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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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Sunday Afternoon

November 20th 2011 2:42 pm
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We had us a great Sunday afternoon pups. The day was 'pawfect! It was warm wif a gentle breeze. Ceel & me got new tricycles from Mommy so we went biking for a whiles out on the patio. As usual Mommy took 'pitchers of us with her 'pitcher box. We did real good too 'spect Ceel fell off twice. She said it are the cat's fault she lost her balance. Anywho, after that Mommy loaded us in the jeep and took us for a long walk down our favorite walking trail. Then we drive overs to the grocery store. Ceel & me waited in the car while Mommy shopped. We was the car's security system! BOL! When someone got close we barked them away! Yeppers, it are a 'pawfect Sunday afternoon.

P.S.~Go check out our 'pitchers of us on our bikes. They's on both mine & Ceel's pages. Also I put a new 'Kissmas theme song on my page. Tee, hee, hee! Go check it out!


Mommy so Mean!

November 17th 2011 6:35 pm
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It not fairs I's just not fairs!!! My Mommy is so mean! Lemme 'esplain pups. You see, my kitty sister Diamond, the one that stays inside with us, always lets Ceel & me has her leftover dinner. (That's why she's our favorite purr. And her food is GOOD too!!!) Anywho, tonight Mommy opened a can of delicious, fishy-smelling stuff. Wells, seems Dimy didn't care for it mush cause she jus licked the gravy and left all the rest. I's watching her just outside the bathroom door. When I's sees her start washing her face with her paw I slowly walks in and asks, "Hey Dimy, can I has you's leftovers?" She looks at me, sticks her nosey in the airs and continues to primp herself. "Fine Warden (that's what my cat entourage calls me-The Yard Warden) you and Footlong can have my leftovers, just be sure to wash my bowl good." I tell her "Oh Ceeley is sleep in her bed & I's jus hate to have to wake her up. No, it best I eats it all me-self. Don't worry, I's lick your bowl real clean!" "Suit yourself." she says as she prances past me.
I's bout to dig in when Mommy walks in and picks up the bowl. She says I can't has it! It are not fairs! Dimy said I can has's mine! Now it just gonna goes to waste! It not fairs...IT JUST NOT FAIRS!!!!


That time of years again!

November 13th 2011 9:32 am
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Well pups, it are that time of years again when Mommy gets us dressed for our annual 'Kissmas 'pitcher! Our photy-session will take place soon and she'll post our pics up on our pages. Ceel's not happy...not happy at all! I's tol her to jus cooperate & get it over with but she said she gonna put up a fight and not smile! Anywho, Mommy gonna use these 'pitchers for our 'Kissmas cards so if any of you pups wishes to be on our 'Kissmas card list to receive a card with our pitcher, just paw-mail us you's 'ddress. We has some of you's 'ddresses but some of you newer pup pals we doesn't has.


This, That & Utter Stuff

October 29th 2011 10:39 am
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Woof, woof pups! Ebby Ursula Gonzalez alpha-dog here! Jus felt like barkin' bout what been goings on here.

Ceel & me been doing fine. We's made up and she hasn't beat me up no mores.

The other day Mommy & me went for a car ride togethers, jus the two of us. I's thought we was spending quality time togethers until I 'scovers it are a trick! Mommy tooked me to a mobile clinic for my annual pokins'. I's put on a table and poked in my tushy. It hurted but I's didn't whine like utter pups. Mommy said I's one tough doggy-biscuit! After that Mommy got me 'smore heartwormy pillsys and we's came home.

Now on to mush better news! Guess what we's has for dinner last night?! O.M.D!!! Well, Mommy was makin' her self a salad & since she likes hard-boiled egg in her salads she cooked some. I's in the 'kishen with know...jus doin' my 'kishen duty in case anything felled on the floors. Anywho, Mommy looked into my beady-eyes and said, "Ebby, how would you & Ceeley like half a hard-boiled egg in your dinner tonight?" CAN YOU'S PUPS BELIEVES IT!!!! Ceel heard & came arunnin'! "Did me floppy ears heard right? Did Auntie say she gonna let us have a taste of egg tonight?!!!" I barks back, "Ceel we gets more than just a taste...we gets a WHOLE half egg each!!! A WHOLE HALF EGG!!!" And as if that wasn't nuffs, Mommy cooked us a sweet-tato (yam) & cut some of it into little pieces & mixed it into our kibble & wet food! So for dinner last night, Ceel & me had egg, sweet-tato, Taste of the Wild kibble & a slice of my favorite wet food (Fresh Pet Select slice & serve dog food)! It was delicious!!!

Later on tonight we's all going to spend the night at Ceel's other house at her Ma Letty's. We's going there to dog-sit Ceel's brudders Pablo & Monty & her foster-sister 'tubby Suzie. Auntie Letty is going outta town & won't be back till tomarrow. Ceel doesn't know it but she's gonna get her annual pokins' tomarrow! BOL!

Well that's what's been goings on 'round here.


My Getting Beat Up Are All Mommy's Faults!

October 26th 2011 6:07 pm
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As ya'lls has heard from reading Ceel's last diary entry, I was 'ttacked the other day! I for once are innocents! As you all knows, Ceel was found guilty & was punished for having 'ssaulted me! Anywho, upon further investigations, Mommy has come to the conclusion that she may have had some fault in this matters. Bad Mommy! She should know betters! I's 'greed to let her plead her case on my diary. I's 'spect that treat you's promised me later Mommy!

