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January 24th 2010 5:18 pm
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...is me'z favorite game!

Whether it's play time indoors or out at the baseball field, I woof to fetch!

MmmMmm the park has so many smells, and the grass makes me spring like a rabbit!

Me'z learned to retrieve my air kong squeaker at 5 months old. My guardian claps her hands, jumps up and down with joy whenever I bring the tennis ball back to her. She's a strange hooman.

When it's rainy & cold outside, we'z have to stay indoors.

Me'z take my green racquetball out from my toy basket and takez it to my guardian. She likes to toss it around the house and make it bounce all over the place; which makes my fuzzy little head spin. I cause quite a riot chasing it and knocking down the wall hangings and baby gate, woof! woof!


Under the Weather

January 28th 2010 4:47 pm
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Uh oooh! I have a cough.
Last night I wretched clear, foamy yucky stuff.
Even with itchy throat, me'z still the same'o pittie!
I woof to play, and me'z appetite is still the same too.

Concerned that I may have the dreaded KC,
my guardian said we should go to the vet clinic
before lunch. Well, I let her drive this time. Woof, woof.

Once we were at the clinic, we waited in the hooman-doggie
area. Me'z never seen a CAT before. It was in a 2-tier crate.
Me'z took one sniff and I barked, barked, and barked at
the little critter.

Anywoof, the vet tech who examined me said
just like any other kid, who plays outside during the winter,
me'z was bound to catch a bug. ::scratching head::

Unfortunatwoofly, that means no fetch or frizbee
fun at the baseball field for a week or more!
Ima miss fetch at the baseball field.

On the brighter side, the vet tech said I do not
have the dreadful KC. HAPPY TAIL!!!

To help me feel a little better, the vet tech gave me a shot
of antibiotics in the tooshie. She also sent me'z home with
delta albaplex. Me'z need to take a nap - so tired from my trip to the vet.

My guardian is giving me extra TLC. Plus, she bought me'z
new pawsome doggie treats - Old Mother Hubbard p-nuttier treats, nom nomz!


Oh Nooooose!

February 6th 2010 2:44 pm
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Me'z and my guardian napped this afternoon.

When my guardian awoke, she did her usual mouth inspection
on me, which I'z hate, and she noticed that
I have a broken incisor!
Oh nooose!

She suspects it happened when me'z was
playing ruff by the gazebo.
Me'z don't feelz a thang.
Me'z still woof to chase my racquetball.
Me'z still want to play!

My guardian is deeply worried that I'z might get an infection.
She's been researching on the blackberry, and the laptop thing
and pit bull advice from PBF.com.

Finances are extremely tight, so
my guardian hopes to find some help to pull my tooth.
Oddly enough, me'z still recovering from my cough.
The delta albaplex has helped me for 8 days now.

Anywoof, we're going to the vet clinic on Monday or Tuesday.
Cross your paws for me paweez!


Super Bowl Sunday

February 7th 2010 3:30 pm
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What is Super Bowl Sunday?

Is it perhaps
a SUPER Bowl full of kibble?

Why do hoomans sit in front of the 52" inch box?
I don't seez anything special.

Why do hoomans have food everywhere
and not give me any?

Oh wait a moment!!! My guardian just gave
me a few pieces of chicken! Wooo-wooo!
Oh! and some cooked carrots and a piece of
cooked celery too!

There's food everywhere!
It smells too good!

My guardian saidz she wishes that she could feed me a raw
diet since it's close to nature, but until then kibble will do.

Me'z don't care because I woof kibble.
mMmmMm chicken.


Dogster Valentine

February 9th 2010 6:50 pm
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This evening, my guardian received a paw-mail from HQ.

It saidz that me'z and my family getzz a Dogster Valentine's gift.

Woof! Woof! ::spin:: ::play bow:: Woof! Woof!

THANK YOU HQ for the thoughtful gift!

Wags and kisses,
Halo and Rachel


Dogsters and Fur-riends, Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13th 2010 12:15 am
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Or as they say in Spanish, Feliz Dia de San Valentin y Feliz Dia de la amistad!

