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My Only Pet Peeve

May 22nd 2010 7:37 pm
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...is the smell of burning
charcoal from outside
or the pan fried/cooked
aroma inside the kitchen.

Some doggies are scared
of the sight, vibration
and sound of the vacuum.
Not me. Some doggies
are scared of water. Not
me. And some doggies
are scared of thunder.
Not me. Yet I freak
out when I get a whiff of
one of the two odors.

BFF can't explain why
this is my pet peeve;
my tail tucks between
my hind legs, I honker
down real low and I run
for cover. In the case
of the burning charcoal
smell, I run straight
inside the house.

Isn't that peculiar?


Chuck It

May 21st 2010 8:36 pm
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Chuck it.
Chuck it.
Chuck it


BFF and I
fetch all
day inside
the house,
out in the

She must
the ball
at least
100 ♥
I can
still keep
going too,
but she
wan' play


Playdate at Album

May 20th 2010 10:49 am
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Tremendous play date pups!
I love my fur-avorite fur-riend
Chiplé! At the park's
baseball field, we ran off-leash
and played our usual game of
chase and tumble. Chiplé
even pinned me down on
my back and sat on me.

The sprinklers came on.
We were drenched and
muddy. I can't get enough
of chasin' Chiplé.
She's fun to chase
because she runs really
fast then quickly switches
directions .

We took a break. The
hoomans put our leashes
on and we went for a stroll
around the park. We also
met a fireman named
Augustine, who finished
running 4 miles around
the park with his 4-year
old American Bulldog Blanca.
She was all white and had
freckles like me. She may
have had a litter not too
long ago because her
boobies were saggy and
boobie buttons wrinkled
up like prunes. BOL! It
was too obvious to overlook.
As soon as we got home,
BFF took me to the tub
room for another cool
water rinse from head to paw.

(**BFF also wanted to say
D'oh (like Homer Simpson)! She
'assumed' I had red yeast! In
fact I have atopic dermatitis
- saliva staining on my paws
and other areas of my body.

She is concerned that I may
have an endocrine condition
(hyperthyroidism which is
extremely rare in dogs)
because I'm not gaining any
weight (not losing any thank
woofness), but I still look like
a Greyhound with my ribs
obviously visible. I may have
a bacterial infection (clinical signs
for hyperthyroidism are ravenous
appetite, hyperactivity apparent
since I always want to play and
restlessness) which developed
into allergies and could be an
underlying factor to an endocrine
or auto immune problem. BFF
is planning to take me to the vet
and have my blood tested next
Wednesday. She worries too
much about me like most Moms
do with their babies!!!

Hopefully, it's nothing but
seasonal allergies. Paws crossed.)


Bedroom Zoomies

May 19th 2010 9:41 am
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« « « panting » » »

hah, hah, hah
hah, hah, hah!

Once Stella and I
returned from our
trip to the baseball
field, where the grass
was freshly sprinkled
and muddy at
R. McCord park, we
were put int the tub
together. We had
our bellies and paws
rinsed. After we
were towel dried
in the tub room,
we gathered in the
bedroom for more
towel drying (dog
smell BOL!) where
the zoomies
took over me!

There wasn't much
room, but I zoomied
every where I could.

I leaped onto the bed!
I paused for a second,
then leaped off the
bed! I ran on the carpet,
to one side of the bed,
wall! So I slammed on
the breaks! Turned around,
then zoomied to
the other side of the bed,
wall! I jumped onto the
bed, then leaped off. I
did this silly string of
zoomies at least
six or seven times. BFF
and Stella sat on
the corner by the door
watching me. I'ma take
a nap now. Happy Hump
Day efurryone!



May 18th 2010 11:24 am
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Red Yeast is going
away! The Apple
Cider Vinegar is

BFF can already see
a small change in
between my toes.
The ACV is slowly
flushing out the red
yeast as well as
cleansing my insides.

Another thing, I haven't
gnawed my feetsies
since Saturday. It's Day 3
and we're going to
continue ACV for another
7 days. I got new toys
today too! BFF went
to Petsmart and bought
me a pack of Kong Air Dog
squeakers and a Kong
Genius. Watch out
Doggie Howser, M.D.!


Allergies, Boo!

May 15th 2010 7:40 pm
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A bout of red yeast
came out for the first
time today. Since
allergy season began
I've experienced the
itchy paws; licking,
and gnawing my
itchy paws. Now
this bout, boo! The
betadine solution
baths didn't really
help, but BFF is
continuing the feet
baths anyway. She
bought me apple
cider vinegar (Bragg)
from the whole
foods store today.