The above incident happened so suddenly & unexpectedly. The good thing is that it was over just as quick as it happened. I disciplined Ceeley only because she was the aggressor and I will not tolerate any kind of attacks where teeth are involved! As I thought more about what happened, I think I may undeliberately contributed to the problem. You see, both my little gremlins have always eaten side by side with no problems. They both have their little bowls next to each other on their mat. The only thing that separates them is the water bowl between them. Ceeley eats out of a brown bowl which is placed on the left side of the water bowl. Ebony eats out of a white bowl placed on the right side. It's a routine I started without even realizing it. Well now that I think about it, the other day I picked up Ceeley's brown bowl & put some kibble in it & set it on the left and said, "Here you go Ebby." I do seem to remember Ebby did hesitate slightly and that's when I said, "Go ahead honey, eat your kibble." I turned my back to get some for Ceeley when all hell broke loose! I can just imagine the conversation that musta gone on between them:

CEELEY: Oh goody! It are chow times! Hey! Why Auntie giving way
MY food?!!!
EBBY: HuH? What Mommy? You means I's can has Ceel's food?!
Okay, you's boss! (Ebby starts to eat.)
steps forward & begins to growl.)
EBBY: Back off Ceel! Mommy gave me 'pawmission' to eat it!
(Ebby hovers over the bowl, refusing to give it up.)
Mommy said I's could have it!
CEELEY: IT ARE MINE!!!! GRRRRRR!!! (Ceeley is beside herself.
she moves in and head butts Ebby in the eye.)
EBBY: OUCH!!! (*whimper*) Stop it!!! (She starts backing away.)

And that's how it went down. Now I know better. I guess fur-moms make mistakes sometimes.


Self Taught Pup!

October 18th 2011 2:25 pm
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Mommy was jus' commentings 'bout what a smart 'telligent pup I's is. And I sure are smarts!

I nevers goes to 'bedience school...not ever. Everything I knows I's pretty mush taught me-self. Not even Mommy teached it to me. I's learns from studying human 'nashure. Mommy says I's smarter than some humans! Can you believes it?! Noone teached me my 'sit & stays'. I learns them all on my owns. I's even learned me numbers up to THREE! Again, I's learned it myself. You see when Mommy plays ball with me, she always says "Okay Ebby, here goes the!!!" Then she releases the ball. I's learned to get ready on count ONE. Then on count TWO I's lean forward, ready to sprint. Then on count THREE I's lung forward & chase the ball. I's 'streamly smart...Mommy said so!


The venison-beast hangover!

October 10th 2011 9:32 pm
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OMD! What. A. Weekend! Pups you's won'ts believes all the venison Ceel & me eats! I's tell you, we's still gettin' over our venison-beast hangover!

As ya'lls knows from me previous entry, we goed to visit our Paw-Paw this weekend. That evening (just as he promised) Paw-Paw fired up his grill in the back yard & grilled us pups some venison-beast ribs! I stayed by the grill the whole time jus' salivating & staring as the ribs cooked! Mommy took Ceel for a walk but I refused to go cause I's watching the meatz! Paw-Paw & me shared several pieces of meatz while the ribs finished cooking. After they cooked & cooled, Ceel & me was told to go to the wash room so's we could eat em'! We laid there side-by-side with our HUGE rack of ribs! It was pure bliss I's tell you! We picked those bones clean. After we's done, we waddled over to the living room with our tum-tums full of venison-beast. We practically passed out on the carpet & goed to sleep. Mommy even got a little worried we'd eaten too much. Our tummys looked like they's bout to explode! What a weekend!


Goings On's

October 9th 2011 7:08 am
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It been a while since Mommy wrote in my diary. We haven't been on Dogster as mush since Furby went missing. Mommy took it pretty hard. We will always carry Furby in our hearts.

Anywho, I thought I's tell you what been goings on 'round here. First, we's fixin to go to Paw-Paw's house. He told Mommy he had venison-beast for us pups! Can you believes it?!!!!!!!!!!!! He always picks the carcass clean so nothing goes to waste and gives it to us pups. He told Mommy he had grill the ribs for Ceel & me so's we's can eat em'! I's can waits...I's just can't waits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh why is Mommy taking so long to load us in the jeep?! LET'S GO, LET'S GO, LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ingen has been found!

October 2nd 2011 2:35 pm
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Lil Bear's kitty Ingen has been founded!!!!! Thanks Jack for letting us know. You can go to Alex (Sweet Angel Girl) diary and read more 'bout this miracle!

Our Furby never came back. We knows in our hearts that he is most likely at the bridge with Rinky. You see Furby would never have run away. It is also not likely that a stranger could have taken him because our kitties are untrusting of strangers. They runs off if a stranger gets too close. Mommy is thankful of the 12 years she had with him.

Thank you Great Master for hearing our prayers & returning Ingen to his family.


Please Pray for our pal Lil Bear's kitty Ingen

September 30th 2011 3:38 pm
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As you guys might know Lil Bear, his Mom and his two kittyfur siblings are starting a new life in Washington state.

BUT the worst thing that could ever happen to a furparent happened. Somehow his sisfur Ingen escaped while staying overnight in Madison Wis. It terrifies me what could happen to this very lost and scared kitty. Some people are speculating that she will even try to go back home to Mich. This big move of the whole family was supposed to be a good thing and now it has became a nightmare.

She has been posted on the local Craig's list. The shelters have all been contacted and I'm sure she's put fliers up. Please if you have friends in or near Madison Wis. that you contact them and let them know about her.

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