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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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I Gots Me a Valentine!

February 14th 2012 7:56 pm
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(Ebby blushes & acts all demure) Pups, I gots me a special secret Valentine this years...tee, hee, hee! It are a secret cause Mommy don't wants me having no boypups. That are why she 'fixed' it to where I's always remain pure & innocent. 'Normly, I's doesn't cares 'bout having a boypup. My career as a watchdog keeps me 'streamly busy, but today are Valentine's Day. For this one day, I's got's me a Valentine! It are Fizzy...tee, hee! He asked if I's be his Valentine & I's said 'Sures!'

I's being rebellious so sneaked onto the 'puter for me online date with Fizzy. It are kinda funs sneaking 'round Mommy's back! BOL!

I's sended Fizzy a gold heart, a candle for our candle-lit dinner, 2 glasses of homemade venison-beast 'hooch' that I brewed up, and a itty-bitty piece of venison-beast steak (I's ate most of it and sent him the little leftover piece cause I's generous like that!)

Fizzy sended a gold heart and some ground moo-beast with a little salad on the side (I's loves salads). I scarfed it down fast before he changed his mind or asked me for a taste. It was delish! Sorry Fizz but you's knows I's 'sharing-challenged'! Anywho, thanks for being me special Valentine!


Saturdays are the bestest!

February 11th 2012 9:06 pm
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That are right pups...saturdays are the best! First because Mommy are home with us and we's not home 'lone while she goes to work. Also cause lately we's been gettin' scrambled egg mixed into our saturday 'brefest! You's heard right pups...Ceel & me gets a whole half scrambled egg in our 'brefest!
Mommy took us for a walk and we gots to go for a ride in the car. I just loves riding in the car! And to tops this saturday off, Mommy made Ceel & me another little bowl of pawcorn and let us lay on the couch with her. We's got to eat pawcorn and watch one of our favorite shows, Pitbulls & Parolees.

PS~We wanna thank Coco & Puffy, The Redford Pack, Chipper & Petey for the wonderful Valentine cards we's received.


Remembering Sasha

February 6th 2012 5:02 pm
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Today when Mommy logged onto Dogster she was shocked to discover our beloved pal Sasha has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Ceel & me heard Mommy crying so we went to see what was the matter and Mommy said Sasha went to be with Rinky. I licked mommy's hand to comfort her. You see, Sasha was one of our first pals here on Dogster. We will miss her dearly. Sasha was one of the sweetest Pit Bulls Mommy has ever seen. She was a great ambassador to her breed. Please visit her homepage, read her bio. & look at her beautiful pictures. You may be gone, but you will not be forgotten Sasha. Rinky will be there to greet you at the Rainbow Bridge.


Pawcorn Pawty!

February 5th 2012 10:18 am
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Last night Ceel & me had ourselves a pawcorn pawty! Mommy normally doesn't 'llow us on the sofa put last night she made an 'esception. She put some corny kernals in a little pot on the stove & popped them. Then she put a towel on the sofa & put our little of pawcorn on it. Then Ceel, me & Mommy all curled up on the couch together, ate pawcorn & watch our favorite shows, Pit Boss & Pitbulls & Parolees. I's love them shows cause I's always felt like a Pit Bull at heart.

Our kitty sister Diamond was passing by and I's said, "Hey Dimy you's wanna join us for some pawcorn?" She stopped & looked at me in shock! "You feeling okay Warden?" (Yard Warden is what my kittys call me)"I's feelin' just fine Dimy. You wanna join us or nots?" Diamond looked at me funny and said, "Uhhh...thanks Warden but cats don't eat popcorn. But thanks anyway."
"Suit yourself," I's said. Ceel wanted to know if I's lost my mind. "Ceel I knowed cats doesn't eat pawcorn...that is why I asked if she wanted some. I's knew she was gonna say no. I's just considerate & thought I's ask.


