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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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October 24th 2009 9:49 pm
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After days of being cooped up in the house cause of the mud & rain, Mommy decided to take us to the park. YIPPEE! We went to Bullis Park cause it's close to the house. It's not a dog park, its for humans but its the only one close by. Mommy doesn't know if San Antonio has dog parks so if my pals Doodle or Austin read this, let us know if you know of any dog parks. Any-who, Mommy put my pink 'harny' on me & put Rinky's collar on, grabbed our leashes & off we went!
There were alot of little human pups playing on the playground but the rest of the park was empty so Mommy decided we'd go on the nature trail. It was fun...lots of interesting smells. Mommy let us off our leashes cause noone was around & she trusts us to stay close. Plus Rinky hates being leashed & was being stubborn. As soon as the leash came off she was just fine. I huffed & puffed my way up the trail and kept up with Mommy. We had to keep stopping to wait for Rinky to catch up. She did pretty good keeping up with us considering she's ancient! She actually trotted most of the way!
When we got to the soccer field Wrinkles wanted to go sniffin' so Mommy sat & watched us as we sniffed the field.
After about an hour at the park it was time to go. On the way back to the car, Rinky kept stopping to lick her leg. Mommy & me went back to check on her & low & behold, Wrinkles had sprung a leak!
Mommy says it's a Sharpei thing. Something about Rinky's skin having alot of fluid so her legs sometimes leak. Nothing to worry about. She just leaks clear fluid but Mommy plugs up her leaks with bandages. Rinky will have to explain it in her diary. All I know is that her back legs leak sometimes. Well that's all for now. Bark at ya'll later!



October 10th 2009 10:47 am
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Oh no she didn't...OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!! Casey, Sandra Marie, Ginger, Doodle, & all my other Alpha pals...listen up! Wrinkles had the nerve to growl at ME! Mommy got us these great new treats & gave each of us a piece. I ate mine & saw that Wrinkles was just sniffin' hers. Treats are for eating not smelling...we all know THAT! I figured she didn't want it! She's always wasting treats! Since she was just gonna sniff it, I wasn't gonna let it go to waste. I was about to grab it when she growled at me! I was so shocked I back away. Then she did it again! I guess she did want her treat after all. I still think she's wrong to leave her treat laying around!



October 4th 2009 8:01 pm
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Last night was so scary for me! (sniff, sniff, whine) It rained hard & there was fireworks going on in the sky. Not the colored kind, just flashes light in the sky followed by loud thunder. I tried hiding under the bed but I could still hear it! I couldn't stop panting and shaking...I just wanted my Mommy! I ran to her bedside and tried to jump up on the bed but the bed is too high & I can't reach (sniff, sniff). I finally woke Mommy up with my panting & she turned the night light on & sat on the floor with me & held me. She stroked my back & gave me a massage & told me not to be afraid nothing bad was happening it was just some much needed rain. I did calm down a little bit. She moved my bed close to hers so if I got scared again she could reach down & reassure me everything was okay.



October 2nd 2009 7:40 pm
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Went sniffin' at Mya's diary & she snuck up on me & tagged me! Hee hee, very sneaky Mya! Okay here are the rules: Each dog starts with 7 random facts about themselves. The dogs who are tagged, need to post in their diaries the rules & the 7 facts about themselves. Then choose 7 dogs to tag & list their names. Send them a pawmail that they've been tagged or send them a rosette letting them know they've been tagged. Oh & if you're reading this consider yourself tagged as well...hee hee!

1. I love to eat salads

2. I once backed a child away from Wrinkles cause the kid was pulling
on Rinky's ears & making her whine. Then I sat in front of Rinky &
showed the kid my teeth. That made her go away!!!

3. I hate fireworks, gunshots, & storms. They cause me to shake &

4. I love to travel in the car.

5. Felines are my friends.

6. My favorite pastime is eating.

7. I know how to knock at the door when I'm ready to come back

I am tagging : Sandra Marie, Russell, Sasha, The Tater Tots, Blossom, Sir Winchester, & Buddy & Sadie.



September 27th 2009 10:12 pm
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I was awaken suddenly Saturday morning. I didn't bark because I instantly knew who was at our door. It was Paw-Paw (our sweet grand-paw)! I greeted him by fiercely wagging my tail & running around the room a couple of times. He picked me up & said, "How you doing, you over-stuffed sausage!" He said it in spanish but I understood! I gave him a quick lick on the neck & proceeded to sniff out his pockets. "Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee!" I kept saying. He always brings Rinky & me a piece of deer sausage.
All the commotion finally woke Wrinkles. I'm surprised it took her so long! She comes in & steals some of Paw-Paw's attention away from ME! The audacity! Oh well I guess there's enough of Paw-Paw to go around. He treats us both equally.
Paw-Paw & Mommy went into town for a couple of hours then came back. I thought Paw-Paw was just gonna go home like always but then I heard Mommy say we were going to the ranch too. I was so excited! Mommy told Paw-Paw to let me ride with him in his pick-up. She & Rinky drove out later that afternoon cause Mommy had a few things to take care of.
Out at the ranch I got to play with my weiner pal Jasper (actually I call him Goose cause when walks he looks like he's waddling like a goose.) Any-who, Goose has always been sweet on me but since I am to remain pure & innocent, I told him we could only be friends. I once heard Paw-Paw tell Mommy that I'm the ONLY dog he actually plays with.
After playing outside for a while Goose & I walked in the house. My nosey soon sniffed out a familar scent...I looked up on the counter and there they were...a couple of steaks thawing!!! I looked out the screen door & there was Paw-Paw by his grill!!!!
Mommy & Rinky arrived soon after and Mommy asked Paw-Paw if I'd been behaving myself. Paw-Paw told Mommy Goose & I had been playing all afternoon & he told her not to feed me anymore supper cause I'd eaten a good deal of steak. (Sigh)....I sure did! We saved some for Rinky and this time I didn't steal hers! It was a glorious weekend!



