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The Adventures of Dora

Fianlly some info about our trip

February 18th 2010 6:49 pm
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Sorry it has been so long but we have been very busy. Here is an update on our trip.

Monday 16th we left in the morning and picked up mom’s friend at the phoenix airport. I did not get to meet her until later as we just pulled up and she hoped in and I was in my crate. We did not go far and they saw a cracker barrel to stop at to eat. Mom put my vest on and we went into eat. I was very good, and when we came out and mom took my vest off I got to meet he friend. She was very nice and I liked her right of way. We drove all day and ended up in a place called Primm on the CA/NV border. We stayed at a hotel/Casino called Buffalo Bills. I was pretty wild when we got there. Once I got to run around the room
I settled down. During diner I kept alerting to mom because she needed to eat and a headache was coming. So mom took her medicine with dinner. She always seems so surprised when I am right. Then we went to the room for the night. Mom was very worn out and we went to bed early. Because of that I woke mom to go out at 4:30. When we came back in I got to lie on her bed with her until morning.

Tuesday 17th- A very loonnngggg booorrriing day. We stopped to eat once and I was very good. When we got to my mom’s friend’s ranch it was dinner time. I was very excited as there were all kinds of new smells. There were three little dogs and one big dog, lots of cats, horses, cattle and 3 goats. The big dog was a border collie and he was very nice. The other 3 did not want to play. I really like mom’s friend and her family and they liked me. They were very nice to me and kept telling me how cute I was, which of course I am aware of. It is still nice to hear it all the time.

Wednesday 18th- This morning I went out to help with chores. Mom did not want me to get dirty or smelly as we were going to eat and the hotel later. The other dogs got to eat and roll in horse poop. I had to be packed around by my mom and it was very embarrassing. I did get to meet one of the goats up close and gave it a kiss on the face. I was worried about the big horses. They liked me but I was not sure of them. Then mom, her friend and her daughter and I all went shoe shopping. I was perfect in my gentle leader. They all tried on lots of shoes and it was boring. Eventually they all picked out a pair and we went to San Tan Row. It is a very fancy district in San Jose. The have shops, restraints, hotels, and apartments. My tummy started hurting and all of a sudden I had to poop. But there was no where to go and I could not hold it so I pooped with there on the sidewalk. Mom was embarrassed but understood as my stool was loose. Her friends were great and even helped clean it up. After that I felt much better. We then went to eat at a very nice restraint on their patio. They all said the food was fabulous. I was pretty good but I did alert to mom she needed to eat. I then settled down. After a while I kept alerting mom’s friend who was next to me. She ignored me and they all just thought I wanted attention. These humans they never listen. Come to find out later that day she did not feel good and got a really bad headache. SO THERE!! We then said our goodbyes and mom and I headed to Emeryville. We are staying at a very nice place and they even gave us a nice rate on a suite. We relaxed in our room for a while then got in the car. I was thinking oh no here we go again.

We ended up going for a walk with a very nice poodle named Ollie and his very nice mom. These are our friends from right here on Dogster but we had never met them in person. Ollie and I both wanted to play but we went on a walk instead. The walk was to get me used to the sounds of the BART (bay area rapid transit). The tracks are in the air and we walked under them. At first I was very worried but Ollie helped me realize that it was fine and I got better. We then went to a restraint were Ollie and I wore our vests and worked sided by side. We both did very well while our mom’s ate dinner. We then took them to their Rally class. I did not go in but mom watched for a while and enjoyed it. We were both exhausted and went back to our hotel and went to bed.

Today we went for a little walk in the morning and then headed over the big bridge to meet even more Dogster friends. It was very foggy and mom was nervous and I kept grunting at her from my crate. She reassured me she was fine but I knew better. The GPS took us to the wrong place but eventually we all met up at Crissy Field in San Francisco.
There was Jolanda and Josephine’s mom but they were not there. Mordecai and his parent’s flights got cancelled so they stayed over and we got to meet them as well. Also Becker’s mom drove up to hang out with all of us. Mom put my 20ft line on so I could run around. I am not trust worthy so I do not get to be off leash yet. It was really fun Sonja ran with me and I went really fast. I had a great time and appreciate her doing that with me. Mom cannot run like that. She took tons of pictures (mostly of me) I was a ham and kept posing for her. I like her a lot. She says she is going to steal me from mom. I hope not but I would like to see her some more. She snuggles really well. Mordy put up with me and was nice to walk next to him. During lunch I snuck him a few kisses. Mom was very tired and after lunch headed back to our room. Sonja needed to take Mordy and his folks to the airport and Becker’s mom was going as well.
We put up a few photos with more to come. We are both exhausted and calling it a night.


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Barked by: Jolanda (Dogster Member)

February 19th 2010 at 7:54 am

you all made the day very special.
I liked how you walked in to the Starbucks with your Peet's cup! That was funny.
It was great and Dora is just too sweet and funny. Silly little girl. Very stealable ;o)
See you soon, sonja
Barked by: Mordecai-Retired SD (Dogster Member)

February 19th 2010 at 5:56 pm

We had a great time on Thursday! But we were very glad to get home!

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