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The Adventures of Dora

Everything was broken

November 6th 2009 1:07 pm
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No entry yesterday both mom and the internet have been broken. Mom had such a bad night thursday that she hung out on the couch all day yesterday. Of course it was my job to watch over her so I stayed there also. Then the interenet died and mom was irritated as she had hoped she could catch up on stuff while lounging. Good news is both mom and the internet are better this morning. Mom took me to the dog park. My best friend Meadow was there and a lot of new little dogs I did not know. We all played together for about 1 1/2 hours. I was dirty and exhausted but very happy. When we got home mom gave me a quickie bath outside(it is 85 here in AZ and the water is warm) then I ate my breakfast outside on the patio with mom. Mom figured I would konk out but I was to wound up. Then about 2:00 Meadow's mom called and I heard mom talking about going to the mall and heard my name. Well mom started getting someof my stuff out so I started watching her closely. Then mom and I went out to the car and her friend drove up. I was so excited to see her but was upset that she did not bring meadow. Mom told me that Meadow could not go to the mall with us. On the way to the mall mom's friend was asking how she should act around me. Mom told her just to ignore me and when we are all done mom would take off my vest and then she could do her usually cuddling. Well we walked around the mall and I did very well. We went in Sees candy and they got a free sample and I got nothing(not fair). I rode up and down in the moving glass room again. I did a little better it is just not my favorite thing. Then my mom said that I had never been in the store just the mall so we went into a store called Macy's. I can see why dad does not want to go in these stores BOOORRRRRIIINNNNGGGG!!!!! Luckily mom said she did not see anything good on the clearance racks so we left. We then walked out of the mall and mom took off my vest and played with me. Her friend talked and petted me. We then went to a store called Ross. Another boring store so I am glad we did not stay long. As we were walking around there was alittle older white dog in a ridiculas one piece pajama laying over its owners shoulder. The lady was on the phone pushing a cart. My mom's friend asked mom if that was a service dog because it was not wearing a vest. Mom told her she did not think so but did not like to assume or make judgement without facts. Mom figures the security guy who let us in also let them in. Mom did make a point of walking right by the woman, of course I was heeling perfect. Mom had me do some turns and sit and down. I was sooooo good for her. I looked over at the dog in pajamas and was glad my mother did not do that to me. We then left Ross and headed home. After getting home I had dinner and mom thought I would be exhausted and take a nap. No way I am like the energizer bunny. I am running around playing with toys. Maybe when I am done dictating to mom I will take a break.


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