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The Adventures of Dora

We did it!!!!

January 24th 2010 5:21 pm
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Mom got up this morning and said she was better and we were going out. First she took me for a little walk (with her back I am lucky to get that). Then Dad put the walker in the car and off we went. This was our first trip with just mom, me and the walker. Mom was determined to be independent and give it a go. She was a little worried with lifting the walker in and out of the jeep but it was fine. First we went to the fabric store, mom carefully got the walker out without stressing her back. Then she got me out and off we went. The stupid little basket would not fit on the walker so mom grumbled but we moved on. Mom was afraid this would happen so she cleaned out the little basket on the walker in case we needed it. It was not to busy so we were able to get what we needed pretty easily. Mom is so silly sometimes. Instead of putting all the stuff in her little basket under the seat she piled it all on the seat. Well she made a sharp corner and most everything went flying all over the floor. Luckily there was no one around. Mom’s back was not going to be happy if she had to bend over and pick up everything, she looked at me and said “Dora get that and bring it to me” while pointing to her knee. Well I jumped into action and started bringing her the items and standing on her knee. For each one I got a treat so it was fun. There were a total of about 8 little items and on the last two I tried to bring both at the same time. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to get both in my mouth. Fortunately that meant two trips and two treats. Well after we had cleaned up the mess we headed to the cutting counter to get our number. This is always stressful for mom as everyone gathers in a clump and surrounds us. I was very good and laid down under the walker until it was our turn. Mom laid the lead down next to me while we ere at the counter. Then when she said are you ready she pointed to the lead and I picked up and handed it to her and we went to the checkout. I was actually strutting after my cleanup of mom’s mess. We then made it out to the car. Mom sat on the walker so she was lower and I stood up to make it easy for her to pick me up and put in my crate. She then carefully maneuvered the walker back into the jeep. At this point we were both feeling pretty smug and mom decided to swing in Target on the way home. She was trying to find a collapsible crate in small. The other Target closest to us was out. We were able to park right next to the cart return so she used a cart rather then the walker. Once in the store mom could not find the pet section. She is not familiar with this store and her back was really starting to hurt. Finally after going around the whole store we found it and they had a small. She then needed to get a couple grocery items and knew she could not handle another stop. This was a super Target so they had groceries. We headed to groceries and got a few things. On one of the isles mom just stopped. I figured she was getting something but no she just stood there. I am not sure what was wrong but I knew something was. I started pawing at her leg. She sort of had a weird look on her face and was sort of bending over the cart. After a bit we started moving again. I heeled perfectly and watched her. Once out in the car mom sat there for a minute then off we went. Mom called dad and told him she got a little light headed but was fine now. If she felt weird again she would pull over. When we got home she went over to our friends who is an EMT and he checked her blood pressure and heart rate. He thought her BP was a little low and could be from the blood pressure lowering meds. He told mom she should take it easy the rest of the day so she did. She is going to discuss this with her NP on Wednesday. Then she finished our friends Reboot’s bed. So now she can mail her and Barkley’s mats to them. I laid at her feet while she sewed in case she needed anything. Of course she dropped 2 things and I got them for her. All in all it was a good day. Mom and I are very proud of our accomplishment. Oh yea I got to lie out in my pen and chew on my big bone. Life is good.


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Barked by: Josephine (Dogster Member)

January 24th 2010 at 8:19 pm

wow, big girl - ready to roll! Good job Dora :o)
Can you make your mom take photos of the mats?
Don't forget to lay on it, so Reboot and Barkley will be happy about your little note ;o)
Good job Dora.
Kisses, Jojo and sonja
Barked by: Dora CGC (Dogster Member)

January 25th 2010 at 6:11 am

Sorry, my mom was so excited to get the mats sent off she forgot photos before she packaged them up. Both Barkley and Reboot promise to take photos so we will share those. i did not get to model them but I did slobber on the ties while mom was doing the hand sewing on them. That way they will know it is from me. I always have to have a paw inthe production somewhere....
Barked by: Rethy (reethy) CGC, PSD (Dogster Member)

January 25th 2010 at 2:11 pm

Dora, you're awesome! With enthusiasm and a sense of humor, too. I bet you love it when your mom drops stuff--a call to action. I'd be there waiting--okay, Mom, drop it already.
Barked by: Jolanda (Dogster Member)

January 25th 2010 at 5:27 pm

you guys are too funny!!
I would just look at it fall and then up to mom, wondering why she dropped it ;o)
Once she tells me to pick it up, I do.... but I am very energy efficient, so I wait first ;o)
I hope they will post pictures!!!
I am excited, too :D

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