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My Visit to the Vet (after swallowing yet another non-edible- food): July 27, 2009

August 10th 2009 8:58 pm
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After repetitive warnings from my mommy not to feed me bones to gnaw on, a certain someone (which I will decline to mention a name to protect this person's identity) still insisted to feed me a Nylabone. Within 5 minutes, my curious appetite had devoured more than half the bone. Naturally, my over-protective mommy, transported me to the Vet Clinic immediately after consulting with my Vet (the fine print in the package insert of the Nylabone instructed my mommy not to be alarm if I ate a "rice kernel" size portion but if portions exceeded more than 1/4 inch to instantaneously contact the Vet).

In less than 3 days, I was once again under the care of a Vet. I had a better prognosis this time: I was able to go home-with no injection of Apple Morphine, only careful supervision to ensure I would have repetitive bowel movements to allow the Nylabone particles to pass through. I was beginning to get use to this Apple Morphine ...


My First ER Visit: July 24, 2009

August 10th 2009 8:42 pm
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Apparently, my mommy does not know how to measure: she under-fed me the first week home, believing that the cup she measured up was equivalent to a cup but in actuality it was only half-a-cup (fortunately my Cousin Paris' parents-my mommy's Cousin Mikey & Oanh corrected the mishap), so I had to find food sources else where-yummm ... yummm ... I love grass and bark. When given the opportunity I will munch on grass but since my family seems to disapprove, I must pretend that I am resting with my face ensconced into the grass but I am mischievously grabbing a mouthful of grass.

My second week home, my Uncle Kev allowed me to roam in the grass unsupervised. Given my malicious ways, I decided to taste test not only a kumquat but also bark to see if it would provide me with any added fiber. Fortunately, I was able to vomit the kumquat the next morning but my petite stomach would not digest the bark. I was miserable the next day: unable to jump up and down when my grandparents leave for work in the morning, unable to play fetch, unable to greet my mommy with enthusiasm when she arrived home from work, unable to sleep, and unable to breathe. My mommy panicked and took me to the ER ...

At the ER, I was given x-rays which immediately identified the bark lodged in my stomach. My mommy was given two options: 1.) Take me home in hopes that I would expel the bark either through an emesis episode (which was not recommended because I have a flat nose) or it would past through me feces (which was not recommended because my puppy intestine diameter is too small for the bark to pass and if the bark could not past my intestines, my only alternative would be surgery) or 2.)Force an emesis episode by injecting me with Apple Morphine (the safest decision)

Of course, my mommy chose the safest option. I was injected with Apple Morphine and briskly swept away because the Vet would not allow my mommy to witness the "violent vomit". I eventually vomit the bark with my dose of Apple Morphine.

Am I the same ever since I became loopy with my Apple Morphine injection, only time will tell ...

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