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Memoirs of a Maltese

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What the Woof?

April 15th 2013 7:31 pm
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Hi pals,

This may be strange to you all, but sister decided to create my mom and I a separate account from hers and Halo's Dogster account. We're still the same family, same household (for now).

According to sister, she already feels bad for not keeping up with Dogster and efurryone's pupdates - but she wants my mom to be more computer savvy and manage my account.




January 18th 2013 8:30 pm
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Brrrrrr! Very chilly 2013 here in southwest Texas.

I hope efurryone's new year has started off grrreat! Really quickly, on Christmas Eve 2012 Zion, a 6-week old Shih Tzu, and his family spent the howliday here in our home. He loved my toys and cozy bed BOL. All the peeps ooo-ed and aaah-ed - marveled at his itty bitty cuteness. He was a very pleasant guest. He even went tinkle-tee on his wee-wee pad!

I has more to say, but for now. Stay warm and cozy my furiends!

Miss and woof you all!
Stella =)



December 22nd 2012 11:10 am
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I ate raw meatz!!

Mom was bringing in groceries this morning when I decided to investigate bags filled with food. Some of the grocery bags were on the floor. Us pups know when our moms bring in bags they contain goodies! Mom was so busy going back and forth putting items away in the kitchen that she didn't notice me.

I found a packaged ground beef and helped myself. Raw meatz. I ate quite a bit. She spotted me and in shock, "Stella! Aye Stella you're going to get sick! Oh. my. God. Stella...."

Yes pals, I helped myself to a good portion - ate through the plastic wrap to taste the juicy goodness. Has any of you guys eaten raw meatz before? I'm under a 24 surveillance watch for suspicious behavior conducted by the hoomans. I dunno what they're hoping to look for. Me riding a bicycle by myself? Or dressing up in mom's clothes?


holiday cheer!

December 19th 2012 4:40 pm
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The time is near for holiday cheer!
I've always wanted to say that.

Like everyone else during this time of the year, things have been very busy around here. I hasn't been busy myself. I lay around the house snuggled warm and cozy on the sofa.

Gosh! It has been many weeks I don't know where to start...

Sister recently house/doggie sat for a furiend. Of course, no doggies were actually sat on BOL. I reacquainted with an ol' furiend and owner of the house, Madi the Boston Terrier. I was sister's li'l helper. I supervised the Chinchilla feedings and H20 refills. Madi and I were escorted on coupled walkies to the nearby football field. Some days Madi and I would watch sister vacuum and clean around the house and other times we would go hide. The sucker machine is no furiend of mine. Madi doesn't like the sucker machine either. She would hide under the kitchen table whenever sister was vacuuming. If you're wondering about Halo, welllll Halo didn't join in on the helpings 'cos sister didn't want to bring the ahem, zoo and hair with her. Secretly, I knew she didn't wanna juggle too many animals, goldfish, lizards and Chinchilla like she did the last time we doggie sat Madi. Moreover, sis was avoiding her immaculate, clean vehicle interior from becoming saturated with Halo's hair BOL!

I almost forgot to mention, I went joy riding (FINALLY) a few weeks ago to the chicken food fil-a. That's always fun.

Oooh and last night was extremely cold! - sister was kind enough to bundle us up and took Halo and I walkies.

New photos:
Madi and me take 1
Madi and me take 2
Post walkies


Walkies Fun

November 27th 2012 9:23 pm
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Hiya pals,

So no joy ride, but we did go for WALKIES! In addition to that, we even snuck onto the baseball field. I don't know how this happens, but when I'm on walkies I pick up stickers in my hair. =( They're really prickly and hurt me when I walk. We had to stop during walkies to remove the stickers. There were too many. It wasn't like we walked in a field. We were on the main road on the sidewalk. So I wonder where these stickers come from. Once we hopped over the fence onto the baseball field, hooman sister helped removed the stickers and twigs stuck under my chin and legs.

Halo boasted in her diary that it was a grrreat night. Pffft. It was a little fun until she ran me over! She gets too wild sometimes and tries to get me to wrassle her. She's three times my size. Plus she's not very gentle and sister has to remind her "easy." The grass was wet and my feetsies felt super cold. It looks like I have brown fur boots on now BOL. I'm glad we went walkies. I love walkies!

Good night, again. tee-hee. :)


"joy ride"

November 27th 2012 5:27 pm
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hooman sister has been teasing me! sheesh. santa paws will leave her a lump of coal in her stalking for sure BOL. she walks around the house saying "joy ride." aside from WALKIES, she knoooows that is my furavorite word! I'll be laying down in the kitchen, thinking of meatz and there she goes with the "joy ride, Stella! joy ride!"

of course my ears perk up and I gets very excited.

I hasn't been joy riding in a very long time. I can only hope for her to make a trip to McD's, Sonix, or any drive-thru places soon.

are you pups excited & ready for the holiday season?! I sure am!
have you guys made your Christmas list? If any of you pups are doing the holiday card exchange, pawmail me! We'd love to send you holiday photos.

good night dear furiends & stay warm!

November 26th 2012 10:01 pm
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Finally after 390455427 days! Hooman sister finally decides to log on and get up to speed with our Dogster pals and the community. She has reeeeally failed as my typist, BOL!

Anywoof, not much has been going on. The fall leaves are scattered all over the backyard and I just so happen to track them inside with me. Every. Single. Day. :)

Mom bought the house two new sofa recliners. Halo is not allowed to sit on them, but I am. hehehe

A couple of nights ago, sister, me and Halo snuck onto the high school baseball field. We had a great time sniffing, running around and chasing one another. Later that night, mom had to remove lots of grass and twigs from my coat.


Coolest Pups

October 2nd 2012 6:01 pm
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you furs are the coolest and grrracious furiends evaaaah! thank you times ten for sending me and the pink skin pressies. we've fallen behind again on pupdates. yikes!...we've got a lot of catching up to do.

Luv you guys!



September 15th 2012 8:51 am
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Helping a humane society! You bet I will!!

Furriends, if any of you cutie pies and your moms has a Facebook (boooo! Facebook ick.), would you kindly submit your vote to help Lackawanna County? All you'll need to do is click on this link below, allow the app on your profile and vote! (There's no registeration, fee or misleading info.)


I know many of us hate Facebook. My sister does too. I think this cheesey site Facebook is a wonderful source for helping furs in need and other greats causes like this one. As a matter of fact, Chase financial is giving away $2 million dollars in charities on December 8th of this year! Isn't that uuuhmazing?!!

Thank you pals in advance!
If you choose to vote, you'll be supporting a great cause. I strongly feel that even something as small as my vote on Facebook can make a dramatic impact on the lives of others who are less fortunate. Yours can too. Contributing to our love of our furry furriends. Thanks again!


Papa John's

September 12th 2012 5:00 pm
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Mom and sister just received a delivery from a Papa John's this evening. I dunno whose papa he is, but next time he comes over he better bring doggie treats with him. He brought a box for the hoomans. He didn't have the decency to bring us pups anything. Isn't that rude?

When he rang our doorbell, o boy! I barked my head off at him.

Mom shooed me from the doorway into the living room.

Sister and mom are now eating in the dining room as I stare at them behind the baby gate.

I haven't even had my dinner yet. I think they forgot about feeding us!

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