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Houston! We have a problem no more!

June 7th 2010 2:44 pm
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The Chuck it has been
found! Someone, A'HEM!!!!
I will not disclose
this cooky, weirdo
meanie hooman's name,
but I will tell you this
hooman is supposed to be my
fur-avorite hooman, whose
raised me since I was a wee
little 'lass --she had placed
it inside the closet.

Surely, to hide it from me!
Well, she placed it on top
of a suit case and forgot it was
there. *eyes roll*

As I was sitting bored in
my crate twiddling my
dew claws, I heard her say
"there's the Chuck it!"

After 3 whole days without
my toy, I am now currently
waiting patiently inside my
crate for sunset so we can play
fetch outside in the sticky,
humid, hot weather.


Houston! We have a problem!

June 7th 2010 1:07 pm
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Since my Chuck it has disappeared,
I am either too hot or too lazy
to do anything, today! *Yawn

Please see my new photo.
Shocking isn't it? BOL!


Ruff Day

June 6th 2010 8:54 pm
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It was a ruff day for my
hooman and I. We're unable
to find my Chuck it ball.
We couldn't play fetch.
Plus, the Lakers lost game
2 at home which tied the
series 1-1, and more
importantly, the bad
weather stole my play
date scheduled with my
fur-riend Chiplé.

Well it wasn't entirely a
bad day. Before the bad
weather, BFF filled up
the kiddie pool and
splashed me with cold
water. This lead to a
case of the zoomies.
I had a zippin' good time.
Owee, when my fur gets
wet, look out! I fly!
We're looking forward
to stealing a gorgeous
day this week for games
of fetch and play dates
with Chiplé; as well as
stealing a game 3 or 4,
when LA plays at Boston
on Tuesday and Thursday.


Friday Play Date With Chiplé

June 5th 2010 8:31 am
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Yay! Got to see my gal pal
Chiplé. It was scorching
yesterday at Album park's
baseball field! On the
far corner of right field,
a teeny tiny small
patch of shade casted by
one of the trees. We
both laid down next to
each other, mouthed,
chewed each other's faces
and ear tugged. I also dug
a small hole in the cool
soft dirt. Chiplé
did the same too, arf!

Before we took a stroll
through the park, we made
a stop at the recreation
center to fill up on some

My guardian went inside
while Chiplé's mom
had me and Chiplé
outside on lead. I was a
good girl and didn't bark
after my guardian like I
usually do! BOL! Chiplé is
my role model and I follow
everything she does. I wore
my training prong collar,
which was a gift by Chiplé's
mom, and it helped me to
heel at the side! I'm
used to wearing my Easy-Walk
harness, but I still pull
too much. Anywoof, hope all
my pup pals have a fur-tastic
weekend! Arf!


Chuck it x 10

June 2nd 2010 12:48 pm
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More like x 50!

I haven't had a play
date with my dear
fur-riend Chiplé in
quite a while. I
really hope we get to
play together again
soon because I got
alotta energy! My
guardian and I have
been playin' fetch
everyday - even 3
times a day for an

We have even shaped
my 'down' and 'down stay'
commands during fetch.
My guardian is very
proud of me! She
does this funny
thing squeeeing and
clapping her hands
when I follow her
hand signals and
commands. =Þ



May 30th 2010 1:07 pm
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Pups! I just turned
11 months today. I've
aged incredibly, BOL!

BFF took the Tres
Gringas out at 6AM to
potty. After we all
finished our business,
she fed us breakfast,
and we went upstairs
to go back to sleep.

Around 10:30AM, she was
still asleep. I was bored
out of my mind. I didn't
want to sleep anymore. It's
Sunday! Get up hooman!
Where's my surprise?
No treat? No trip to the
baseball field? No nada?
I turned 11, we gotta do
something?!?! Hmmmmmph.
So I surprised her this
morning by grabbing
her Victoria's Secret
garments and a pink
loofah bath sponge
from Bath and Body
works out from her suitcase.
I ripped the bath loofah
to pieces. BFF woke to
find me in my
crate with shredded
pieces of loofah inside
and scattered all over
the room. SURPRISE!
I'm 11 months! BOL!

(*Sigh, I was so busy
with the loofah that I
didn't get to tear apart
the unmentionables.)


She finally got up and
we played fetch out in
the backyard. Yay!


Introducing my Best Fur-riend!

May 29th 2010 11:23 am
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Pictures, pictures!
Snapshots of me and
my best fur-riend.
Chiplé and I
Chiplé and I again
Chiplé and I again, again!

I rave about my
fur-riend Chiplé
- now there's a face to
match the name. We met
up for an early Saturday
mornin' play date.

Chiplé, my 1-year old+ pal
didn't find any dead critters,
however, she did notice
a certain strange man.
He was headed to the
soccer field.

I guess dogs do
sense fear, because this
guy was staring (AND I
MEAN STARING) at us the
entire time as we were
sitting in the baseball
field. There's just some
doggies out there that
are not fond of people
staring. Chiplé went
over to investigate him.
He yelled at her in
Spanish. Sheesh!

She isn't human aggressive,
nor dog aggressive. She
just wanted to sniff him,
but not in a challenging

we had a pet-tacular time
as always. It was gettin'
hot by 8:45am so we bounced!


DDP, Thank you HQ

May 29th 2010 12:34 am
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HQ, thank you again
for selecting me as
today's dog diary
. It was an
honor as Diary of
The Day on February
20, 2010 - which was
many months ago.

It is still an honor
as DDP. DPP is just
pawsome! I am very
grrrrrrateful to
have many caring,
funny fur-riends.
I adore my circle
of Dogtser Pals

I'm going to sleep
for a while...



May 28th 2010 12:35 am
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Dogswell cage free duck
breast strips! Nom nom
nom nomz! Wait! Aren't
all ducks cage free?

The duckies I chased at
Ascaráte park last
month were cage free and
might I add, delicious
-looking too! I gobbled
about five duck strips
that were stuffed in
my kong genius today
- errr yesterday!!

Lately, in the middle of
the night, I've been
leaping off the bed and
sleeping in my crate.
After a while I will
hop back onto the
bed and cuddle next to
BFF. She finds this
behavior odd. I get hot,
sheesh! I want some'mo
duck pawleez! - ♥ -


Fun With Chiplé

May 24th 2010 2:27 pm
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After our fun chasin', tumblin'
and barkin' at people walking
close to our baseball field at
Album today, we took a stroll
through the park. We met
a few kids by the skateboard
area, kids by the play ground
and one little kid helping his
mom working the ice cream
truck. He said 'doggie doggie'
and wanted to pet me. BFF
allowed me to greet so I got
on my hind legs, wiggled my
tail, lowered my ears and with
my front paws on the door,
had the kid pet me. I secretly
wanted the Shrek ice cream
pop in his hand. =)

We sat in the shade under
the trees. A young guy walked
by and stared at me. He told
BFF that I'm a very pretty dog.
Awwwh shucks. Chiplé is
so mellow and I followed her
every sniff. I was a good girl
up until the point where we
walked again and an older
man walked next to us. He
strolled in front of me; as
if he was the Leader of our
pack BOL. I became super
excited - talked my head
off at the man. BFF was
embarrassed especially when
people all around stared. BOL!
We diverted away from the
man. I immediately stopped
talking. I'm so weird sometimes.

I'm pooped. I had a lot of fun
In the sun today. Ima miss
Chiplé' when she moves
back to the bay - east of
San Francisco this July.

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