What would be more special than pooch smooches and doggone delicious cupcakes? Let me bark about it! It would be a dream come true to be this year’s Valentine to the young, dashing, and well-balanced fellow named Junior. Junior is a well known apprentice of Daddy and great teacher for his gift in helping others. I would love to meet Junior! I idolize him and want to accomplish the same goals as I get older. Junior and I would make a great pair! Moreover, I know we would have a pawsome time playing and retrieving.

We are both pit bulls. My guardian likes to call me, ‘pet bull.’ I am a social dog, just like Junior. He gets along well with everybody, and so do I. My guardian did the right thing as a responsible ‘pet bull’ owner by socializing me as a puppy. I may be young and also deaf, but I am very bright, eager to learn, and my heart is as big as Texas.

Pit bull history has been a debate. Yet, there’s no denying our history. Regardless of our past, we need to “live in the now.” We should pay tribute to our breed. As today’s pit bulls we are loyal, outstanding family pets, with immense athleticism and friendliness.

As there are presumptions about pit bulls, there are also presumptions about deaf dogs. Deaf dogs are said to be difficult to train, have a tendency to be more aggressive than other dogs; especially around smaller pets, and are a ticking time bomb. Well, I am quite the opposite. In fact, I have a strong determination to learn, and I am full of happiness! To help me go about my day, my guardian uses hand signals, trains me daily and gives me lots of positive reinforcement (clapping, jackpots and hoorays!). I have even mastered basic commands and meal time rituals, which I surely think will impress Junior. My guardian has taught me that remaining calm is hitting the jackpot! Before meal time, I sit, wait patiently and make eye contact with my guardian. Then I am released to eat kibble. In addition to my friendly nature, I share my fur-ever home and respectfully play with smaller playmates Stella, the Maltese and Cleo the Pomeranian mix.

I would love to share my heart with the well-balanced and joyful Junior. Happy Valentine’s Day Junior! Please click here to view Junior’s pack profile: Junior


New Vet and Fun Day at the Park

February 13th 2010 2:05 pm
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I woke up really early this morning.
I had my kibble breakfast and was ready
to go back to bed. My guardian surprised
me by taking me to a new vet hospital.
She wanted a second opinion on
the pulp exposure on me'z broken incisor.

My previous vet clinic did an ultrasonic dental scaling, but no tooth extraction
as scheduled. This confused my guardian. She made an appointment this past Thursday to have my tooth pulled, but all they did was cleanedz all my teethz. And sooo to make a long story short, my guardian wanted to talk to a different veterinarian. She was concerned about me'z developing pulp-pull-plump-pulpitis in the future. So, I have an official tooth extraction with my new vet this Tuesday.

So we'z walked into this new hospital place,
and boy-o-boy there went my happy tail!
My ears and head lowered. My nose went to work.
My guardian gave me'z commands and treats
to focus my attention on her.

There was a bassett hound with his hooman
family. He was waiting for nail grooming.
From afar, I sniffed him. He smelled, o-kay.

Then, my guardian gave me another surprise!
-A trip to the local and only dog park in El Paso.
It has been over 2 months.

I met a 4 month old white German Shepard mix Bella,
- 7 month old Shepard mix named Harley,
- 3 month old chocolate Lab named Bailey,
- reintroduced myself to 1 year old St. Bernard named Nana
and Senior Shepard mix, who had a muzzle on, Chloe.

My guardian took out 2 air kong squeaker tennis balls and threw them in a distance. Harley and I ran after them. Harley and I are the same age, but she was very possessive of my toy, and there were 2!!! She snarled and snapped at me! She left a long scratch on my pink skin white muzzle. Ouchiez! I walked away from her. I looked up for my guardian. Oh! One timez, she even stolez Bailey's squeaky bone. Harley's owner had to grab it from Harley's mouth and give it back to Bailey. Ever since she scratched me'z, I stayedz by my guardian, and looked up at her for reassurance.

