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Equestrian Show Dog

June 22nd 2011 1:00 pm
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We're beating the heat
w/ some indoor fun. A
homemade agility course
for me to fetch.

In the long hallway upstairs,
BFF placed an ottoman in
the door entrance. I do
such a great job. I lovesss
it. BFF cheers for me
& claps when I hop over
the stool like an equestrian
show horse
tires me out so fast. Yet I can
zoom back & forth down
the hallway & jump over
the ottoman a hundred times.
Sometimes I like to cheat &
go around the stool. No points
deducted here. I receive kisses
& praise when I bring the ball
back to my hooman. ♥ =)


Can't Hide 'em

June 20th 2011 9:30 pm
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Recently, my nose
has found its way
inside my hooman's
purse. One time, in
band camp...errr wait
a second. I mean
one time, she caught
me tossing around a
wrapped up Subway
plastic bag which
pleasantly secured
(peanut butter &
chocolate chip, eeks!)
cookies. You
know what she did?
She took the bag.
She ate both cookies
right in front of me
- mind you, w/out
sharing. GASP!

**** face paw *****

A time before that,
I found half of a
delicious smelling
Arby's sandwich in her bag
when she went to use
the hooman tinkle
room. Needless to
say, I inhaled it.
She walked into
the room, saw the
sandwich paper,
me licking my lips
& asked why I ate her
dinner (b/c she
doesn't go & eat
my food. Uh so?).
My response...licking
my lips & low tail
wagging. ;)



June 17th 2011 12:16 pm
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Shaking my head.
Scratching my left
ear. Grrrrrr.

BFF said a trip to
the vet's office was
in order. Appawrently,
allergies (environ-
mental yes, but food, idk?)
has struck me again
-- uh, red yeast
coming out of my ears.
I plopped down on the
cold comfy floor when
BFF checked us in to
the vet today.

Sooo many smells! It
was very over-whelming.

The peeps waiting in
their chairs said I was
a pretty dog as
well as well-behaved (if
they only knew the real
me, BOL!) I went to
my usual vet clinic,
but I saw a new face. Dr.
Duchoqouette -- is my new
doctor. I did very well;
by totally forgetting
my manners & jumping up
on the vet to give kisses
& licks. My ears were
inspected, I gave a li'l
shake then made my way
to BFF for comfort.

I was sent home w/ new
heartgard, Oticlense
& Surolan ear drops for
the red yeast. I'm
hoping that this
treatment will help rid
me of the symptoms of
the awful earsies
allergies. If, in fact
I have food allergies,
there is gonna be a
lonnnng food trial
ahead of me...


Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

June 7th 2011 9:03 am
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Memorial Day Weekend was super
woofer fun! The limo service
was quite a treat.

BFF & I rode in sssstyle
(our drivers were hooman
grammparents BOL!)
BFF fluffed my pillow, provided
refreshments, snacks & toys! Yet,
I was too distracted by these
zooming images outside my window.

When we waited in line at the
NM border check point, there
was a Belgian Malinois sniffing out
this hoopty van in front of us.

He was quite handsome so I began to
whimper to get his attention. BFF
tapped me & told me to hush b/c the
Malinois was working. Phooey! I
kept making noises anyway....

Fast forward to Phoenix. It was
incredibly hot for me! BFF had
to pick up me; all 54 lbs of me.
The black tar from the parking lot
scorched my feetsies. The best
part of my trip was meeting this
tiny hooman, my BFF's neice, +
I reunited w/ my 'ol pal Oprah
& we spent 3 fur-filled days wrasslin',
sharing water, & wrasslin' some more.

Here's a video of us, check it out! :)




Where's my Package?

May 2nd 2011 10:09 am
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I'm waiting for a package from
Dr Foster and Smith.
Suppawsodely I will be receiving
some goodies. BFF showed me a
picture of one of my treats. She
basically said the goodies are
prevention and a good program
for me to start....


What could this be? A kibble
mini-spoon? Back scratcher?
Anywoof, BFF has also ordered
some glucosamine-pupamine
basic care chews; to start on
a road to healthy joints.
She says doggies age fast
within the first three
years of their lives.
What does that mean?
Am I 345679 years old?!


Featured Diary! Pressies....

April 14th 2011 12:15 am
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Please save them!

Thank you Dogster for selecting
me as another diary pick of the
day! Before any of my lovely
pals send me pressies, I'd like
to kindly ask to PLEASE
some love over to one of
God's angels in heaven;
sweet & adorable
WYOMING, who recently was called
by GOD, to walk over the
rainbow bridge on 3/6/2011.

Her diary from April 12th touched
my heart! Please also see WY's
Tribute Montage made by her
mommy.....awwwwhiez! :)

Thank you all darling pals
in advance for viewing
WY's video Montage.


Trip to Petsmart

April 5th 2011 11:55 am
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Took a trip to my favorite
place today! I did very
well except at the check
out line. I really wanted
that cookie from the cashier
lady. She was using this
device to mark the stuff
in my cart. I stood up
on my front paws to watch. :D

BFF bought our food! Canned
duck & more Blue Buffalo
Wilderness dry kibble.

I wonder how they put ducks
in cans? Anywoof, BFF also
bought me my fave toys; isqueak
happy birthday tennis balls.

Check out my new video. It's
a clip of me & my chew.

Woofs, woofs!


Don't Mind If I Do...

March 30th 2011 9:39 am
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Since bff has been workin' ten
hours almost every day during
the week, she doesn't want
to leave me crated for too long.

She keeps me in the laundry room.

Wellllll, I escaped from my
barricade (she secured my
folded up my wire crate,
which was propped up
vertically & wedged between
the washing machine; it
blocked the door entrance).
I cannot explain the details
of my escape b'cus bff is nosey
& reads my diaries. Feel free
to paw-mail me for details
though. BOL BOL! I pushed
the barricade aside. My nose
told me to head for the
kitchen. Somethin' smelled
super woofer delicious!
There was a whole Papa John's
supreme pizza sitting
untouched in its box on top
of the kitchen counter.
I pulled the box down from
the counter to the floor.

I ate it.
I ate it,


Happy National Puppy Day ♥

March 24th 2011 10:19 am
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Hugs & pooch smooches
are an every day thing
from my hooman. Ahem
a li'l too much if you
ask me BOL. Today is
extra special indeed.
It is National Puppy
! My hooman &
I played tug, practiced
sit stay commands too.
She kept picking me up
& walking around w/ me.
:::scratching head:::

To all my fellow
pups, senior citizen
, & to the
sweet doggies over
the rainbow
- Happy
National Puppy
Dog Day!!!


Dear Santa, i mean...

March 15th 2011 11:33 pm
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Dear diary,

I was playing w/ the Santa
stuffie, who's bite size
(literally), from Petsmart's
holiday collection. He
belonged to the fou fous.
I like to occasionally
make him squeak, cover
him in drool, dirt & dog
hair. Well, t'nite Santa
isss - I disemboweled
Santa! I removed the
stuffing inside of him &
the squeaker. I think the
fou fous are playin' w/
the semi-chewed squeaker

::: arrrrroo :::


Gotta go!
Ima have to continue this

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