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April 4th 2012 7:40 am
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I found this pic of a man
holding his daughter's dog
after the fur was rescued from a
home where the twister hit.

My well wishes, thoughts
& pawrayers go out to the furs
& peeps out in the Arlington /
Dallas / Ft Worth area. ♥


63 lbs.

February 16th 2012 5:30 pm
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Hey cutie pies! Before
my trip, I need to be
updated on my vaccinations.
Sooo, this afternoon I
took a trip to the vet's off
for overdue parvo &
rabies vaccinations.
I won't go into detail
about how hyper, playful
& wiggly I was upon arrival
BOL I will, however,
mention that after the
teeth prodding, tummy
tickles, earsies check
invasion Dr. T ranked
me 6 out of 10 for body

I'm 63 lbs.! He didn't
want me gaining anymore
weight, can you believe

For being a semi-good girl
at the vet's, I received
two scrumptous Wendy's
chicken nuggets. :)

Bark at ya later!
Halo ♥



February 16th 2012 7:19 am
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Hi pals! Just stopping
by really quickly to say
that I miss each &
efurry one of you all.

I'll be going on a trip to
Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow
with my hoomans. I'm pawretty
excited! BFF says we're
gonna be staying in a hotel
with our very own king
sized bed! Yahoooo! I'm
going to love doing zoomies
on that bed.

This li'l weekend getaway is
a great opportunity for us
to get up to speed on what's
been happening with our pals
on Dogster. BFF wishes she
didn't have to work so much
lately. According to her,
she's got to work a lot & play
with me less to put food in
my bowl, treats in my tummy,
toys in my toy basket - ya
get the idea BOL! I hope
efurryone is having an
excellent week so far.



Scared of Santa Claws

December 19th 2011 4:53 pm
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Two weeks ago BFF took me to
Petsmart for a photo sesh w/
Santa Claws. My trips to
Petsmart have always been
about food, no pictures.
Honestly pals, I don't likes
the camera (camera phones
neither). The flashy box
blinds my sensitive eyes.
It makes me sad. Anywoof...

At the entrance I was
surprised when I spotted
the jolly red man. I barked
at him w/ my head low &
tail wagging. I wanted to
go inside the store, but
BFF kept luring me next to
Santa. I knew I was gonna be
forced to do something I
didn't wanna do.

I made sad faces during my
ahem, photoshoot. I didn't
like the slippery floor
neither. Hoomans tried to
trick me w/ biscuits, a
soft bed & praise but I
made it clear w/ my head
low & off to the side
(not facing Santa) that I
wasn't having fun. BOL
I dunno why I made such a
fuss b/c I didn't have a
problem taking photos w/
Santa Claws last year.
It took several snapshots
before I was captured in a
goofy, timeless photo w/
Santa Claws.

*After the photo sesh,
guess what happened next?
No, I didn't pee on
Santa BOL. BFF took me for
a stroll down the dog
food aisles. It was like
a hooman's trip to Costco;
sampling all the goodies
while filling up your tummy!


Busiest Time of the Year...

December 15th 2011 7:41 pm
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Somehooman has been
saying everyday that
she's busy. Bull
she's been neglecting
us; from all of you!

We're catching
up (again) on pupdates.
Hooman finally sent out
our howliday cards...

Also, we were delighted
to receive pawmail from
our cute pals:
Ella, Coco Rose, &

Their sweet messages mean a lot!!
Woofs, woofs to all our pals!


I'm Clean

November 16th 2011 9:24 pm
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& cold! I had a bath
earlier this evening.
Yesss, evening! What
crazy person would
give their fur a bath
at night, in November?
We don't need baths,
right pals?!

BFF made a few
accommadations, however,
& cranked up the heater
box prior to my bath &
rewarded me with yummy
duck tenders after. I
went out back & hopped
like a gazelle over the
landscaping, tinkled in
the corner behind the
gazebo & lastly, zoomie
zoomied a few times
before going back inside.


Slobbering on the Sea Lion

November 15th 2011 5:32 pm
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I has a new plush named Howliday
Santa Sea lion. I've covered him
with my stinky slobber & partially
ripped off his cute Santa cap off
from his soft gray melon head.
I was just about to rip his entire
head off when BFF took the plush
away from me. Boo that.

Oh wells.

I've moved onto my new nylabone
hollow stick
& am currently
enjoying myself in Cleo's bed.

Hoomans say I'm too big for
the bed. I beg to differ.
What do you think pals, am I
too big for this bed?


Do You Ever?

November 14th 2011 3:39 pm
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...toot when you jump
up or sit down? It's natural,
is it not? I don't hear mine.
I can't help but wonder why
it's funny to hoomans. Sure,
us pups are filled with
toot-tummies (during car rides,
vet trips, bed time stories) &
sometimes we randomly let out
stinky ones or non-stinky toots.
Hooman toots are stinkier than
ours, wouldn't you agree pals?!

BOL :)



November 9th 2011 7:40 pm
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Pups o'how I've missed you
all dearly! Shame on me.
I've missed out on so much...

BFF & I are getting up to
speed on everyones' pupdates.

Quickly, I wanted to say that
not much has happened these
past couple of months. BFF takes
Stella & I jogging almost three
times a week before she heads
off to work. She securely tied
a short leash to my harness so
Stella can jog next to me. BOL
Also, on October 8th, I went
to a Dog Lover's fair at this
Yours truly was thee honorary
Time Warner Mascot of
the day. Most importantly,
I was a very well behaved gal!!

Pooch Smooches,


Me tired? Never!

September 14th 2011 10:03 am
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You would think after intense
games of tug / fetch / chase
three times a day followed by
morning / afternoon jogs that
I would be pooped out.


Since the weather has been
a lot cooler, BFF has been
exercising me more before
work so I can be 'tired'
while she's gone. We've
even snuck onto the high
school baseball field at
night (sssshhhh don't tell
anyfur) to play fetch before
bedtime. Mind you, I still
wanna play. I can play &
play & run & run & run.
Furever b/c it's fun! Hey,
that rhymed. :)


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