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November 27th 2012 5:49 pm
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It's really nice & warm
here in the living room
area. I am so, very
toasty by the fireplace,
but I am also boreddddd.

BFF tells me I need to
learn how to play with
my toys - on my own. But
I don't know how to.

How am I supposed to
play tug by myself? That's
gonna be hard.



November 26th 2012 10:11 pm
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Since it has gotten colder,
we hasn't been going for
our nightly walkies. =( We'll
go walkies maybe every other
night or so now. I get sooo
bored easily. BFF wants to
cuddle with me in bed &
watch Netflix, but I don't
want to do that. We'll still
play out back when she
gets home from work, but
she's usually tired...(ahem!
lazy!!) to play fetch with me
an extra hour.

A few nights ago, we went
walkies & snuck onto the
nearby baseball field. I had
a severe case of the zoomies.
Oh! I even found a
softball in the dark & we
played fetch until I felt
pooped. I hope efurryone
had a wooferful Thanksgiving.
I am thankful to has my BFF,
furmily, good home, warm bed,
food & treats for my belly,
toys & not to mention blessed
with furry furriends from all
over the world.



Pressies Galore!

October 2nd 2012 5:56 pm
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My pals are sooo sweet!!
We hasn't logged into
Dogster in a few weeks
- our inbox has been
blinging up with
notifications of pressies
& fun stuffs sent by our
pals. Where do I
start? I can't say enuf
thank yous to all my
pals...you guys are so
thoughtful! Woofs!



September 12th 2012 5:13 pm
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Stella mentioned in one of her
diaries that we have been
going walkies almost every
other night. It has been
so much FUN! Stella is
usually tied to my harness &
she pulls to the side trying to stop
& smell. Last night, we went
walkies earlier than the usual
time. Thank woofness we went
earlier cus shortly after we
got home - cleaned our paws &
snuggled into bed, it poured cats &
dogs (well, not literally) . Hopefully,
it doesn't rain that bad again t'nite
so we can go walkies again.

I have a slight scabby-cut-
abrasion ouchie
under my armpit
from my harness rubbing on me
during walkies time. Do any of
you pals get ouchies when you
wear your harness on walkies?

BFF is so adamant about caring
for my abrasion that she has been
putting neosporin on it &
checking it all the time. She
worries TOO MUCH. The
only thing that bothers me is
the smell of the neosporin.


Swim Day Event

September 10th 2012 3:52 pm
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Before I spring about my uuuuhmazing
weekend, I'd like to thank my pals
Zoe & Anya for wishing me a
happy dogster diary pick last week.
Thanks pals!

This weekend our local humane society
held a doggie swim day event at Tobin
park pool up north. We help supported
our furry friends & rescues by attending
Sunday. Saturday was rainy & too cold
so we didn't go swimming that day.

It was a grrreat cause! There were soooo
many peeps & pups of all sizes at the pool.
I sniffed a few doggies & a few sniffed me.
I saw a chihuahua wearing a life
vest! I need one of those. My hoomans
helped me swim b'cos I'm not such a good
swimmer like Izzy, Max & Whitley.

I was so exhausted from all the cardio we
did that day, that I slept the rest of the



Brushing Twice a Day

August 27th 2012 8:12 pm
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...keeps the tartar away. :D

having my teefies brushed
almost efurryday twice a
a day is such a daunting
task! it's made me all
squirrel-y thinking...I
couldn't help but wonder...

who doesn't enjoy thee
distinctive smell of last
night's dinner & jerky
treats saturated in one's
kisser? almost efurry night
before bed, I has the tickly
pricklys swirling in my jaws
- splattered with a funky,
gritty, pourly flavored
chicken goo. BOL BOL for what
purpose? chicken meatz fresh
?!! I'm not trying
to sound complain-y here pals.
I think it's funny! The
irony that my breath already
smells good like meatz! why
go thru the trouble of brushing
teefies with meatz flavor when
it already smells that way?!! ;)

G'nite pals,


Happy National Dog Day Efurryone!

August 26th 2012 2:04 pm
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so far today, I've shared a few
pieces of corndog (sans the
breading) with my

earlier this morning, we played
tug & fetch. hooman rented a
couple of movies for us to
watch - White Fang &
Bedazzled. I fell asleep BOL.
blockbuster sold out of
'Best in Show' & 'Dog Park'.

has any of you guys seen
those movies before?

we were gonna go out
for walkies, but it started
to rain very hard. the rain
even came through a leak
above the kitchen window.
if, by chance the weather
clears, we'll prolly go out
as planned around the

Happy National Dog Day
pals! Hope efurryones
Sunday is an enjoyable




August 24th 2012 5:59 pm
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Thank DOG it's Friday! Me
& BFF played a li'l bit of
tug with my green monkey. We
took a few photos as well.

Monkey Photo #1
Sans Monkey Photo #2

I ate dinner earlier, but I'm
still a li'l hongree. Good
news is - the hoomans have
ordered in. Red Lobster!

BFF is giving me a few pieces
of her salmon. Nom nom nom!



August 23rd 2012 4:31 pm
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Today the pesticide guy
visited our home. Me,
Cleo, & Stella barked
our heads off at the
guy. We let out our best
vocals when we watched
him thru the backyard
sliding door.

As the pesticide dude
was working, my gramma
reassured him that I
wasn't gonna break thru
the glass sliding door,
let alone the iron gate
which was locked behind
it. Derrrrp! He was
afraid of me! Scared
of me?! How can someone
be afraid of my über
I just
wanted to greet him,
jump him, & invite him
for a game of tug. ;)


Best Part

August 22nd 2012 7:38 am
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best part of my day,
is breakfast of course.
there should be two
breakfastssss. I had
an extra serving of
my canned blue
wildnerness duck
recipe with my kibble.

i love, love, love
rubbing my face &
body on the side of
the couch / bed after
I eat.

BFF wonders why.
She isn't sure whether or
not if I'm doing it
b/c my whiskers are
tickl-y or b/c I'm being
silly. hope everyone
breakfast this morning as

pooch smooches,
♥ Halo

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