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March 2nd 2011 5:43 pm
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This morning best friend & I
went jogging. I stillll need to
work on my leash manners. BOL!
I do well walking, but jogging
next to my hooman is gonna take
a lotttt of work. :) ♥

Now that I am twenty-one months, &
full matured, I can run on concrete.


The Fou Fous Escaped

February 9th 2011 3:32 pm
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Best Friend & I were counting
sheep when all of a sudden
we awoke to a distressed
hooman voice.

"They're gone, they're gone!!
Help me find them!"

Hooman gramma let the fou
fous out of her sight. They
escaped. BFF was very
mad but remained calm.
In a frenzy, she put me
in my wire crate (by
the way, I had to
hold my pee for a long
while b/c she was in a
hurry to search for the
missing fou fous). The
fou fous were obviously
left unattended in the
backyard, and secondly
Stella did not have her
collar on. She is
microchipped ready
through a petID program
system....blah blah blah,
but who knows what
could have happened...

After a tireless search,
the fou fous made it back
to the house safely. I
hope this teaches
hooman gramma & grampa
*never* again to leave
the fou fous in the
backyard without eagle
eye supervision. We
are like hooman kids.
They wouldn't leave
their hooman
out of their sights
for a second, so they
should do the same
w/ thee doggies too! ♥


Weekend, Woof!

January 31st 2011 1:25 pm
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Saturday: Best friend took me to
the new dog park early in the evening.
It was chilly, brrrr. We had the
entire park all to ourselves! There
was a Bassett Hound and a cute Poodle
dog named Choco on the other side of
the fence. Small doggies area. I
sniffed them. =)

Sunday morning: We went to BFF's old
high school. Guess what we did?
Yup!!! Fetch, again! =)
Chasing my ball & retrieving it makes
me very happy!


Tres Gringas at NEW Dog Park

January 28th 2011 12:29 pm
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Yesss, for the first time the
tres gringas took a trip together
to the new (not so exciting)
dog park nearby.

...I wore my snazzy wool
low rider harness buckled
in the front seat....

The drive took five lonnng minutes.
We jumped on the loop & got
off two exits later...nevertheless
we arrived safely & were ECSTATIC!!
We had thee whole park to ourselves!

El Paso isn't a dog friendly
community; which is kind of a bummer.

Pups don't mind tho! We make the best
of what we have. Sure there's no
shade, no cool watering fountains for us
to lap up, nor is there a place for
the hoomans to sit. What truly matters
is being able to fly freely in the
cool crisp air w/ the sunbeams warming
my pink skin. I was very happy
- sprinting across the dead grass,
chasing the two fou-fous.

Happy Furrrriday pupsters ♥ =P


I Turned One Today!

June 30th 2010 8:31 pm
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Ruff! Ruff! I have been
missing in action!
I know pupper pals. =)

My BFF has been outta
town lately. She's in
San Diego on an extended
trip. She cried before
she left. Pfffft. Talk
about separation anxiety.

I don't even miss her BOL!
My gramma hooman talks to
my BFF and reassures her
that I'm doing well and

I'm having a great time
with my hooman gramma,
Stella and Cleo. My
hooman grammparents
play fetch with me
everyday, feed me, and
I sleep in my crate
every night. Before BFF
left, she bought me a
buster cube so I can
entertain myself.

When BFF returns this
weekend, she better bring
back a special birthday
gift (since she is not
here to celebrate with me).

Pooch smooches for efurry pup!


Friday Play Date With Chiplé

June 5th 2010 8:31 am
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Yay! Got to see my gal pal
Chiplé. It was scorching
yesterday at Album park's
baseball field! On the
far corner of right field,
a teeny tiny small
patch of shade casted by
one of the trees. We
both laid down next to
each other, mouthed,
chewed each other's faces
and ear tugged. I also dug
a small hole in the cool
soft dirt. Chiplé
did the same too, arf!

Before we took a stroll
through the park, we made
a stop at the recreation
center to fill up on some

My guardian went inside
while Chiplé's mom
had me and Chiplé
outside on lead. I was a
good girl and didn't bark
after my guardian like I
usually do! BOL! Chiplé is
my role model and I follow
everything she does. I wore
my training prong collar,
which was a gift by Chiplé's
mom, and it helped me to
heel at the side! I'm
used to wearing my Easy-Walk
harness, but I still pull
too much. Anywoof, hope all
my pup pals have a fur-tastic
weekend! Arf!