We hope that I am
not allergic to chicken.
(my dry food is one of
the top foods in the
Whole Dog Journal for
2010) - anywoof, my
dog food will stay the
same for now and we
have increased my fish
oil intake to once
every other day.
Any of my pup pals
have red yeast bouts?
What works for you?

Paws crossed that
my allergies go away


Purple Ninja

May 14th 2010 11:33 am
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Chiplé and I had a
another petacular play
date at our fur-avorite
park. We ran off-leash
on the lush, freshly
sprinkled baseball field,
wrassled tumbled, and
drained our wild puppy

Inside the baseball field,
Chiplé found
another dead critter; which
resembled the shape and
color of a dead-skinned
rat. Chiplé's mom
was so grossed out!
Chiplé carried the
big piece of hairy skin
in her mouth like a prize.
Her mom repeated 'drop it'
over and over. BOL!

After that ewwiez moment,
we took frequent
refreshment breaks, were
leashed and walked together
around the park with our
hoomans, and set free to
play again. Chiplé
and I did great playing
together! I also did a
good job following her
and allowing her to
rest in the shade when
she got tired.

When it was time to go,
we headed back to the
dug out where our plastic
bags and water jugs
were. Chiplé's mom
said 'oh, Halo is chewing
on something purple.' BFF
opened my mouth and
out dropped a small
plastic purple ninja.


Special Treat Day

May 13th 2010 10:51 am
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This morning before BFF
went running, she gave
me a kong filled with kibble
and banana in my crate.

She also gave me a large
Smokehouse Beef Prime
ligament. I don't
sit and chew the treat
like a lady. I like to
crunch, chew, crunch.

BFF prefers to give me
organic chemical-free
treats. The prime slice
label says it's 100%
natural and freshly
processed USDA
meats. It doesn't say
if the cattle were free
range, but I don't
have preference as
long as the treats are
nom nom nom yummy
nommy in my tummy!


My First Hike

May 11th 2010 2:49 pm
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¤ ¤ Hiking! ¤ ¤
That is
random! My
guardian and
her BFFs had
brunch at IHOP
and decided
to go hiking.
I tagged along.

My first hiking
adventure was
pawretty neat!

Until I reach 18
months, I'm not
supposed to do
any rigorous
activities. So
my guardian and
I went to the
'beginner's loop'
(0.5 mile trail)
while her BFFs
went hiking up
the steep
mountains. Besides,
it was my guardian
and I's first hiking
trip together, we
wanted to be very
careful. I wore my
new gold white
¤ Ella's lead ¤
which was attached
to my Easy-Walk
harness. Once
we completed the
loop, we got into
the truck, drove
to the advanced
hiking trails nearby
and waited for the
BFFs. I also had my
pictures taken.

Phew! I'm exhausted!


Chiplé & the Energizer Bunny

May 10th 2010 1:21 pm
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I met up with my favorite
pup Chiplé
(the 1-year old gal that
has a black mouth, looks
like a baby Mastiff
mix with Boxer/Pit Bull)
for another play date.
We were at Spanaway
Park. It was ours to run
off-leash, roll around, and

º º º

We wrassled in the
baseball field. Chiplé
stumbled upon a dead
squirrel-rat critter in the
grass near first base.
She stopped to sniff it.
She heard the hoomans
(since I didn't hear it
BOL) squeal 'no, ewww get
away,' so we were lead
to the opposite side of
the baseball field.

º º º

Our hoomans walked
over to the soccer field.
My pal and & I followed,
ran through mud, tasted
some cat/tiny dog poo
hidden in the grass
(were told 'no' again BOL!),
and continued our adventure.
Chiplé loves to run.
I loved chasing her. She
tumbled and rolled. It
was like that for an hour
and a half with frequent
H20 refreshment breaks.
I playfully tugged her jowls.
BFF said we needed breaks
because I was being a tad
pushy. She also said Chiplé
became tired and that I
needed to be polite; allowing
efurryone to rest under
the shade of the baby
pine trees.

º º º

When Chiplé had laid
down on the cool soft dirt,
I'd lay next to her, nudge
her mouth, she'd mouth my
hind legs, and I'd dig up
the dirt or lick her face
so she can keep playing
with me.

º º º

Moreover, BFF said I can
play for hours. I am like
the Energizer Bunny
(without the marching
band percussion drums
of course).

I can keep
And going,
And going,
And going,
...you get the picture. BOL!

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