Very tired from running and playing with all the poochie girls.
I had a very fun day. My guardian washed my paws.
Now, time for nappies. ::::yawn::::


Tooth Extraction and Reward

February 17th 2010 10:54 am
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Yesterday at me'z new vet hospital, my permanent broken incisor was extracted. The new vet packed in a dental consil inside my gums, and now me'z have two stitches.

My best friend came to pick me up after 4PM. I wanted to express my deepest love and happiness. I wiggled, jumped, wiggled, then kissed and jumped up again. She couldn't settle me down. I was explosive with excitement, literally - I couldn't contain myself - I peed on the floor.

She was really embarrassed ::woo-woo-woof::
As my reward, she took me to the local park.

I made a new fur-riend, a pretty 10 month old, Shepard/Collie mix. She was very shy. It was just the two of us getting to know each other for a while, then two hoomans and their rescue, a 2 year old German Shepard mix named Nina, came in.

My guardian was very proud and delighted
at my approach.
My head was down and
I walked over to them.
I smelled Nina, and then
I lifted my leg so she could smell under my belly.
The couple pet my head. Then I walked back to
my guardian.

More hoomans and their dogs/puppies walked in. So my guardian watched very closely. I met two Labs, a Min Pin, a blind Maltese, a 5 month old male red nose pit, and an Old English Sheepdog. It was a very nice time! Everyone played nicely except the 5 month old red nose pit who was trying to mount every dog. He was neutered, which was funny! Thank woofness he didn't try to mount me.

I'm taking 1/2 a tablet of chewable Rimadyl twice a day. I'm a little restless. My best friend massages me and keeps giving me extra hugs and smooches. I sense she is feeling a little down because my mouth is sore. I'm eating ice chips and my guardian continues to hand feed me softened kibble. -All and all, I'm still the same'o me!


Another day at the dog park

February 20th 2010 12:19 am
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Me'z and my guardian went to the dog park earlier this evening.

It was another pawsome time!

Harley, the fuzzy lab, and his owner were the only ones inside.
I walked up to him slowly and then his tailed wagged.
We'z played and chased each other.

Soon after my arrival, the crazy 5 month old Cowboy red nose pit
who I met before, walked in with his hooman.

More hoomans walked in with their pups. Woof!

I played with the usual fur-riends, but I also met a 6 month JRT named Otto.
Oooh sooo many pooches, I can't rememberz all their names.

An hour later my guardian and Cowboy's owner were talking about
pit bull diets. As they talked, Cowboy and I wrestled. I did zoomies!
I'm super duper fast! I zoom-zoomied hoping he would chase me. He tried,
but I am too fast for him!

It got dark around 6:48 PM.
Unfortunwoofly, there are no lights at the dog park. So my guardian
and I left back home. I smelled like puppy slobber, so she washed my
face and paws. After I towel-dried, I went downstairs to eat my dinner.
It was nom nomz in my tummy. Then I fell asleep.

My guardian plans on taking me again on Saturday morning.


Diary of the Day

February 20th 2010 7:38 am
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This morning while in bed,
I woke up to the smell of the
hoomans making breakfast.


Me'z guardian was still asleep.
I staredz at her until she
woke up. She opened her eyes,
kissed my noggin', put her robe
on and then we'z went downstairs.
She fiddled with the blackberry
gadgety-ma-thing and saidz that
I have received paw-mail from
fellow puppy pals plus a notification
from HQ stating that I've been selected
as Dog Diary of the Day.

Dogster is a doggone fun place to learn and network.
Thank you HQ!

Also, I received sweet, thoughtful comments
and rosettes from Hoomans and Dogsters.
Awwwgawrsh! You guys are doggone sweet!
Thank you Nina and thank you fur-family of Daisy and Ella!
Pooch smooches for Hoomans and Dogsters for dropping by
to read my diary and your comments :)
You guys are RUFF-RRR-RIFIC!

Wellllp, I have had my breakfast. Me'z waiting on the sofa for me'z guardian to get ready so that we can leave the house for more socialization at the dog park.

I have many more adventures to come. ..

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