September 23rd 2009 8:02 pm
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My pal Russell tagged me and he was tagged by his friend Prada. Okay here are the rules: Answer all the questions & post them in your diary, then tag 5 friends by sending them a rosette or pawmail.

1. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR COLLAR? Hate collars-they're itchy, but I have a pretty plaid one I occasionally wear. I prefer my harny (harness). I have a hot pink one & a green one.

2. WHAT KIND OF FOOD DO YOU EAT? favorite subject!!! I eat Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul kibble mixed with my favorite wet food-Fresh Pet Select chicken & rice. I also LOVE my little salad bowls Mommy prepares for me every other day. Iceburg lettuce with shredded carrots & a small sprinkling of hard boiled egg & a little cheese. YUMM YUMM!!! Our Paw-Paw (Grand-Paw) also sends us fresh venison during hunting season.

3. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE TREATS? Venison sausage, cheese cubes, hot dogs & Wrinkles biscuits. If she's careless enough to leave them on the floor or let them fall out of her mouth--they are mine!

4. DO YOU HAVE A VALENTINE OR SIGNIFICANT OTHER? I have remained pure & innocent (no puppies for me). My career as official watchdog keeps me very busy. I do have my best friend Wrinkles.

5. DO YOU GET TABLE SCRAPS? Oh Yes! Every chance I can con a human out of what they are eating, I do. With these puppy-eyes I can con any human into giving me what I want. Mommy says I'm shameless.

6. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TOY? My little golf ball & rubber cupcake squeaky toy.

7. WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? I don't know. I was abandoned on the side of a country road.

8. HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DO YOU GET TO EAT? Officially twice a day but I always try for more.

9. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE COLOR? Bright vivid colors look great on me.

10. DO HOPE ALL YOUR PALS PUT THIS IN THEIR DIARY? If they want to & have the time...yes.



September 20th 2009 9:31 pm
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Well today was bath day. I decided to get it over with first, then Rinky went after me. Mommy changed our bedding like she does everytime we get bathed. Ahhh I feel so refreshed & clean! After my bath I had my din-din. was delicious. I had kibble with chicken and Mommy added a spoonful of fat-free cottage cheese. MMM...I can still taste it! As a little snack mommy made me a little bowl of my favorite salad--iceburg lettuce, shredded carrots with a small sprinkling of hard boiled egg. I love most veggies--lettuce, carrots, celery (cooked), broccoli (cooked), & some fruits--apple slices & melon. Some of you must be gagging but you don't know what you are missing! Guess what?! Rinky's diary was one of the ones chosen to be featured on Dogster's Diary Central! I'm so happy for my Rinky! She'd been so down cause she was dreading the vet visit. But she got herself together and went. She's so brave! Well Mommy's telling me to go good-night that means time for bed. Smell ya'll later!!!


My Weekend at the Ranch

September 1st 2009 9:01 pm
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Wrinkles & I packed our kibble and beds into Mommy Jeep and headed for the country-side. We went to spend the weekend with our grandpaw & his weiner dog Jasper. I love going out there cause I always get special treats from grandpaw. When we arrived, grandpaw was outside by his grill and I almost had a heart attack from my excitement. Mommy told me that she wasn't gonna let me out of the car until I calmed down stopped scratching at the window. I mustered all my strength and managed to sit still just long enough for her to get me out of the car. When I got to paw-paw (my grandpaw) he had two pieces of chicken already cooling on a plate for me & Wrinkles. I snatched my piece and Wrinkles piece and took off running! Hey it's not my fault Wrinkles didn't get her piece! She should have grabbed it when she had a chance instead of sitting there patiently waiting for paw-paw to hand it to her! I figured she didn't want it! Any-who, she got a piece but she had to wait a while until paw-paw cooked it & let it cool. Oh it was a glorious weekend!


Come On Hunting Season!

August 22nd 2009 5:09 pm
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Saw some deer on our walk today. Was about to chase after them but Mommy said no (dang!). MMM....venison...can't wait for hunting season cause our grand-paw (he's the nice man that found me and rescued me) always saves a deer leg for Wrinkles & me. He cuts the meat in little pieces for us and brings it Mommy & tells her to boil it for us and add it to our kibble. Sometimes when we go visit him at the ranch he'll grill some for us & give it to us like jerky. YUMMY!!! Mommy hates hunting season cause she loves animals but I must have my venison. Maybe my pal Casey would like some...nah..I'll eat it myself! All this talk about food has made me hungry...I'm gonna go see what I can find in the kitchen! Woof Woof!


Another photo session

August 21st 2009 5:18 pm
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Mommy's a photographer & she told us we are perfect models. Any-who, she loves taking my picture because she says I have a perfect smile and know exactly how to sit still and give a great pose. Today was also bath day. Wrinkles & me have to take a bath once a week & today's the day. Not my favorite thing but I'll admit I feel better afterwards--nice & refreshed.

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