there are hunks of real chicken and peas and carrot slivers in some pumpkin soup. It tastes so yummy.

I downloaded a video of us chowing down, BOL!!

Waiting for the next 3 days in the conversion, we start using kibble from Proportions with the topping.


Real In The Fur Wedding

June 25th 2009 7:59 am
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We have an annual Pet Carnival in St. Louis in May at Petropolis and were looking forward to it. Duffy pmailed me to let me know they announced the Howling Mutrimony to be held during the carnival and asked if I wanted to get married in the real fur. I was super excited. We had a beautiful wedding on Dogster on Valentine's Day and are so happy but this gave us a chance not many had. Since we both live in St. Louis, we are able to see each other and play together in the real fur and now was our chance to officially get married in the real fur.

Our mommies were excited and our daddies were wondering where they could hide. Silly boys. They should know the mommies always get their way. BOL!

We also had a chance to get in the record books since they were trying to have the largest mass doggy wedding ever and the record was 178 doggy couples!!! So we faxed in our wedding forms and anxiously awaited the day!

Now it was time to shop!!!! Wooohoooo! I found a beautiful wedding dress and a pawsome tux and we ordered them. Not sure why humans have to dress us up for these things but it makes them happy.

The dress and tux arrived and it was time for a fitting. It was a beautiful fit although I kept trying to eat the skirt and wasn't impressed. The strap on the veil was too big and I kept pawing off the veil. One sweep of the paw and the annoying thing was off my head.

Duffy tried on his tux and his big broad chest was too much and he just couldn't squeeze into it but not all was lost because he had a pawsome tux bandana and looked very handsome in it. Nothing would stand in our way.

Mommy shortened the strap on the veil and kept her fingers crossed. The wedding day was finally here.

We arrived early with my brother, Jackson, and our friend, Pepsi, coming to witness the nuptials.

They had a speed dating tent to hook up pups that needed a wedding partner. And their turtle mascot was getting married to a cute little turtle too.

I spied the wedding arch and it was made out of something I fear. BALLOONS!!! A beautiful arch of white and silver balloons. I barked and barked. Then was satisfied that the balloons were not coming to get me.

Wedding time was quickly arriving, time to put on the beautiful wedding dress. And I have to admit I looked cute and was too distracted to chew on the skirt. I even left the veil on! And Duffy looked so handsome in his tux bandana! Our mommies were impressed and the humans kept saying how adorable we were!

Then Duffy's mommy noticed they were lining up so off we went. Ready for the nuptials. We were lined up towards the back watching two Wheaten Terriers play and waiting our turn while Duffy wanted to join in the playtime and I chilled out and posed for pictures.

Finally the ceremony begins!! First a quick civil ceremony followed by a real preacher performing a religious ceremony!!! We all howled our I Do's!!! And it was official. The we proceeded through the line!

It was our turn to walk down the red carpeted aisle adorned with rose petals. Cameras flashing, we proudly made our way down until..........

The wedding arch. Eeeeekkkkkk. It was swaying back and forth in the wind and looked intimidating. Duffy went through with no problem but I pulled back on my leash and my eyes grew wide. When a treat didn't entice me, mommy picked me up and hurried me through.

And we were officially married!!!!!!!! And wondering if we broke the record!

Exhausted we went home and watched for ourselves on the news.

We watched Channel 4 and not a sighting of us in their coverage of the event. Don't they know stars when they see them?

Then we watched Channel 2. And looked at all the pups they were showing and there we were!!! Starting to walk down the aisle together!!! We are stars!!! Our two seconds of fame were here! Mommy and daddy were excited and I covered up in my snuggle bed and snored. I already knew I was a star.

We also broke the record. 184 couples got married that day!!!

Only one regret. We left before they cut the cake. Can you believe Duffy forgot there was cake? BOL BOL BOL!!!


Ice Cream Tag

June 15th 2009 10:13 am
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WELL....... you can see how long it has been since I wrote a diary entry. BOL!!! Mommy has to get with it.

Maxi tagged me and I have to tell what type of ice cream I am. I pick

Tin Roof Sundae Vanilla Ice Cream with Brownie Pieces, Chocolate Covered Peanuts & Chocolate Swirl

Sounds yummy and includes all sorts of things in it, and I love all sorts of people and furs and I am also a little nutty. Add Whipped Cream and I am all set.

I will tag ....

Bailey, Kiki, Bearbut, Robin and Emma!!!


I've been tagged, Now I have tagged three special friends

July 15th 2007 4:08 pm
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Here's the newest dogster tag - being loved!

Pick 3 dogsters you think are really pawriffic and paw a little about why! Let them know how much they are loved with a rosette or by paw mail!

I was tagged by my good pals Gibbon and Duffy McDuff. Gibbon is a pawsome special friend who has introduced me to so many terrific Dogsters and is always there to help me when I need it. Duffy McDuff is such a cool pup and is always there to help me with a great pic or with any other help I may need. And yes, we will soon play together for real since he is a St. Louisan too!!

I picked 3 wonderful pals who I don't think have been tagged yet:

Kiki: She is a special friend who always is there for me and is so giving and caring. She is one of the sweetest pups I know.

Cashew: Is a very special girlfriend who is so much fun to play with and is always there with a helping hand.

Chaz: Is one cool dude and a very supportive friend. He is also very special to me.

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