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My First Day of Puppy Preschool: August 11, 2009

August 12th 2009 10:29 pm
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I have been a tyrant this past week-1.)Being very lazy on my walks, wanting to lay down and rest every 10 steps 2.)Only wanting to play with big dogs 3.)Knowing where the potty pad is but missing it by one foot creates the oddest noises and facial expressions on my family

My mommy decided to send me to Puppy Preschool ASAP to reform my bully attitudes!

Arriving on my first day of class, in my finest clothes-light pink shirt labeled Only Child with matching dark pink plaid harness, attached with my Skull-and-Bone pink and purple plaid name tag, crystal pink skull-and-bone charm, and dangling red bell to ring my presence. None of this matter, since my vocal barking voice drowned out all. To the left of me was two small cute shy puppies, a chihuahua and a maltese. To the right of me a big puppy, a pitbull. Naturally, I am only attracted to play with big dogs.

I barked at the trainer, I barked at the pitbull to communicate that I wanted to play with him, I barked at my mommy for not letting me play with the pitbull, and I barked at the spectators watching the class. I just couldn't stop barking. I wanted attention but nobody was giving me the attention I deserved, so I barked and barked. Finally, the trainer decided to give me a "corrective action". Hmmm ... I wonder why I was the only puppy that received the corrective action. I wonder why? The trainer (except I wasn't suppose to know it was the trainer) squirted my butt with a water bottle to confuse and divert my mind to something else. The diversion worked, I was concentrating on the spray of water to my body that I forgot to bark.

The Trainer than proceeded to ask questions and oddly enough I saw my mommy raising her hand in agreement to all of the Trainer's questions. Does your dog eat anything? Does your dog get excited when you arrive home? Does your dog jump up when she wants to go the couch? Does your dog bark at other dogs? Does your dog bite or nibble? Does your dog chew on your shoes? Does your dog bark at other people when they are in public? I think my mommy got embarrassed after consecutively raising her hand numerous times. All these questions bored me so I decided to take a nap.

Am I less of a tyrant after my first day of preschool: 1.)Am I still lazy-I did take a nap during class 2.)Playing with only big dogs-I may be a little dog but I like them big dogs 3.)Potty training-work in progress ...

I can't wait until my next class!!!


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