We's got us a house guest

January 22nd 2012 11:50 am
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Hello pals! Long time no bark and it all Mommy's fault! She been slacking with our diary entries. Wells, so mush has been goings on 'round here. Goose (the Moose-as Finley & Whitley call him) has been staying with us. Paw-Paw 'bandoned him here to fend for himself! Auntie Letty (Ceel's Ma) & Paw-Paw is away on a trip. They's in the land of Rinky's ancestors. Some place called China on the utter side of the universe. Anywho, Goose is staying with Ceel & me. We's also been going back & forth to Ceel's utter house (Auntie Letty's) to dog-sit her 'brudders Monty & Pablo & her foster sister fat Suzie. We's busy, busy, busy!

It has been nice having Goose 'round to help us with our watch-dog duties. You see, we has us big yard so with 3 dogs it are easier to watch for 'truders. I's takes the north end, Ceel takes the south end & Goose takes the west end. We's all meet back on the east end. Yeppers, we's makes a good pack.


Dedicated to my girls

January 13th 2012 7:59 pm
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Ebby, I've posted 3 new song on your page and dedicated them to you & Ceeley because I love ya'll. Your Mommy


Caring for Paw-Paw

December 18th 2011 1:22 pm
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Ceel & me will be gones a few days to care for our Paw-Paw. As mos' of ya'lls knows, me paw-paw is a rancher. Wells, he was injured on Friday. From what me unnerstands, Paw-Paw was working with some moo-beasts that day. They was giving some of the moo-beast pups (calves) they's pokins' (shots) and one of them runs 'tween Paw-Paws legs, flipping him & causing him to fall hard on his back. Mommy said he was in the 'mercengy room all day Friday. They's did some 'kitty-scans (Cat-Scan) on him to check for major injuries. Thank goodness kitty-scan came back normal. Paw-Paw's back is very painful right now and he has to take it easy for a few weeks but nothing was broken. It could have been serious. Anywho, Mommy, Ceel & me will be out at the ranch for a few days taking care of Paw-Paw.


But They's Our Boxes!!!

December 9th 2011 12:52 pm
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We's gotten 3 boxes in the mail the last few days but Mommy is being mean and she hasn't let us look inside! They's our boxes! The scribbling on the boxes say Ebby & Ceeley NOT Mommy! The one we's got today is from Doo, Austin & they's Mommy. Lil' Bear sent us one too and Ceeley's Secret Santa package arrived a few days ago too. Thanks pals! Mommy said we's gotta wait until our pals say it are okay for us to open them or else we has to wait till 'Kissmas. Ceeley is not allowed to open her pressie from her Secret Santa (from our Trading Dog Goodies group) until the 19th when we has our party. So for now our boxes are by the Kissmas tree. Oh we gots our own little Kissmas tree! Mommy has a big tree in the living room & we has our own tree in the bedroom.

Thanks to all the pals that has sent us Kissmas cards:
Flicka & Lucas
The Coca Pack
The Morris Pack
Cocoa Rose & Puffy
Jia, Dylan & Tiberius
Harley Davidson & Sophie Claire
Alpha Zoe & her Pack


Christmas Video

November 22nd 2011 10:59 am
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Oh Great Master above!!!! Pups my Mommy is losing her mind! Look what she done did!!! Sorry Puffy, Dimy and's in it too! Oh help her Lord!

Christmas video



November 21st 2011 8:41 pm
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Well Mommy's at it again pups! She pulled out her 'pitcher box and pulled out some Santa hats & collars and 'claused' us! First she dressed me up and blinded me with some flashes. I's real good as usual and sat still & jus got it over with. Ceel, on the other paw, put up a bit more fight by not sitting up. Instead she runned over to her sofa bed & layed down forcing Mommy to lay on the floor so she'd be eye-level with her! Ceel refused to smile and even pretended to be sleep so Mommy would leave her alone! I's told her Mommy is relentless and she should just cooperate & get it over with but she said "No-siree-bob!" Anywho, Mommy said she still some good photos even though it took a little longer.

Diamond, the kitty-sister that hangs inside with us, picked the wrong time to walk in the room. She musta seen the flashes & got curious. Ceel tried to warn her, "Dimy, save you-self! Get outta the room!!!" Dimy did try to make a run for it but it was too late, Mommy caught her and she done got 'claused'!

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