Fun With Chiplé

May 24th 2010 2:27 pm
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After our fun chasin', tumblin'
and barkin' at people walking
close to our baseball field at
Album today, we took a stroll
through the park. We met
a few kids by the skateboard
area, kids by the play ground
and one little kid helping his
mom working the ice cream
truck. He said 'doggie doggie'
and wanted to pet me. BFF
allowed me to greet so I got
on my hind legs, wiggled my
tail, lowered my ears and with
my front paws on the door,
had the kid pet me. I secretly
wanted the Shrek ice cream
pop in his hand. =)

We sat in the shade under
the trees. A young guy walked
by and stared at me. He told
BFF that I'm a very pretty dog.
Awwwh shucks. Chiplé is
so mellow and I followed her
every sniff. I was a good girl
up until the point where we
walked again and an older
man walked next to us. He
strolled in front of me; as
if he was the Leader of our
pack BOL. I became super
excited - talked my head
off at the man. BFF was
embarrassed especially when
people all around stared. BOL!
We diverted away from the
man. I immediately stopped
talking. I'm so weird sometimes.

I'm pooped. I had a lot of fun
In the sun today. Ima miss
Chiplé' when she moves
back to the bay - east of
San Francisco this July.


Playdate at Album

May 20th 2010 10:49 am
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Tremendous play date pups!
I love my fur-avorite fur-riend
Chiplé! At the park's
baseball field, we ran off-leash
and played our usual game of
chase and tumble. Chiplé
even pinned me down on
my back and sat on me.

The sprinklers came on.
We were drenched and
muddy. I can't get enough
of chasin' Chiplé.
She's fun to chase
because she runs really
fast then quickly switches
directions .

We took a break. The
hoomans put our leashes
on and we went for a stroll
around the park. We also
met a fireman named
Augustine, who finished
running 4 miles around
the park with his 4-year
old American Bulldog Blanca.
She was all white and had
freckles like me. She may
have had a litter not too
long ago because her
boobies were saggy and
boobie buttons wrinkled
up like prunes. BOL! It
was too obvious to overlook.
As soon as we got home,
BFF took me to the tub
room for another cool
water rinse from head to paw.

(**BFF also wanted to say
D'oh (like Homer Simpson)! She
'assumed' I had red yeast! In
fact I have atopic dermatitis
- saliva staining on my paws
and other areas of my body.

She is concerned that I may
have an endocrine condition
(hyperthyroidism which is
extremely rare in dogs)
because I'm not gaining any
weight (not losing any thank
woofness), but I still look like
a Greyhound with my ribs
obviously visible. I may have
a bacterial infection (clinical signs
for hyperthyroidism are ravenous
appetite, hyperactivity apparent
since I always want to play and
restlessness) which developed
into allergies and could be an
underlying factor to an endocrine
or auto immune problem. BFF
is planning to take me to the vet
and have my blood tested next
Wednesday. She worries too
much about me like most Moms
do with their babies!!!

Hopefully, it's nothing but
seasonal allergies. Paws crossed.)


Bedroom Zoomies

May 19th 2010 9:41 am
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« « « panting » » »

hah, hah, hah
hah, hah, hah!

Once Stella and I
returned from our
trip to the baseball
field, where the grass
was freshly sprinkled
and muddy at
R. McCord park, we
were put int the tub
together. We had
our bellies and paws
rinsed. After we
were towel dried
in the tub room,
we gathered in the
bedroom for more
towel drying (dog
smell BOL!) where
the zoomies
took over me!

There wasn't much
room, but I zoomied
every where I could.

I leaped onto the bed!
I paused for a second,
then leaped off the
bed! I ran on the carpet,
to one side of the bed,
wall! So I slammed on
the breaks! Turned around,
then zoomied to
the other side of the bed,
wall! I jumped onto the
bed, then leaped off. I
did this silly string of
zoomies at least
six or seven times. BFF
and Stella sat on
the corner by the door
watching me. I'ma take
a nap now. Happy Hump
Day efurryone!



May 18th 2010 11:24 am
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Red Yeast is going
away! The Apple
Cider Vinegar is

BFF can already see
a small change in
between my toes.
The ACV is slowly
flushing out the red
yeast as well as
cleansing my insides.

Another thing, I haven't
gnawed my feetsies
since Saturday. It's Day 3
and we're going to
continue ACV for another
7 days. I got new toys
today too! BFF went
to Petsmart and bought
me a pack of Kong Air Dog
squeakers and a Kong
Genius. Watch out
Doggie Howser, M.D.!

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